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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/11/covid-loses-90-of-ability-to-infect-within-five-minutes-in-air-study Fake SAGE in the mud again
  2. Isn’t it so that there’s no overlap of symptoms that could be attributed as a vaccine side effect?
  3. It’s a bit optimistic to think people are waiting for the 28 days. If you’d had 2 doses and then had covid and it was just a cold, on what planet would you be eager for more doses? I would say most are waiting to see if/when a booster is needed for their freedoms.
  4. You’re missing the point again. Prolonging the pandemic but not significantly changing the outcome is completely counter productive. In particular the decision to close schools and limit young peoples social life made virtually zero difference to hospital rates and deaths but delayed their exposure to the virus and in fact probably it MORE dangerous for them to mix with the elderly when restrictions were relaxed as they were more likely to be infected as they had no immunity.
  5. It only makes sense to prolong the pandemic is you are drastically changing the outcome of it.
  6. Surely we’re well past the point in believing lockdowns make a huge difference? Is there a commonly believed myth that the vast majority of people were at home? Roughly 50% of people in employment were still going out to work during lockdown 1. The other 50% would have contained a good percentage that went to the supermarket on a weekly basis. It didn’t stop covid spreading, it only prolonged the pandemic.
  7. “Independent SAGE releases its covid strategy” An adult wrote that. Embarrassing group of people.
  8. Such a depressing read, that poor child will take years to get over this. She clearly doesn’t see that she is the cause of her daughters anxiety. And to top it off this is what she’s making her wear. She’s probably getting bullied on top.
  9. 11th December 2020 And you could replace that with any year for the last 10-15 and the same would be true.
  10. I would imagine that was some sort of compromise with the militant union who more than likely wanted schools closed.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/31/im-a-uk-covid-scientist-heres-a-sample-of-the-abuse-in-my-inbox?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Bloody misogynists 😡
  12. To be honest most times I check this thread on the off chance Toilet Duck has added something insightful. Usually though it’s just dullards like stevie replying for the sake of it. If everyone had moved on he’d be in here replying to his own posts. Just can’t help himself.
  13. So they all went to other thread to call Boris, Hancock, Javid, Sunak etc c**ts. What’s the difference? Deepti and Pagel just happen to be the two most prominent lockdown enthusiasts and fear mongers. Ferguson for example gets the same treatment whenever he crawls out from under his rock as do many others who don’t tweet scare stories 50 times per day like those two do.
  14. Why is there a sudden shift to admit that this is the case? It’s been that way since day 1.
  15. At what point have Heneghan, Gupta and Balloux been listened to by ministers?
  16. What a relief that must be for the sopping wet terrified idiots that were actually going to listen to any restrictions.
  17. It would make absolutely no sense to me to make such big strides in the booster rollout and then put everyone in lockdown and let them back out when those boosters start to wain. Let us get on with life ffs.
  18. People don’t actually believe that completely made up story do they?
  19. Bloody misogynist, how dare you criticise a female. Even if she is always wrong.
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