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  1. Thanks for the advice - and @Dan R also. I think I'll go for the switch based on the portability, now I just have to find somewhere with it in stock.
  2. I think this is an important point. I would assume - I don't know and don't necessarily agree - that there is some kind of 'tipping point' where the major restrictions will be lifted regardless of what the virus is doing. This could be due to a number of factors but any irreversible damage to the economy will have to be weighed up.
  3. With social isolation for an indefinite period looming Im considering buying a console to pass the time. Could anyone guide me on which one to go for? I used to play a lot of video games a few years back but adult life and family got in the way and I’m a bit out of the loop. I like the idea of the switch as we only have one tv in the flat so it would be nice to have the portable option but I used to play a lot of Call of Duty, GTA, Fifa etc and the PS4 and Xbox games seem a bit more ‘adult’ and a wider choice than the switch. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Could this be related? Seems odd for a comedian to embargo their own gigs so suspect it’s either part of some kind of festival or something different like a TV show.
  5. Would tend to agree with this aside from The London Stadium. Getting out of there back to Stratford Station can be awful with the way you are routed - took us almost 1.5 hours to get out and on the tube after Guns n Roses in 2017. Special mention to The Astoria, alas no more.
  6. @Brave Sir Robin is a good source for BST info and I believe has previously hinted that Posty is doing it (?)
  7. Final slot at Teenage Cancer Trust gigs?
  8. It is also the week before payday - I suspect we will see a number of festival announcements rolling in.
  9. Chef

    Guns N Roses

    I was not going to buy tickets at those prices but got some standing in the end, couldn't help myself. They were outstanding in 2017 and regardless of Axl not being as good as back in the day they are a band of a generation and to hear Slash playing some of those tunes again was just too tempting.
  10. True to an extent - but the cover never goes off as much as say 'Mr Brightside' or 'All These Things That I've Done'. Not sure I'd bother if I was him for the sake of 1 extra song. A bloke in the toilet queue after said "that was great, there is a reason why they call him The Boss". Seems a shame for Sam Fender that this is a lot of peoples lasting impression looking back after the gig.
  11. I've seen a number of times with Sam Fender people mention how good his live covers are more than his own music. He did Dancing in the Dark on Tuesday - got the best response of the night from the crowd by some way.
  12. I went to Brixton on Tuesday. You didn't miss much.
  13. Just picked up Blossoms tickets for AMP. At £20 a pop and see a new venue thought why not. Seems like there are plenty still on sale which is surprising.
  14. Didn't think The Charlatans were a Lovebox type act.
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