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  1. thurlow84

    The weath......

    that downpour during dubioza kolektiv set was awesome and quite refreshing, didn't dampen peoples spirits at all around me, though I did have to nip back to the tent for a change of clothes afterwards Id not relised that's why jake bugg was late on, I though he was just a bit tardy with his time keeping ha
  2. thurlow84

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Emily Capell is worth a watch on the Saturday in Chai Wallah,
  3. thurlow84

    Line up prediction game 2018

    reckon that will be it now in terms of line up If anyones beat 9 let me know and i'll get you a pint on saturday
  4. thurlow84

    Kontiki Suite

    I'm another who like Kontiki Suite and hope to be there for this one Yam Riot has a good batch of local bands on this year, it'll be worth popping in at any time over the weekend
  5. thurlow84

    Efest Meet Up

    Well done CG that's going to be easy to spot in the crowd. I spotted you at Bearded Theory wearing it before you saw me
  6. thurlow84

    Line up prediction game 2018

    any idea when the final line up is getting announced? We've not got long left until it begins
  7. thurlow84

    Line up prediction game 2018

    given ramragon is giving it a miss I think he'll not be arsed about going through these and naming a winner I got 9 this year, poor show I know, so if anyone beat me and wants to shout out on the thread i'll happily buy them a drink at the meet up on Saturday
  8. thurlow84

    Efest Meet Up

    I've not got the cone hat anymore do I cant manage that one i'll try my best to be there though
  9. thurlow84

    Line up prediction game 2018

    I think it will only be hacienda classical on the main stage, its an orchestra so will take a lot longer to set up than the usual bands. I think we'll get other bands on calling out but given its July next week I think they will likely be made up from the acts we've had mentioned already whilst we may get the odd small tweeks to the line up i'm not expect many, if any, well known names to be added to the line up
  10. thurlow84

    Line up prediction game 2018

    Don't think we're getting anymore bands this year now are we going to declare a winner? I wouldn't mind knowing who im buying a drink for this year
  11. thurlow84

    Calling Out Stage

    Thanks again for your advice Lochland
  12. thurlow84

    Calling Out Stage

    it s a Emperors new clothes style field, the usual stuff perks you get with emperors but just the other side of the site from what I can gather. so im expecting emperors field prices to camp there
  13. thurlow84

    Calling Out Stage

  14. thurlow84

    Calling Out Stage

    has anyone seen a map anywhere to show where this new camping field is? wouldn't mind knowing before I decide if I should buy or not. no point buying if its miles away from the coach drop off point
  15. thurlow84

    Line up prediction game 2018

    one more for me (flynt) after the new announcement so im up to 8 I think now