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  1. whisty

    Moto GP

    2 crackers on the spin, anybody beating Marquez is like a minor miracle. Hope Dovi is ok, nasty looking incident that one. Anyway, some excitement has returned for a bit.
  2. Fooled by DarrenVonBoathook yesterday's 308 post. Lets try again & make do!
  3. Lovely festival, people, services, food, music all great.
  4. whisty

    E fest meet??

    Was thinking after these - Juan de Marcos' Afro-Cuban All Stars then Mollys on way home. But maybe an hour or 3 before The Mighty John Street Ska Orchestra start in Mollys sounds like a plan. More than happy to be guided, in fact it's a preference .
  5. whisty

    E fest meet??

    Didn't you do the badges although you don't need one, you're easy to spot, that eye you know I don't know and at least 2 of these folks are Oxfam so might be on shift. Any suggestions welcome I spose.
  6. whisty

    E fest meet??

    Mollys thurs night after Cuban all stars is the only place to be. Or maybe suggest something else 😀
  7. whisty

    no Big Red Tent

    Haven’t been for a couple years, maybe they’ve held the ticket price!
  8. Sounds boring, glad I never got a ticket now. RIP the security guy
  9. I watched Chems on tv last night, was good to see smiling faces everywhere. Catch you next year 😀
  10. Stop rubbing it in 😀
  11. Jungle sound good 😀
  12. whisty


    2010 was horrible during the day. I’m glad I’m not there today, this evening I’ll be upset again!
  13. It became such a staple over the years, I had a friend ask me if I was enjoying it so far! It's even on the One show right now, fk fk fk. Can't escape it but I don't like the heat/sun blazing so tomorrow I will console till the sun drops
  14. whisty

    Car keys

    Lost mine one year, had the speare posted to the Farm, funnily enough was the only year I never took the spare. There's a postal collection point there
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