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  1. The Killers – 121 The Cure - 130 Radiohead - 190 -10 Arcade Fire - 100 The Rolling Stones - 170 Beyoncé -115 Stevie Wonder - 176 Blur - 221 R.E.M. - 190 David Bowie - 260 Pulp - 107
  2. The Killers – 144 +10 The Cure – 154 Radiohead - 160 Arcade Fire - 118 The Rolling Stones - 175 Beyoncé - 150 Stevie Wonder - 176 Blur - 210 R.E.M. - 175 David Bowie - 265 Pulp - 107
  3. Paul McCartney - 84 The Killers – 135 (+10) The Cure – 165 Radiohead - 130 Arcade Fire - 155 Metallica - 108 The Rolling Stones - 150 Beyoncé - 120 Stevie Wonder - 176 Neil Young - 155 Blur - 185 R.E.M. - 165 David Bowie - 210 Pulp - 120
  4. Whilst the vast majority have played by the rules in the last 12 months to protect the vulnerable I very much doubt there will be the same willingness to protect people who refuse the vaccine.
  5. This is very good news and not least because I read earlier in the week that Mondays roadmap will very much be driven by the most up to date data that Johnson will receive today. It will be very hard to ignore this and not be a bit optimistic on lifting of some restrictions.
  6. There’s a good chance he is correct.
  7. Vaccine effect with some peoples guard dropping already?
  8. Ah, dammit! I have had a berocca every morning for years. Putting the point about fortified foods being the best way to absorb nutrients aside for a moment, if you were going to take supplements are some better than others? For example is their a difference between drinks (berocca)/ tablets/ those chewy sweet like things? What about Big Pharma vs. Own Brand?
  9. Had some time away from the internet over the weekend - what have I missed? Saw most of the Sunday papers had some sort of 'exclusive' on lifting lockdown restrictions. Guess that's the government leaking test scenarios in advance of next weeks road map. What's the general consensus - back in the pub by mid March? 😉
  10. Hear you on this. I went to Wickes to buy a seal for my shower screen a couple of weeks ago and it felt like a treat.
  11. Its a great suggestion and great you are doing that and I do actually have a bike - it just needs some TLC and I have not got round to sorting it out (partly because I don't want to take it to a shop as my wife is shielding and partly because I'm not entirely convinced I know what needs to be done myself). I am hoping to resolve that before summer. Physical activity is actually one big positive for me from the last 12 months. I started one of those couch to 5k running apps and now up to running 10k 3 times a week which this time last year I would never have believed and neither would any
  12. Some would say back to back Champions League with AC Milan is more than many have achieved in their life, let alone lockdown. Seriously though, completely agree. Just tedious.
  13. Yeah, maybe numb is a better word for it. Even planning things wouldn't help with all the uncertainty about the short and medium terms.
  14. Is anybody else just really bored of all this now? I was watching TV last night (Schitts Creek) and I realised I was just so bored of sitting on the sofa, watching telly. I've done every job I can in the house, listened to a lot of music, cooked a lot of new recipes and don't even start on walks. I just want a pint with some mates in a sunny beer garden and to go to a gig. Aside from not seeing friends and family for over a year in some cases I am very lucky that I don't have anything major to worry about, secure work, good size house and live in village with lots of green space around,
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