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  1. morph100

    Bulk flamingos

    I hope you treat your friends better than your flamingos!!
  2. morph100

    Bulk flamingos

    Someone on here found me bulk inflatable flamingo sales where I got 100 for under £100. Can’t find it now, can anyone help? supply chain issues, covid/war/brexit we cannot let them impact the flow of flamingos
  3. Diamond encrusted Pimp Cup, diamonds may not be real due to me losing the plastic cup most nights
  4. I drink too much and need a rest
  5. morph100

    Virtual Meet

    7pm isn’t it? 😂
  6. Think we’ll get another at 10am today?
  7. Thursday Silver Hayes music, is that normal?
  8. Stone circle best place to go ask, but probably better to be prepared before you go.
  9. Has someone done the old map vs new map gif yet?
  10. I hope the cheese board is back in the green peace field, although I fear it’s gone now 😞
  11. morph100


    Wikipedia (aka truth fountain) says she said PEACE on her instagram
  12. Bargain booze. I convince myself it designed to stay cold longer and be nicer warmer due to be Jamaican when in fact it’s probably exactly the same as other lager 🙂
  13. I’ve got the longdrop.mp3 I’ll just play it on my phone when I go to the soft close ones
  14. Crate of pear cider crate of beer (red stripe) box of red wine bottle of tequila sherbet lemon vodka poss some Ale but maybe just buy that on site.
  15. Todays weather would be perfect I think
  16. Maybe it will be both in different fields?
  17. Do prefer the spider, anyone else heard this?
  18. Don’t think it’s arrogant if they are still securing acts
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