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  1. Alternatively its an attempt to show that Swedens strategy is failing by deliberately cherry picking countries with low death rates to compare them against
  2. Why is South Korea on the graph but not Italy or Spain?
  3. El Matador

    Camp Fires

    Realise I'm going against the grain here but I'd be happy for the festival to ban camp fires. Last thing id want if I'm crawling into my tent in the early hours is a roaring fire right outside and spending the night lying awake terrified my tent is going to go up in flames. There's no shortage of areas around the site where you can congregate to have a chat with your mates without impacting those camped nearby.
  4. We went. Was max 50 people in there. As a huge fan of his it was incredible to see him in such an intimate setting. Even had his kids onstage for a while.
  5. Completely agree - they were incredible especially given that it was looking like it might be cancelled. The crowd wasn’t especially big but everyone in there was completely into it and they looked blown away by the reception they got. Really hope they’re back next year.
  6. The hottest and the most pungent set I’ve ever seen (the two may have been linked). I was really looking forward to them but the heat in that tent was horrendous and meant that I struggled to get into it.
  7. 1. Lets eat grandma 2. Killers 3. Jon hopkins
  8. Would set a new bar for underwhelmed crowds if it was true. They’re both way too small and way too shit to be booked as a special guest.
  9. El Matador

    Arcadia - London

    This was my first thought as well. Call me cynical but sounds like it’s a cover story for poor ticket sales. Hard to believe they’d be cancelling if it was sold out.
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