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  1. Ferguson changes his predictions more than I change underwear. Last week we were destined for 100k-200k cases per day, now it could be over by October.
  2. Labour can’t even make their mind up on what it is they oppose. Shambolic party, weak leadership.
  3. I wonder if the vaccine passport announcement has put them off. It’s not very Glastonbury is it?
  4. It’s 28 days because covid isn’t an infection-symptoms-hospital-death within days disease. We do really need to come up with a better system than recording all cause deaths within 28 days of a positive test though.
  5. It’s not a rule. Nobody is legally obliged to isolate if they get pinged.
  6. Hardly worth the big furore is it. Ironically the faux rage has played into Boris’ hands and he can now hide away for the rest of the week while shit hits the fan re “freedom” day.
  7. It’s been in the news all week that ministers have been trialing it.
  8. So you mean another case of people getting sick of doing something and looking for any excuse they can to stop doing it.
  9. And if half the government was isolating you’d be moaning that they’re trying to hide away at an important time.
  10. The Scotland team that got away with not isolating when Gilmour tested positive got far less faux anger thrown their way.
  11. It’s attitudes like this which help to spread fear. “Why does govt think we all want to do stuff when massive transmission risk?” Pre covid nobody* has ever said “I’m not coming up the pub tonight, I might get the flu” in the winter or “We’d better sell those gig tickets, we might catch norovirus” For the vast majority of double vaccinated people the risk of serious disease is now very very small, and those waiting for their second dose the risk was small anyway. We cannot avoid getting ill ever again it’s a preposterous notion. How have we forgotten so quickly how to live with the idea that we from time to time we might get sick? The vaccines work, nobody ever said they were sterilising, trust them. *except for those immunocompromised etc
  12. Carol Codswallop’s involvement tells you all you need to know. Anti Boris, anti government drivel. It’s politically motivated.
  13. Oh god forbid someone caught a virus and felt like crap, oh the horror. How did we cope pre March 2020.
  14. Didn’t take a genius to work that out. Should have been IIR masks minimum and it might have actually made a big enough difference.
  15. If he only feels rough for a few days and makes a full recovery it’s full steam ahead, because that’s a bit like the flu which we’re meant to treating covid like.
  16. Capacity will be much higher. How exactly will you book a section of the pub to stand up in?
  17. Live music. Away days. Spontaneous nights out.
  18. That’s not the NHS regions and the south east isn’t a county?
  19. South east has the highest population I believe.
  20. It’s nothing new, bar alpha.
  21. A fairly civil day in this thread and Stevie comes along trolling with his personal insults. Nothing will be said though.
  22. Equally there is a sizeable number of people who have been unable to do the things that help them with their mental health because they’ve been shut down There’s always two sides to a coin.
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