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  1. Probably not a coincidence that prices have skyrocketed and will continue to skyrocket now that smart meters are in the majority of homes and that percentage will keep rising. They know they’ve got everyone by the bollocks.
  2. People in their little labour bubble don’t realise that labour are resigned to the opposition benches for another generation. Would be nice if they actually became the opposition at some point during that and tried to hold the government to account for their policies rather than just their personal conduct. Thanks China.
  3. A 1 point lead over the worst government in living memory. Embarrassing.
  4. Labour are an embarrassment at this point.
  5. Christ knows how Carillion managed to go bust because they were a major player when it came to PFI contracts too.
  6. They always conveniently miss out the little bit about PFI contracts crippling NHS trusts and how much responsibility Labour have to take for that.
  7. Bad faith actors 😭😭😭😭😭
  8. 2013 it was by where the glade usually is, on the other stage side. Really wasn’t a good idea, not surprised it only lasted 1 year.
  9. The NHS hasn’t even begun to get over the last lockdown and the backlog. We can’t even contemplate another. Finally got a hospital appointment for my child after waiting 3 months for a referral, it’s been booked for October 2023 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Lockdown 😆 come on Neil be serious.
  11. The vast majority of your posting history is either 3 word pointless replies or a tweet.
  12. I mean that’s not strictly true is it? This years super spreader event appears to be a combination of a sizeable proportion of people that have never had it attending and going to Glastonbury being the “riskiest” thing they’ve done since the pandemic began, plus a new wave due to a mutation that seems pretty good at reinfecting people on top of that. Nobody can predict that those stars would align again next year.
  13. Glad it’s not been too bad and when this bout of Covid passes you can get back to living without having to worry about it any more. As should the vast majority of people under the age of 70.
  14. Isn’t he a massive brexiteer?
  15. This is true. I was watching DIY SOS the other week and there was a family on there who had a daughter who was CEV and they’d been careful during the pandemic obviously and then a simple common cold took her life.
  16. There used to be one in sonic on a Thursday didn’t there?
  17. It’s not an assumption. In the past Silver Hayes security have been taking peoples drugs so they can sell them. I have seen it.
  18. I have. In silver hayes (especially wow) every year. Entering the crowd and confiscating from anyone young enough to intimidate and then you can see them behind the stage handing them to their mate in “plain clothes” who takes them back out into the festival and sells them.
  19. To be fair asymptomatic flu spread is also a thing, although much less likely and they recommend you don’t go swimming for two weeks after having norovirus but I bet most people had never heard of the latter and nobody tests for flu unless they’re ill and we managed in the past. I know Covid has been a big deal for you and Glastonbury was an even bigger deal in more ways than one but the truth is you can’t avoid it forever and there’s a very high likelihood when you do get it, it’ll be completely fine but probably a bit unpleasant for a few days and then replace the previous “worst thing I’ve ever had”* I also thought that since Omicron came along, although it’s milder for most people, it’s also less likely for people to be asymptomatic. Could be wrong but I’m sure I’ve read that a few times. So people still testing themselves without symptoms probably need to be a bit careful they don’t end up falling down an OCD rabbit hole for life. *I’m generalising there I have no idea what your medical history is.
  20. It’s a bit of both really isn’t it? The same as most bugs we pick up from year to year. If you’ve got the flu, avoid the elderly for a couple of days after the worst. If you’ve got norovirus avoid the elderly and infants for a couple of days after the world has fallen out of both ends. With Covid you may need to add a couple of days onto that if you’re being extra careful. But at the same time if someone is willing to put themselves in a big crowd of people touching shoulder to shoulder then in my eyes they have already accepted any perceived risk. It’s not everyone else’s responsibility to make sure they’re free from all viruses.
  21. Isn’t that exactly what we did pre covid? (Maybe not real flu because we’d be bed ridden at the start at least) Lots of comments in this thread saying they thought it was the usual virus they pick up every year at Glastonbury. Did any of those people ever consider the consequences of spreading that virus around? No, because we didn’t have a little home test kit to find out what it was, we just got on with it.
  22. I’m 2 minutes delayed and this finally made sense 😂
  23. I could have stomached it if they were at least Sinatra classics but they weren’t either 😆
  24. No but he did do a Sinatra cover album that I paid £85 for the privilege of watching him play instead of the classics 😬
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