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  1. Hi. The glow tent doesn't tend to get too packed until after the headline act has finished on the main stage. Even then you should be able to work your way towards the front, it gets busy but not ridiculous.
  2. I've found the cone hat!!!!
  3. Blimey, I've only packed 12 cans of beer. I better stop off at Bargin Booze tonight to pick up 2 cases of Special Brew and a litre of Tequila. I don't want to turn up at my first festival looking like a lightweight!
  4. I’m perfectly happy with Plan B, will probably make more of an effort to see him than I would have with Run DMC.
  5. I’ll try to catch up with you all, but as a festival virgin I’ll have to see how things are panning out by this point. Is there any visual clue that I should be looking out for to work out which table of random people I should approach?
  6. Saturday night definitely looks like a House Party night for me. Dave Haslam and the sets before him should all come together nicely as a good old rave, just how I like it!
  7. Try this link: https://www.kendalcalling.co.uk/united-utillities
  8. If there is an old school rave going on anywhere then I'll be the one jumping around like an idiot at the front of the crowd! Dave Haslam is playing the House Party, I know that he's capable of playing some good old school house tunes although that is from seeing him DJing in Manchester many years ago; I don't know what kind of a set he plays at KC?
  9. Superb. Can’t wait for this one.
  10. Sounds good, thanks. I'll look forward to sharing some of that guaranteed sunshine with you! Is the beer and curry something that you've brought with you, or are there food and drink establishments available before the arena opens?
  11. Does anybody know what time the arena is likely to open on the Thursday? I was planning on arriving before midday to get a good pitch and avoid the queues, but then am I likely to pitch the tent and find myself sat around for the rest of the day with nothing to do?!
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