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  1. Kids get the flu jab because it’s a virus they’re vulnerable to. They’re not vulnerable to covid. The only possibly reason to vaccinate children is because other countries are over zealous and it effects travel rules. I would hope the JCVI stand firm and base their decision purely on the science and not the politics. There is very, very little if not nothing to be gained in vaccinating children from a health perspective. Same with anybody healthy under the age of 50. If you want one then pay for it, but the days of mass vaccination should be over.
  2. They went weeks ago. I’m talking about anyone under 50 being offered them regularly for free.
  3. Depends what shop you go in. Go in Waitrose and it’s full of middle class work from homers who still think they’re saving the nhs by wearing a bit of cut up T-shirt on their face. Go in most other supermarkets and its just a few of the elderly shoppers still not comfortable taking their mask off.
  4. Is it a rule that only those with tickets to the latest festival are allowed to be on here? Perhaps you should warn those in the resale thread that they need to try a little bit harder because if they’re unsuccessful they need to bugger off until October.
  5. “Just don’t be dicks to others” says the person who came into this thread unprovoked and called people dicks.
  6. It hasn’t been on for 3 years, nobody still goes to Glastonbury.
  7. Phase 3 ivermectin trials from Japan look promising. Shame the west stigmatised it’s use because of political bias. Could have saved some lives. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/japans-kowa-says-ivermectin-effective-against-omicron-phase-iii-trial-2022-01-31/
  8. Didn’t you once get so flustered that you wished I caught covid and got very ill from it? Maybe it’s you that’s got form.
  9. There’s a war on the horizon, no need to scare and control the masses with covid any more.
  10. I’m not quite why it’s so out there to believe that the Alpha wave could have gone exactly the same as the Omicron wave and didn’t need such a strict lockdown that lasted for far longer than it needed to. Obviously Deano is right, he’s been on the ball throughout the entire pandemic 😆😆
  11. I think the last few weeks have taught us that lockdowns did far less than people like to think they did. Whether that’s because they can’t admit to themselves that they wasted 2 years of their life, or that they want to think they were part of something that saved lives and they did their bit who knows, but the most transmissible variant we’ve had yet is disappearing as fast as it arrived with very very limited restrictions.
  12. Nah I’m not having that. They might have been braver than other governments but based on what we know now it’s obvious that the roadmap was far too slow. A 25% full Wembley for a European championship game in June just looks ludicrous now. There’s absolutely no reason Glastonbury couldn’t have gone ahead either.
  13. The fat lady isn’t just singing, she’s releasing her greatest hits album. The only covid threat to the NHS is staff isolating and the impending sacking of the unvaccinated. These policies need an urgent rethink.
  14. Yep currently on a fixed tariff until august for £61 a month, if I wanted to switch now to a 2 year fixed tariff that would go up to £140.
  15. Nonsense. People follow the crowd and the majority have had enough of masks. You might get the odd few that stick with them but it won’t be a common sight.
  16. Plan B gone by the end of the month and isolation and mass testing need to be gone by the end of April. Any further doses should be akin to the flu jab, free for over 50’s and the vulnerable. Everyone else has to pay and no discrimination between how many anyone has had. Let’s end this horrible chapter and hope others follow suit.
  17. When did it ever look like it didn’t come from the wuhan lab?
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/11/covid-loses-90-of-ability-to-infect-within-five-minutes-in-air-study Fake SAGE in the mud again
  19. Isn’t it so that there’s no overlap of symptoms that could be attributed as a vaccine side effect?
  20. It’s a bit optimistic to think people are waiting for the 28 days. If you’d had 2 doses and then had covid and it was just a cold, on what planet would you be eager for more doses? I would say most are waiting to see if/when a booster is needed for their freedoms.
  21. You’re missing the point again. Prolonging the pandemic but not significantly changing the outcome is completely counter productive. In particular the decision to close schools and limit young peoples social life made virtually zero difference to hospital rates and deaths but delayed their exposure to the virus and in fact probably it MORE dangerous for them to mix with the elderly when restrictions were relaxed as they were more likely to be infected as they had no immunity.
  22. It only makes sense to prolong the pandemic is you are drastically changing the outcome of it.
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