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  1. hmmm, quantum break didnt exactly set the world afire fella! I was exactly the same, was hanging my hat on it for ages, then the inevitable downgrades in graphics and mechanics, then the lukewarm (or poor) reviews, meant I was glad I didnt buy it. It basically looks like destiny without the great mechanics and interesting locations.
  2. t8yman


    I finally watched deadpool, it had some good lol moments, the "ironic nods" got a bit irritating from time to time, but on the whole I liked it. The action was really well shot, and the effects were great. 7/10 for me. It could easily have been 20 minutes shorter too.
  3. t8yman


    norman parke has been cut from the roster. about time tbh.
  4. t8yman


    he most certainly is... he most certainly is, and I can't wait to see it can't see it. vegas is the spiritual home for UFC, east coast doesnt get that many events, but MSG will feature heavily on their calendar going forward. welcome to the thread! how long have you been a UFC fan?
  5. t8yman


    Cormier is out injured. Mighty mouse headlining. Yawn.
  6. t8yman


    This is entirely because of McG's frame of mind. I guarantee you he thinks he is going to win, and if he does - he can restart the hype train, claiming the loss was a "bad night", and thus maintaining his ridiculous claim that weight classes dont matter, he can whup anyone he wants, and also claiming he is a winner in 3 weight classes. Its a setup for a hype offensive, nothing more. And it will sell like no other UFC event has in the past. The casuals will lap it up. If he wins, its back to unbearable McG, if he loses - the winner of Frankie v Aldo has got a massive leg up in the mind games, cos Dana has already said McG's next fight is a title defense - regardless.
  7. t8yman


    Jones is a fucking liar, I heard him telling the story live on Ariels show, then an hour or so later the videos showed up on youtube, and I thought "thats not how JJ relayed the story". Yes the cop might have been a bit of a tosser, but Jones could have diffused the situation very easily if he hadnt immediately gone full retard as soon as the cop walked up.
  8. t8yman


    Jon Jones is a shitmagnet. I simply cant believe how he consistently fucks up so royally.
  9. t8yman


    the reviews are pretty damn bad. at time of writing this, its 30% rotten on RT.
  10. t8yman


    Ariel has been fired by Fox
  11. t8yman


    Thats great news. The Garden will make a great venue. Fairly easy for short breaks from europe too.
  12. No, I dont believe that either. But the mainland EU has created the perfect conditions for this to happen, and I'm happier not being a part of that team.
  13. was exactly what I said, and is part of the reason why I want to not be a part of the EU any longer. because it is going down the pan. and the EU can drag us down with it via quotas etc. I live in a port, and work 5 minutes from it. I know we don't have unchecked immigration.
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