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  1. I had my flu shot in a well known high street chemist - they just told me to loiter in the shop for 10 minutes in case I felt light headed or anything so I picked up some bits I needed and went on my way. I wasn't holding up any ability they have to get the next person in.
  2. Some questions raised by Ed Conway in this thread - @Toilet Duckany thoughts? EDIT: Questions raised in follow up tweet; Is this a) a reminder that the immune system is ultimately something of a mystery b) something about the way the tests were carried out c) something about Brazil vs UK or d) something else? The gap between those numbers seems quite big.
  3. No reason to worry it won't run smoothly at all then
  4. Apologies if I have missed it but what is the significance of November 21st?
  5. Some interesting analysis on the React study. Might be some things in there @Toilet Duck is better placed to comment on.
  6. This raises some interesting questions about the levels of compliance and enforcement. Measures won't work if people don't follow them. As bad as the government have been the public have their part to play in this as well.
  7. Some positive vaccine news floating around this morning. Really starting to feel like we're building up to something in terms of an announcement relatively soon.
  8. Ah yeah, I have got confused so my point on that doesn't really stand. I do think Burnham could be playing a dangerous game though.
  9. Its a good point, events are already starting to overtake his stance e.g. it is going to be difficult for him to argue the North v South divide now London has announced moving to Tier 2 before Manchester (although I acknowledge there is more to it than Manchester and London, but it does illustrate a point). Regardless of whether what he is doing is right or not his position will become very difficult if the case and death numbers aren't going in the direction everyone would like them to.
  10. I think the issue is, that without Burnhams support they don't believe the public will adhere to the rules, seeing his opposition as a reason not to follow them. And without the right financial support they won't get Burnhams support. And so it goes on.
  11. I have no reason to share this other than it’s a comforting read. It may well be, and probably is, completely baseless.
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