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  1. I’m 2 minutes delayed and this finally made sense 😂
  2. I could have stomached it if they were at least Sinatra classics but they weren’t either 😆
  3. No but he did do a Sinatra cover album that I paid £85 for the privilege of watching him play instead of the classics 😬
  4. What the hell is this set list? Have the bbc cut out all the good ones?
  5. Exactly. Oasis aren’t needed.
  6. Nobody wants Oasis to get back together. Avalanches were great on the park, everybody having fun except the guy in blue who is clearly annoyed that he’s been dragged there by his missus and didn’t get to see Noel play a shit indie disco.
  7. Stop playing the w*nk pop songs and play more from the masterplan you boring old man.
  8. It’s not been listed on the stream all day. Noel is the last thing on the schedule..
  9. Don’t tell me he’s not letting the BBC show it live or in full 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. If it wasn’t for tiktok I’d have no idea who OR was. Seems to be doing great.
  11. Aren’t the TBA’s tomorrow?
  12. Paulo Nutini is performing a song for the BBC on their little TV set above the park at 8 this evening so looks like tomorrow is almost definite now?
  13. I’ve always assumed coke was quite a popular choice of drug at Glastonbury due to how easy it is to get hold of and the energy boost. 5 days of drinking, dancing, walking around a huge site and sleeping on the cold hard ground is not easy work. I’ve never really found MDMA to be a consecutive days drug either. I need a couple of days break if I want it to feel any effects from it.
  14. It’s all subjective though, one persons c**t is another persons best friend they’ve never met.
  15. If there’s one place that wouldn’t notice a rise in drug taking it’s Glastonbury. For me it’s the yearly shift towards a pop festival from top to bottom. I would never have gone to v festival, not because I didn’t like some of the lineups necessarily but because it was full of c**ts. If you start attracting those people expect a shift in the dynamic of the festival as a whole.
  16. Can’t work out how it’s busier than 2017 and the EPO wristbands. There would have been far more people on site that year.
  17. I mean without Covid McCartney wouldn’t be playing THIS year anyway. He was booked for the 50th not because Emily wanted him to play. Could have had Eilish, Foals and Kendrick.
  18. You cannot tell me Foals shouldn’t be headlining the pyramid stage tonight with this back catalogue, they’ve barely got started and it’s been massive.
  19. She’s clearly very popular and good at what she does, but you can’t come to Glastonbury and mime your way through half a headline set on the pyramid stage. Think this one was maybe a year or two too soon. Foals already better.
  20. Why is half of it a backing track? Straight to Foals.
  21. Forgot how good Supergrass were. That was great.
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    Keep in your “crisps” in your pants and you’ll be fine.
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