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  1. kaip

    Download 2019

    Copping won't be happy with that 😂
  2. kaip

    Download 2019

    is at the bowl or football ground?
  3. kaip

    Download 2019

    Deffo Slipknot and Def Leppard
  4. kaip

    Download 2019

    Phones just had a brain fart
  5. kaip

    Download 2019

    Having "newer" bands headlining doesn't sell massive amount of tickets tho
  6. kaip

    Download 2019

    What's it saying in that thread?
  7. kaip

    Download 2019

    deffo legit, i took that screenshot off a video some dude posted on the barca rocks festival. He was in a car that drove past that bus
  8. kaip

    Download 2019

    Barca rocks are announcing an headliner tomorrow afternoon
  9. kaip

    Download 2019

    Didn't G&R do something similar last year?
  10. kaip

    Download 2018

    Thought axl was pretty shite, his voice is shot Slash on the other hand was outstanding