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  1. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    I've just had a look on the website but can't find any info on cash machines. Anyone know if there are any on site?
  2. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    My first time as well . I hope you can go back to your car as i will have to decide on beer or a tent!!! Seriously though I have read that you can go off site and explore the area if you wanted so you should be fine.
  3. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    Well with 6 days to go the weather looks dry on the forecast. Fingers crossed for trainer weather! Looks like you can still buy tickets though.. is this normal? Does anyone know the capacity?
  4. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    Hope you're right on the heatwave!
  5. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    We're coming from Bolton and Preston and hoping to get there for about 6.30 on the Thursday. Always loved Daft Punk so they should get the party going! Seen both the Fratellis and the view before at other festivals and always thought they've put on a good show. Really looking forward to it, just hoping for better weather than when I was at Kendal calling the other week.
  6. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    Just seen that there's a Daft Punk tribute act playing on Thursday night..... That's got to be the best ever tribute band. How will you ever know!!!
  7. Coopertrooper

    2017 Weather thread

    This will be the first festival I have taken my kids to (8 and 10). I hope these predictions are wrong or it's going to be one long weekend! Tried to not look at the forecast up to now but I take nothing for granted until the day before.
  8. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    Great stuff. I'll be the guy talking far too much (so I'm told) haha
  9. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a great little festival. Planning to get there for about 6 on Thursday so I'm hoping the queue isn't bad, pichup and start on the drink! How's the camping area? Is there plenty of space to pitch?
  10. Coopertrooper

    lindisfarne festival

    Hi all, First time going to this festival. Looking forward to a small festival for a change. Would be great if anyone could answer some questions. I see Friday and Saturday goes on till about 4 but what about the Thursday? Also how busy does the camping area get? Is there any restrictions on the amount of alcohol you can take into the campsite? Any help would be great.
  11. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    Cheers copperface.
  12. Coopertrooper

    Lindesfarne festival

    Hi all, Has anyone been to the festival before? Just booked and looking for a bit of info from anyone who's been. I am a regular festival goer ( normally 2 per year) and have Kendal tickets booked already. Missed out on Glasto this year (gutted) but fancied a smaller festival for a change.
  13. Coopertrooper

    new here? introduce yourself

    It's my first glasto and I'm from Bolton too. Come to think of it I'm starting to go thin on top aswell l!! Must be in the bolton water!
  14. Coopertrooper

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hi all, I'm Ian and have been lurking these pages for the last 2 years. This will be my first ever Glasto after being to T, Leeds, V and IOW last year. Finally got tickets this year and can't wait to experience it. Like others have said I sound like I know what I'm talking about when anything glasto related comes up thanks to you guys. Not be long now!!