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  1. whisty

    WOMAD 2022

    Had a really nice time, normal service resumed 😉
  2. Great festival whatever age, can't wait. And at least if it rains it's flat 😉
  3. I don’t know but no tickets for the last two festivals and gradually pulled into the live streams this year in iplayer I had a great time with no queuing or long drops or crowd crushes or sleepless nights or …………😀 still want a ticket next time though 😉
  4. My friend can’t go and is offering a ticket for less than face. Let me know if interested and I’ll put you in touch.
  5. 2007 to 2018 inclusive, the last two, nada, zilch, It's a game of chance. worse if your group expands, started two of us 2007, last couple times around 14 in the family/friend group!
  6. I’m going to enjoy the journey to my bed without all that packing up faff, lugging a ton of crap back to the car, worrying about queuing to get out etc 😉
  7. Proper glad I’m over 100 miles from the pyramid at the minute 🤣 there’s always a bright side 😉
  8. Kind of lost interest as no ticket since 2018 but catching it live on iplayer for most of the weekend has been a real treat. See you there one of these years 😀
  9. The i player footage is fantastic, none of that maybe it’s better at that stage you’re not at 😉 I’ve missed two consecutive festivals now due to no ticket but loving what I’ve seen in tv in a comfy armchair. There’s always October 😀
  10. whisty

    Moto GP

    That fella caught my eye earlier in the week as he looks just like a mate of mine who I used to race with back in the day. RIP the fabulous 5 I must be getting old, they all understand the risks involved and its obviously part of the attraction but 1 is bad enough, 5 is a terrible thing, especially for those they've left behind.
  11. whisty

    WOMAD 2022

    Can't wait, just starting to think about travel plans 🙂
  12. I miss the original Batman & Robin & the Joker and ...............................:)
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