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  1. Kendrick,macca and confidence man were standouts for me will never watch sets like them again! Massive shout outs to Gabriel’s, GO A, haim and steam down
  2. Macca kendrick confidence man shout out to Gabriel’s, girl in red and wet leg
  3. Been told by barman at strummerville that greentea penh is tba at strummerville at 12
  4. At a guess Florence and the machine disclosure royal blood
  5. More acts announced monday apparently, any guesses?
  6. Really happy with that line up, subs are very strong imo
  7. Think Sam fender is a shout and wouldn’t be that surprised if wolf Alice returned as they’re releasing a new album
  8. Next Thursday the line up
  9. Got a feeling they’ll announce when they’re going to announce it tonight or tomorrow instead of an actual line up
  10. Other festivals like R&L have repeated headliners from 2019, so wouldn’t rule out 1 repeating especially as wolf Alice have a new album coming out
  11. Can’t seem blossoms headlining, they’re taking quite low slots at other festivals
  12. Thinking the likes of Sam fender and rag and bone man would be likely for a strong sub, like the shout of glass animals as well,
  13. Catfish dua lipa travis scott bring me the horizon storms tame impala
  14. OllieR

    2020 New Music

    Really enjoyed the vistas debut album released yesterday, proper summer vibes!
  15. Would personally love arcade fire but I can’t see it happening. But I don’t think anyone predicted the national last year
  16. Believe two door cinema club are in Spain on the 1st of August, potential sub for sziget?
  17. The weekend? Travis Scott? Lorde? Killers?
  18. My guess dua lipa, foals and Bon iver
  19. Think the likes of the xx, dua lipa and potentially even biffy clyro could headline in the next few years. New acts who I like who could potentially headline in the future could be Fontaine’s dc and seagirls
  20. What acts do we think are playing the John peel stage next year? A few I reckon in for a shout are Bombay bicycle club, sea girls, mahalia, bears den and friendly fires?
  21. My random guesses are; friendly fires crystal fighters the streets Vaccines Becky hill London grammar
  22. Who do people think will headline the a38 stage?
  23. Personally like the look of most of that but think there’s not enough big name pop acts.
  24. Foals, daft punk, chemical brothers and Taylor swift seem most likely out of these
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