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  1. thurlow84

    Calling Out Stage

    Thanks again for your advice Lochland
  2. thurlow84

    Calling Out Stage

    it s a Emperors new clothes style field, the usual stuff perks you get with emperors but just the other side of the site from what I can gather. so im expecting emperors field prices to camp there
  3. thurlow84

    Calling Out Stage

  4. thurlow84

    Calling Out Stage

    has anyone seen a map anywhere to show where this new camping field is? wouldn't mind knowing before I decide if I should buy or not. no point buying if its miles away from the coach drop off point
  5. thurlow84

    Line up prediction game 2018

    one more for me (flynt) after the new announcement so im up to 8 I think now
  6. thurlow84

    Lesser known band suggestions

    The Lucid Dream are excellent, they new stuff is taking them in a different direction at the moment, a bit more ravey than pysch-rock but they've been fantastic everytime ive seen them
  7. thurlow84

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Im looking forward to seeing them there myself this year Great live band, well worth watching wherever they play
  8. thurlow84

    What's everyone think then?

    id advise anyone who doesn't like the line up to sell their tickets, why pay lots of money on a music festival where you aren't going to enjoy the music Personally while im not keen on most of the headliners, and the main stage contains a lot of acts i've seen before, I know the type of music the festival puts on so I know there will be plenty on early on calling out or up in woodlands , riot jazz hardly ever has a poor act on , theres some great chilled out stuff on caveretti stage, chai wallah as a good mix usually. So I know I'll have a good time even if I am away from the main stage most of the time and im not sure who im listening too
  9. thurlow84

    Secure Storage - Standard / Large - How Big?

    i've never used the storage so cant answer your question but if your performing it might be worth asking whoever is in charge of the stage your on to ask them. there's usually a few folk make a weekend of it after performing and hang around so I would assume they would have somewhere secure away from the public for the instruments to be kept
  10. thurlow84

    Who would you like added in the next Announcement?

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are playing Standon Calling the same weekend as Kendal Calling so I'm really hoping they are playing now and get announced in the next announcement
  11. thurlow84

    Who would you like added in the next Announcement?

    think you've just missed it, there were acts from each stage included in the initial line up, maybe the just weren't clear. I cant remember exactly who was where, but we have a Skelton Key takeover in Tim Peaks on the Sunday, Chai wallah has Kitty, Daisy and Lewis as one of their headliners I think too. They all need a bit of padding out but I don't think there's loads to be added and I don't think it'll be headliners from any of the stages
  12. thurlow84

    Sold Out

    not at the moment. didn't buy my ticket last year so I missed out. I am on the mailing list in case any get returned though
  13. thurlow84

    First announcement 2018

    Another payday passes and I cant afford EOTR, I hope it doesn't sell out before next month as id love to be there still. Probably my favourite line up from the festivals I've considered this year
  14. thurlow84

    Latitude 2018

    decided to buy on the payment plan today so i'll be heading to my first latitude this year. Headliners aren't anything special but theres some decent acts lower down the bill so im looking forward to it
  15. thurlow84

    Sold Out

    I'm still looking forward to Kendal Calling. I'm glad its sold out because it means there will be demand for those who aren't happy with the line up to sell the tickets on and that overall the vibe of the festival will be better because everyone wants to be there The likely shit weather or being stuck with the wildling in general camping wont stop me from having a good time