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  1. I've never volunteered at the festival but the Recycling Crew are trying to recruit 300 Co-op staff to fill what look to me rubbish shifts that I assume a lot of people would want to avoid. Three shifts Friday to Sunday, working 6pm to midnight. https://colleaguestories.coop.co.uk/2022/03/28/we-need-300-volunteers-for-the-glastonbury-recycling-crew/
  2. Strange answer and it wasn't listed on their menu but Anna Mae's Mac n Cheese in Williams Green did a full suit of armour for £19.95 which I thought was very reasonable 😉
  3. They were between Leftfield/EE and West Holts in 2019 IIRC.
  4. Dosa Deli will be at Williams Green. Awesome dosas and onion bhajis. Last time they also had a stall on way between Pyramid and Other on Silver Heyes side.
  5. Thanks. So am I right in thinking that each year they have an event page for the Wednesday coach sale, one for the Thursday coach sale and one for the general admission sale? And if you know what the event pages were for each of these in the October sales you can bypass the DNS when it comes to each of the two resales because they reuse them? But you would be hard pressed to guess what the event pages will be in advance when it comes to the October sales?
  6. For future reference are you able to confirm which link worked before 9.00am?
  7. That's where the coach dropped us back on the Monday in 2019?
  8. Yes they might have to move it. Not sure whether coach/bus bays are still in operation there.
  9. In 2019 it was near Victoria Station on Corporation Street. We got a coach at 6.30am Thursday and ended up on site around 12.00pm but there were coaches leaving as late as 12.00pm or 1.00pm if I recall.
  10. Congratulations. And top effort helping so many others with the spreadsheet. Efestivals at its best.
  11. 2019 one has pride of place on @Miyn's bedroom wall.
  12. No I'll be going to the farm and Latitude as a punter but not working at any. I don't think my manager would be that keen and he would rather have me doing my day job. So I'm saving up the request for a time I really need it i.e. if I miss out on tickets for Glasto.
  13. Yes I work at Co-op and we're confirmed for the following festivals this year. The dates below cover when colleagues will be on site including training days. Download Festival – 6 – 13 June Isle of Wight Festival – 14 – 20 June Glastonbury Festival – 21 – 27 June Latitude Festival – 19 - 25 July Belladrum Festival* – 27 – 31 July Kendal Calling Festival* – 27 – 1 August Reading Festival - 22 - 29 August Leeds Festival - 22 - 29 August Creamfields Festival - 23 - 29 August We don’t sell alcohol at our stores at Glastonbury, Belladrum and Creamfields. https://colleagues.coop.co.uk/co-op-festivals
  14. Bought three £80 tickets, eight rows into section 205 in the centre of the Kop. The row in front of this photo but a bit more central. Nine rows further forward would have been £130 each. Thought they looked better than some of the more expensive tickets but I've never been to Anfield, so really pleased to hear this!
  15. My understanding is that the festival will never publicly state it - but over the years I've seen various posts saying that if you have a coach ticket and don't catch the coach your festival ticket will be held for you at the ticket office at Pedestrian Gate A.
  16. Not Nepalese but Tibetan Kitchen from Chorlton in were there in 2019 walking from the right hand side of the Pyramid to the Other. The food is similar to Nepalese and they sell momos, which are my Nepalese friend's favourite food.
  17. Lewis; FATM; Foals or Sam Fender
  18. Newdad new dates in March/April go on sale Friday. https://www.newdad.live/ https://twitter.com/NewDad/status/1452941491312209922?s=20
  19. Vlure touring in November. Excellent at Latitude. Booked tickets for the Deaf Institute.
  20. I'm with you. Your info on Billie was spot on when many doubted it. My take is that if Elton is playing BST on Friday and has a hold for BST on Saturday, then he isn't playing Glasto Saturday and he isn't playing Glasto Sunday, given he is only playing consecutive nights when staying at the same venue. I thought he was nailed on for Glasto based on dates and locations but assuming your info comes from a similar source I think he's out the running.
  21. The lesson from Billie at the O2 is surely that we ignore Suprefan's info, however the hell he gets it, at our peril.
  22. If I recall correctly a main might typically cost a pound or two more than your average Leeds trader, but what we had from various Street Feast stalls at Latitude was head and shoulders above what we'd eaten at Leeds previously.
  23. Think it might be this guy. The glasses look right but not sure about the hair.
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