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  1. Are there any lockdowns don’t work folk in here?
  2. It lowers their self esteem because they’re proud to wear them
  3. Also the option “I don’t cut pizza I eat it with a knife and fork” is a contradiction. What else would you with the knife apart from cut? Stab the pizza?
  4. It’s how real pizza in Naples is eaten.
  5. That’s social distancing in the bin. Masks next.
  6. Good grief. What was it I was saying about Labour being so disconnected?! Lead balloon.
  7. A very fear mongering way of saying it’s basically the same as we what we already had. It’s spreading because the government let too many people back into the community from India who were infected. If they had come back from countries with high prevalence of the Kent variant the result would have been the same. Covid spreads easily in unvaccinated people shocker.
  8. But you would need to dress that up with lots of talk about Great Britain, Britain leading the fight against climate change etc and helping to rebuild forgotten British communities in the process of saving the planet. Fundamentally the majority of British people are proud to be British and love being given the chance to show that and to feel part of a group that feels the same and means it. People aren’t going to make the effort to go out and vote just for “lets help save the planet”. You can do what you like once elected, British people are thick as shit when it comes to
  9. Just having an actual policy would be pretty radical for Starmer.
  10. “we’ve already killed the Labour Party. Let us kill it some more”
  11. Labour and their voters are so far disconnected from what the average British person wants in a government it’s unbelievable. If they weren’t so busy infighting and finger pointing they might finally start taking notes. The biggest problem Labour have now is they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, try and win back the working class vote and they’ll alienate their socialist, communist, woke, flag hating voter base. Try and please their aforementioned voter base and they’ll lose the working class forever.
  12. The working classes are in the main very patriotic people, it’s as simple as that. They want to vote for someone that they believe cares about them and their country. Pick the bones out of it all you like, I’m not here to argue about jingoism and xenophobia. Boris talks the talk when it comes to sounding genuine in his pride to be British and talking up our country and that’s why he is so successful. It’s also what helped Tony Blair win in a landslide.
  13. It’s not “just tapering off” they abandoned it.
  14. Is there a list of clique approved threads that other posters are allowed to post on? Please forward it on.
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