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  1. Because nobody can get a booster until 6 months after their second dose so opening it up to 30+ is going to change nothing yet as most won’t have had their second dose until June/July/August.
  2. Can you not see the knock on effect that GP’s playing hide and seek is causing? Doctors surgery tells x people to go to the walk in centre, walk in centre gets busy so people try A&E instead, A&E gets busy taking up precious time, recourses and beds, ambulances get stuck outside hospitals waiting for these resources and beds to come free, people at home are now waiting far too long for ambulances to arrive, their urgent problem gets far worse and their subsequent hospital stay increases as a result causing an even bigger bed shortage. EDIT: and as the story above shows, people are not getting the correct diagnoses over the phone and their problems worsen leading to potentially taking up hospital bed space unnecessarily.
  3. I struggle to even get a telephone appointment at the moment. We just get fobbed off and told to try the walk in centre or phone 111. Have you ever tried to sit in a walk in centre waiting area for hours with a sick 1 year old?
  4. “Irreversible” Let’s call it plan sea, because that’s where it belongs.
  5. We’re at the stage now that there’s a huge shift to personal responsibility not a collective responsibility. With vaccines, boosters, testing etc it’s not solely my responsibility to make sure that everybody else is as protected as they can be. Masks are not as great as they’re made out to be. Masks and social distancing help to reduce spread, social distancing probably taking the lions share of that work but they don’t stop the spread or this would be over by now. Cloth masks for example are utterly pointless, they do next to nothing for both outward and inward protection. If someone has had their vaccines and still feels like their personal risk level is too high then there are extra precautions they can take themselves. It’s not March 2020 any more, proper respirator masks which actually provide real protection are readily available and would be far more beneficial than a shop with 100% mask compliance but 60% of those wearing a cut up T-shirt on their face. Bringing in restrictions again should not sit well with anybody, I didn’t get vaccinated to spend my winter in and out of lockdowns again. I didn’t get vaccinated to carry on wearing masks again and I certainly didn’t get vaccinated to stay home.
  6. Should have done what I said and ended all restrictions back in spring when groups 1-4 were fully vaccinated. Could have had the bulk of this school wave done and dusted by the summer holidays.
  7. GP’s still desperately trying to cling on to their nice little call centres they’ve got set up. Shameful. Get back to work and start seeing patients properly.
  8. Sir Patrick Vallance has got the deaths of 10’s of thousands on his hands. The fact he hasn’t resigned is a disgrace.
  9. Long flu isn’t a thing some of you argued with me last year.
  10. Makes about as much sense as needing to wear a mask unless drinking and eating, and needing to wear a mask to stand up in a pub/restaurant.
  11. It’s grim isn’t it? Had it a few weeks ago, seems to be spreading like wildfire at the moment. Another one of those virus’s we used to be regularly exposed to at low levels and had good immunity to until lockdowns. Doctor told me (over the phone of course 😉) that it used to be fairly rare for adults to be symptomatic and even rarer to get the rash/blisters but everybody seems to be getting it full whack this year.
  12. Every school is different. It’s a logistical nightmare that would take a lot of money, a lot of planning and a lot of work for something that might not be needed indefinitely. A lot of schools are still riddled with asbestos making it a very difficult task. I would much rather see that funding go towards teaching rather than ventilation.
  13. Hilarious. If you include enough symptoms then everybody has got long covid.
  14. Anthony Costello is the thickest and it’s not even close. Pagel is just the annoying one.
  15. Not buying it. At the most he’s “scrapping” them in the short term so that he can introduce them when things get worse into the winter instead of having any firebreaks or restrictions so they can appear to be doing something. They'll be introduced by the end of October
  16. “For the greater good” They have turned into a parody of themselves.
  17. So are you all ok with having Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson at the festival? Maybe let them do a speech on the pyramid stage? Free speech right? No didn’t think so. Anti vax sentiments have no place at Glastonbury and I would hope they would be very poorly received if they were.
  18. No. Toilet queues and bar queues are a massive problem every year.
  19. But it’s not going to get stamped out in the rest of the world so what’s their long term strategy? Stay isolated from the world forever?
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