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  1. May 25th 2022. The day everyone was more annoyed about the rule breaking than the rules themselves. There’s a reason they weren’t worried about breaking them and it’s not just because they didn’t care about us peasants.
  2. I hope so because I’m not going through all of that shit again so soon.
  3. https://www.nti.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/NTI_Paper_BIO-TTX_Final.pdf Nothing to see here, just a coincidence…again 🤔
  4. BobWillis2


    2015 or 2016 was the first time they put them there. If I had to guess I’d say 2015.
  5. BobWillis2


    They’ve been there for years. One of the cubicles collapsed on the Saturday night/Sunday morning in 2014 and someone ended up in the wheelie bin beneath. That’ll teach them for hovering over the seat!
  6. What would you have done with your life?
  7. Good. Have the west learned nothing? Stop poking the bear.
  8. Isn’t that the point? This government should be getting obliterated at every turn, but they’re not, because the alternative is not what the British public want either.
  9. Completely and utterly deluded. Labour need to get their heads out of the sand ffs. The Tories got decimated at the local elections and Labour still didn’t make huge gains. The people do not want a Labour government, the disillusioned Labour voters that defected to the Tories used their local election vote to voice their displeasure at the government and still couldn’t bring themselves to vote Labour again. If a vote for the Lib Dems meant a vote for a Labour government they would barely get a look in. You would think the Labour Party would be worried that the best they could do against the worst government in living history was gain slightly more councillors than the Greens, but instead they’re treating it as a victory. Clueless. They haven’t gone anywhere near far enough to repair the damage done by the momentum idiots.
  10. It’s alright when we do it
  11. He did back them though. Beggars belief that Labour pushed so hard about Boris breaking the rules knowing full well they had their own skeletons in the closet. Who is advising these idiots 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. But twitter and yougov polls are 🤣
  13. Such a shame that Labour are so unelectable at a time like this.
  14. It was a miserable day too. I got drenched on the way to see Peace and Circa Waves. Got back to the tents after to change into dry clothes and charge my phone quickly, only to see The Libs Instagram post* and have to rush back out. Made it just in time to see the banner come down and the sun shining. Seemed like most of the crowd weren’t into it, but it was a special moment to see them on the pyramid stage. * https://www.instagram.com/p/4ZqtGmCxxZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  15. I think the cost of the pandemic is doing the heavy lifting when it comes to that issue.
  16. He hasn’t listened to the interview has he? He’s just seen the tweet and responded to that quote.
  17. Kids get the flu jab because it’s a virus they’re vulnerable to. They’re not vulnerable to covid. The only possibly reason to vaccinate children is because other countries are over zealous and it effects travel rules. I would hope the JCVI stand firm and base their decision purely on the science and not the politics. There is very, very little if not nothing to be gained in vaccinating children from a health perspective. Same with anybody healthy under the age of 50. If you want one then pay for it, but the days of mass vaccination should be over.
  18. They went weeks ago. I’m talking about anyone under 50 being offered them regularly for free.
  19. Depends what shop you go in. Go in Waitrose and it’s full of middle class work from homers who still think they’re saving the nhs by wearing a bit of cut up T-shirt on their face. Go in most other supermarkets and its just a few of the elderly shoppers still not comfortable taking their mask off.
  20. Is it a rule that only those with tickets to the latest festival are allowed to be on here? Perhaps you should warn those in the resale thread that they need to try a little bit harder because if they’re unsuccessful they need to bugger off until October.
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