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  1. Spent the previous 4 seasons working full time and trying to build up a book of gardens to work on so I could retire from office work, get out into the air & do something I wanted to after 40+ years of being told what to do. Finally after a lot of hard work it came to fruition for this season. I had the best March in 5 years and now what's happened, it's gone pop! Oh well, guess I'm real lucky to have my own few sq meters of earth and an unknown number of pots to play with, roll on the growth
  2. whisty

    Moto GP

    Will there be a 2020 Season 🙄
  3. Somebody called, & woke me up but for the life of me I have no idea what day it is on this countdown thread or for real Nice to see you still active Mr Stick. No ticket or festival for three years aint helping
  4. whisty

    Moto GP

    Maybe we'll have two brothers as Honda team mates in the top tier, if it's not announced already Hodgson said he was 99.999999% sure it was happening. That should be interesting.
  5. Good luck people. Gonna be the least stressful ticket day since I started going. I'm away and other folks can do the stress
  6. whisty

    Moto GP

    2 crackers on the spin, anybody beating Marquez is like a minor miracle. Hope Dovi is ok, nasty looking incident that one. Anyway, some excitement has returned for a bit.
  7. Fooled by DarrenVonBoathook yesterday's 308 post. Lets try again & make do!
  8. Lovely festival, people, services, food, music all great.
  9. whisty

    E fest meet??

    Was thinking after these - Juan de Marcos' Afro-Cuban All Stars then Mollys on way home. But maybe an hour or 3 before The Mighty John Street Ska Orchestra start in Mollys sounds like a plan. More than happy to be guided, in fact it's a preference .
  10. whisty

    E fest meet??

    Didn't you do the badges although you don't need one, you're easy to spot, that eye you know I don't know and at least 2 of these folks are Oxfam so might be on shift. Any suggestions welcome I spose.
  11. whisty

    E fest meet??

    Mollys thurs night after Cuban all stars is the only place to be. Or maybe suggest something else ?
  12. whisty

    no Big Red Tent

    Haven’t been for a couple years, maybe they’ve held the ticket price!
  13. Sounds boring, glad I never got a ticket now. RIP the security guy
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