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  1. Iggy & The Stooges 2007 Gong 2010 Portishead 2013 Son of Dave (just because he nailed it acoustic the year the power failed) 2014 Duane Eddy 2011. Was walkng to Circus field, he was on, thought I'd watch a bit, got a bit bored, started to walk away & the below started, I was hooked and never moved more that 2 yards till he finished. Magic moment.
  2. whisty

    Moto GP

    I watched the last race and maybe I fell asleep cos I had to watch it again just in case somebody other than Marquez had won, then I remembered why I'd forgot the result I have a ton of admiration for a dominant sports person but it makes for boring viewing.
  3. whisty

    Emotional Moments

    Monday, reaching the hill of death with a trolley full of your camping shit after it’s rained some over the weekend, that’s a tear jerker for sure.
  4. whisty

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    The duct tape “every year I take it and never use it “ post reminded me. Every year I took a spare car key, one year I forgot and guess what happened...........
  5. whisty

    T minus & counting 2019

    Yeh, I know you're rubbing salt in me wound It's these things that will be missed the most. Anybody frightened to go to the efestivals meet, don't be, it's a great way to meet some lovely folks.
  6. whisty

    T minus & counting 2019

    That's a shame Oneeye, you waited patiently as well! For me, I waited for resale one time before & was lucky but I'm getting to old for the emotional blackmail this ticket game plays on one so gave up on it a while ago. I don't know what your musical tastes are but Womad is such a lovely festival, a good line up this year & no ticket q. Just saying like...................
  7. Line up release makes me happy 😀.
  8. whisty

    Moto GP

    Oh, unforced error 😀 They’ll have to threaten Lorenzo with the sack to make him go faster!
  9. Hi Quark. Long story, had big plans for it this year, didn’t get a sniff, folks I go with all lost heart and made different plans, so I’ll have to get there for the 50th year celebrations 😀
  10. Didn't get a ticket, aint going, if I was these'd be up there topping my wanna sees.
  11. whisty

    T minus & counting 2019

    Call a copper, that line up!
  12. whisty

    Moto GP

    Normal service resumes, hope it stays that close through the year
  13. Excepting some kind of disability, it's really not that big that you're very far from anywhere to be honest, especially if the weather is kind. Worked and punter a couple times, a lovely festival in my experience.
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