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  1. Completely agree. The current restrictions won't be sustainable once there's a big drop in numbers though.
  2. Its the role of the government to weigh up the scientific advice against all the other issues. If hospitalisations and deaths are back down towards summer levels with the vaccine rollout going to plan, there's no way that the government will be keeping these restrictions in place, no matter what the scientific advice is.
  3. Is there evidence for that? I have to go into my office in Central London some days and everywhere around there is deserted.
  4. They've had considerably less deaths per head of population than the UK and their numbers have been on a downward trend for weeks. There's obviously a number of variables involved, but I don't think we're in a position to say that Sweden have failed.
  5. I can't see how a curfew has any significant impact. The streets are hardly full of people after 10pm. Its also a move that makes me extremely uncomfortable from a civil liberty point of view.
  6. I struggle to see how any of those would make a significant impact. School closure is the only tool left that has the potential to make any change in my opinion. Other measures feels like doing something in order to be seen to be doing something.
  7. Agreed. Numbers clearly on the way down in most areas before the lockdown. If anything I'd say the numbers call into question whether this national lockdown was necessary or whether the regional approach was working.
  8. As someone that grew up in the central belt, I can confirm that it's definitely not a new term
  9. Not my experience at all. Pretty much without exception, everywhere I've been has taken it seriously. Also if you close pubs, people don't stop socialising. You just move it from pubs to homes. I struggle to see why there's such a widespread belief that closing pubs is the answer.
  10. Pubs and restaurants opened in the summer and there was no increase in cases. Why is the assumption now that pubs are the main problem?
  11. What is this based on? Mask wearing is a relatively minor tool in minimising the spread of the virus and the vast majority of people are complying with the government advice/legislation by wearing a mask where mandatory. A lot are also wearing a mask where its not mandatory. I can't believe that a small minority refusing to wear a mask in the supermarket is going to have any significant impact on virus transmission so its really not worth getting worked up about.
  12. Completely agree. Getting rid of cash is one more element of personal control lost.
  13. I am cynical for thinking that this could be more to do with ticket sales rather than local lockdown?
  14. My company have made them mandatory if you leave your desk but no need to wear them when you're at your desk. Assume that will be standard practice.
  15. I can't tell if you're being serious but no quite clearly that's not from today.
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