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  1. Hopkins looked he was loving life during the set as well
  2. This was incredible. Amazing end to an absolute banger of a set.
  3. John Digweed on the glade Friday night and John Hopkins on San Remo Saturday night were the electronic highlights for me. Both absolutely stonking sets.
  4. During idles at the other stage it looked like someone set off an actual firework in the crowd. Did I imagine this?
  5. This is a change for the better. Last thing I want when I get back to my tent is being kept awake all night by wrecked people who have nowhere else to go.
  6. I really hope this was a very subtle Alan Partridge reference rather than a simple typo
  7. Thought they were very good. It's hard to imagine a truly great gig in that venue though. It's awful.
  8. They were incredible last night. I've always been a huge fan but their live show has gone up a notch. Assume if they were playing the festival this year, they'd have been on the first poster though.
  9. It indicates that there's a ceiling at which case numbers will level off and then drop though as immunity builds. I'm as optimistic as I've been that this winter is going to be nowhere near as bad as feared.
  10. Immense - will be in for Brixton. Likely West Holts headliners?
  11. Agree with every word of this. It's a policy brought in on political grounds not medical grounds. No evidence at all that it makes going to a gig any safer.
  12. Drumsheds cancelled their first show of the year. No explanation given other than "circumstances outwith our control". Hopefully not a sign of things to come for them.
  13. Exactly this. We haven't considered putting restrictions in place for flu previously, no matter how bad the flu season has been. Provided we're not at risk of exceeding hospital bed capacity, there's no reason to start now.
  14. I'm curious as to what the answer would be if you're suggesting it's not safe for a club full of vaccinated people to dance? If this isn't safe then presumably it'll never be safe and so mass events, Glastonbury included, should cease to exist?
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