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  1. True to an extent - but the cover never goes off as much as say 'Mr Brightside' or 'All These Things That I've Done'. Not sure I'd bother if I was him for the sake of 1 extra song. A bloke in the toilet queue after said "that was great, there is a reason why they call him The Boss". Seems a shame for Sam Fender that this is a lot of peoples lasting impression looking back after the gig.
  2. I've seen a number of times with Sam Fender people mention how good his live covers are more than his own music. He did Dancing in the Dark on Tuesday - got the best response of the night from the crowd by some way.
  3. I went to Brixton on Tuesday. You didn't miss much.
  4. Just picked up Blossoms tickets for AMP. At £20 a pop and see a new venue thought why not. Seems like there are plenty still on sale which is surprising.
  5. Didn't think The Charlatans were a Lovebox type act.
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody in the car in Waynes World - Queen and Adam Lambert?
  7. If this isn't correct it bloody well should be. Great logic 👏 Would they do it after playing Wembley this year?
  8. So they have shifted to Ticketmaster from AXS? Suppose that's tied in with American Express as new sponsor - Ticketmaster seem to be the vendor for every event they provide 'benefits' for. In my experience from probably the most user friendly ticket website to the worst.
  9. Are we going to need GCHQ to solve this clue when we get it?
  10. Is there a possibility they sell more tickets because their fans occupy a younger demographic? Therefore parents/ families go along as well increasing number of tickets sold. A young group of friends each takes a parent and it doubles sales straight away as opposed to them going solo if they were older. Might be nonsense and perhaps I just need to accept they are a popular act.
  11. I find this astonishing. Although that probably says more about me and how out of touch I am.
  12. Little Mix?! Well that’s the most underwhelming announcement for any concert ever.
  13. Super group with Jake Bugg, George Ezra and Lewis Capaldi
  14. Chef

    2020 headliners

    *Cough* Jimmy Page *Cough*
  15. You never have to pre order any album - look at the small print and every time it will say 'no purchase necessary', just click on that or a link next to it and hey presto
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