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  1. It does seem a little odd we get a one off briefing in a week with an announcement quarantine is changing, R numbers seems to be going up, a local lockdown has been implemented and pubs are opening and someone decides to use a question to ask when people can play cricket.
  2. Something lighthearted for a Friday.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51768274 BBC have done a tidy little round up of all the current stats here.
  4. That's interesting, I had thought perhaps that list had taken those with high % increases, regardless of how many infections it was starting from. I live in Wandsworth was is on the list and it has increased 44%, from 9 infections two weeks ago to 13 last week. I'm not sure that's local lockdown territory, at least I hope not. When you have case numbers that low there is bound to be fluctuations up and down and sensitivity like that could create 'hotspots' just by shifting the data windows used by a day or two.
  5. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-infections-tumbling-in-englands-worst-hit-areas-new-figures-show-12019443
  6. I have just re-read the article Ozanne shared and hadn't originally seen the table where it ranks the cases per 100k by region, maybe its been added since or I just missed it. As a side note it says its Pillar 1 and 2 cases - does that mean the government are publishing this breakdown now? The table doesn't align with the 36 'at risk' areas if that is the only metric they are using for measurement of whether somewhere is 'at risk'. For example Wandsworth is on that 'at risk' list but ranks at 108 with 2.76 weekly cases per 100k of population between period 15-21 June. Therefore there has
  7. https://twitter.com/BBC_Hayley/status/1278232210743623681?s=20 Some data for the Gloucestershire 'outbreak'
  8. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-at-risk-areas-could-be-just-days-away-from-local-lockdowns-12018594 This article seems to be more targeted at those areas highlighted on the bbc map. Says more data for we 28/06 to be published tomorrow.
  9. Surely if there was any real risk at further lockdown to these areas it would be announced prior to Saturday? Would the government allow other businesses to open on the 4th to then shut them down again days later?
  10. Good to see the cases are dropping again but am I correct in thinking, from the previous posts, this is 'pillar 1'? So doesn't include 'pillar 2' which is basically the wider community? I always assumed these daily case numbers were positive results from every single test carried out in the UK. Is that not the case? EDIT: Have just read that FT article and think I get it now. The numbers you have posted do include all cases, its the data broken down at a regional level when the pillar 2 stuff is missing. Seems an odd thing to do. Stop panic maybe?
  11. I can hear Chris Wittys' heart racing from here.
  12. That's interesting - I hadn't realised Leicester was singled out that far back. Its just another example on the list of shambolic handling of this crisis.
  13. Sorry you're stuck as part of this - that sucks. As someone from Leicester have you noticed any difference around this spike? I'm not sure how - perhaps know people testing positive, local rumors, know someone working in local healthcare? It all seems a bit vague in the media and I can't seem to glean too much information about what has happened, with multiple contradictory comments between national and local figures. I did read something suggesting this actually started some time ago (10 days?) and isn't actually a new issue from the last day or two?
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