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  1. I was asked to show ID for my 5'8" 11 year old daughter. They were happy with photocopy of her passport as advised on the Glastonbury website.
  2. Manchester is bad enough but the Lake District really isn't the most obvious place for an outdoor festival ⛈
  3. It's because they all laughed as though in on a joke when the drummer said 'I think we're busy' - combined with their comment about their one remaining wish of headlining Glastonbury 'not being something impossible' my money is on a secret set this year and headline Pyramid in 2021.
  4. Perhaps I have some Belgian in me* but I would be very happy having Editors as an option on Friday night. Seeing them at Manchester Apollo at end of February as part of a greatest hits tour and for my money that means lots of bangers. *beer/chocolate/French fries
  5. Correct re getting ticket on bus. Some drivers give out at the start point when first getting on board and some at the first stop. Couldn't find any published timetable last year. Only Bristol and London are purchased with a specified time. Manchester times last year were between 6am and 12pm. We wrote to See Tickets customer service requesting early departure. They gave a standard response just saying when we would find out but we did get put on the 6am. No idea if my email made a difference or just coincidence.
  6. I'd recommend you still empty it at least once a week or it could get a bit minging
  7. Just been onto the National Express site again on both phone and PC. It let's me click single or return but if I click single from Bristol it's still asking for a return date and not letting me click Book Now unless I change it to a return and select a return date. Edit: I've just found that it will let you book a single if you click this link: https://www.nationalexpress.com/coach/glastonbury/index.html But not if you click this one which comes up first on Google: https://www.nationalexpress.com/en/events/glastonbury
  8. From looking at the festival website there was a direct shuttle from the festival site to Temple Meads on the Sunday and Monday for £15 per person one way. On the way to the festival it looks like there wasn't a direct shuttle from Temple Meads but you could get one via Wells or Glastonbury town. I'm pretty sure that National Express wouldn't let us book a single from Bristol Coach Station to the festival (which would have been ideal for us and allowed us to get the shuttle direct to Temple Meads on the Monday). https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/getting-here/by-bus/
  9. We are travelling down from Manchester to Bristol by train on Wednesday evening. National Express from Bristol Bus and Coach Station to Gate A are listed as 1h 15m on Thursday morning and 1h 45m return on Monday morning due to extra traffic. It's about a mile from Temple Meads to the coach station so probably a taxi. May be other bus options but it works ok for us stopping in Premier Inn by coach station on Wednesday. National Express cost £100 return for me and two kids.
  10. Me and my son @Miyn (who has just forked out his own pocket money for the second gold membership in our house) still good to help out you and @Charm in the resale, and any others if you guys get sorted🤞
  11. You'll have a ball I'm sure. One or two compromises of course but everyone had a great time and got to see most of what they wanted to see. We even managed a trip around the naughty corner on Friday night before catching the end of Jon Hopkins. One thing that helped was a couple next to us at the Foals set giving my daughter a couple of plastic pint glasses to turn upside down and use as stilts for a better view. She made good use of them for the rest of the weekend especially when stood with our backs against a barrier or sound desk (which was also good for sitting down between bands).
  12. Finally making it to Glastonbury after years of watching on TV and finding myself watching the end of Basil Brush whilst hearing Kylie on the Pyramid was one of the more surreal moments of my life.
  13. They are both shit. But Foals and The 1975...
  14. Think there was a reference to foot recycling that should be food recycling, although my feet did feel like they needed recycling after five days 😉
  15. Think this is Mendip Moments, which I wanted to try out but didn't find. Does anyone know where this was located within The Park?
  16. Jumping Bean Burritos is great, it's to the left of the Other Stage as you look at the stage. It's not too far from Dosa Deli (South Indian Street Food) which was a winner for us as well, as was Paellaria in William's Green. Tibetan Kitchen also got rave reviews. We didn't try it at the farm but have since had a take away from their place in Chorlton (Manchester) off the back of the recommendations and it was great.
  17. Has Brandon Flowers hacked your account?
  18. Not me. I just perceived that she has a bigger profile in the UK than HAIM, hadn't realised they were headlining Latitude, I'm a bit surprised by that TBH.
  19. Rita Ora has 4x the monthly listeners on Spotify. HAIM are an act that I suspect are seen as having a bigger profile on this forum than by the average festival goer.
  20. Yes but unfortunately while plenty of people wanted fudge there isn't a clear majority for any one kind of fudge ?
  21. Bono is a rogue and a dotard. I'm happy to say that the album Push the Button by The Chemical Brothers is much more to my liking.
  22. The button on the left of each thread that takes you to your next unread post Paellaria, Dosa Deli and Jumping Bean Burritos Sea Girls and Slow Readers Club Plainsong by The Cure
  23. To be fair Elvis played Williams Green on the Thursday this year, he wasn't too shabby and his set had a much more modern feel than the last time I'd seen him
  24. Come on, there's no way The Cure are playing twice on the bounce.
  25. I'm pretty sure it's 24th June 2020. If you turn up at 7am on 26th you might find the camping fields a little busier than you expect ?
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