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  1. Sam Smith was near Coldplay studio in London today….guest vocals on Fix You?
  2. I'm excited, normally after Glastonbury I can't watch much back on iPlayer. Either I was there and the amazingness doesn't come across on screen or I wasnt there and i kick myself for spending 4 hours talking to a guy dressed as an elephant in the corner of some bar I've never found since.
  3. Might double drop and doff my cap to people
  4. I used to carry a dictaphone with those mini cassettes round with me, interviewing people and recording ramblings in a state. Fear and loathing style probably best describes it. i darent listen to them let alone digitise and upload them.
  5. I have disco lights but should I buy some lasers? Smoke machine?
  6. I wonder if Lewis was funny in person?
  7. We’ve all almost headlined Glastonbury
  8. Jack on long drop duty
  9. Amateur hour in the rap game
  10. Boyd goegoe Hazza your Nan wants her curtains back
  11. God thinks you da bomb so keep rising
  12. 8:30 pm west jolts with a disco ball on his head type of night
  13. Bjork looks younger every year, if that’s go Stu’s tries to be fascist can I just sntx. TbeG I tbj m she’s actually vey hold. so how can in s zjz s diz. ecevelleng looping worknfj f
  14. How do you want your hAir? like the biggest anal beads you ever did see done
  15. Still have no idea is it hi yam hee yam, or hey yiam
  16. Pets broadcasting Service
  17. I need some action, drama, stage invasion
  18. The lanky guy is characterised character yeah?
  19. Praying face emoji with halo head for added Jesus vibes
  20. no idea, she’s mainly red
  21. She deffo on and prob winning best T swizzle a like comp
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