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  1. jamj

    Calling Out Stage

    More Thursday acts coming soon too, wonder if they'll open calling out on the Thursday for an alternative to hacienda. Has calling out been open on Thursdays previously?, if not I'm hoping for something decent in there over the weekend as the extra space has been needed for years....and given folks are saying that stage is disappointing this year, it makes me wonder why they'e chosen to expand that tent this time around
  2. jamj

    Primal Scream

    Same with me and castlefield bowl, along with shed seven!
  3. Who? What? When? Done nowt for me that!
  4. I'd like to see Space added
  5. jamj

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Aye I'm seeing them at bearded theory also this year, on the woodland stage which is a belting little setting
  6. jamj

    Lesser known band suggestions

    seen them at lindisfarne festival last year, well worth a watch live!
  7. Do we not still need Tim Peaks? and Chai (is it even there this year)? I seen a wedding singer is doing cover songs with a band made from local musicians in some sort of cumbria news, but I haven't seen anything else......unless I've missed it
  8. jamj

    Sold Out

    I think the checking of it is, but the set up wasn't ideal if you ask me, they needed more and bigger stations - there was even a station at the top end of the field where you say you were parked that wasn't used all that weekend. Trying to ferry emperors arrivals under one standard sized gazebo from argos was the pits. I also heard that was introduced as a measure the year after the poor lad lost his life, and let's face it the dog checks you out more than your wristband is checked!! there were times we were just waved through down to the sheer amount of people but that jobsworth with the dog on the other side wouldn't let you past till you'd been well n truly sniffed! whilst I agree it's a positive security measure, there's nothing to stop thieves buying a ticket and getting in no problem as what they could haul would be worth more than the ticket price, even just for one night.
  9. jamj

    Sold Out

    Did they only have one access point too in 2017? That was a major pain in the arse in 2016, channelling us all through that security checkpoint and having vehicles going past too so they dropped a bit of string you had to wait at then battle your way out past the people coming in
  10. jamj

    Sold Out

    a lot of people get a shock when they expect to be a short distance from the car, then arrive Friday and are parked at the top of the field, then have to walk all the way down to the only space left which is normally emperors 2 down by where you drive out to go home on the Monday!
  11. jamj

    Sold Out

    I know! haha!
  12. jamj

    Sold Out

    aye and james apparently , special guests just for Lochland
  13. jamj

    Sold Out

    2019 coming on sale soon apparently!
  14. The Proclaimers are in Cumbria sands centre on the Saturday, maybe they could pop in?
  15. jamj

    Electric Fields 2018

    James?! Just the need the hotpots and you're sorted! In all seriousness I am gutted I can't make that weekend otherwise would have been there for defo, crackin line up

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