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  1. t8yman

    Moto GP

    Just got my tickets for this years Moto GP at Donington on 20-22 June. The championship this year is looking interesting with Rossi finding his old form in the last 2 races. Toseland looks interesting, but has admitted his lack of track knowledge is affecting him during this block of 5 "new" tracks. Interesting to see how he gets on at Donington, as he should know the track like the back of his hand - and Suzi Perry has offered to trade leathers with him if he gets a race win this season! donny could be the one! This is the first year we are doing the full fri-sun weekend thing since the days of schwantz and rainey, anyone know which day you can get in the pits? I've been told friday by some, saturday by others, and I know my little lad would explode if he got to meet Rossi.
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