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  1. At Kiwanuka last night as well. Loved watching seven talented performers all on top form.
  2. They do have DJs but they are Co-op staff who've won a competition by putting together a mixtape. So their day job could be working on a checkout, in a warehouse or as a funeral director!
  3. We got standing tickets for Manchester in the venue presale. Does anyone know if they sold early entry tickets for Manchester in the main sale? Might impact what time we get there as to how near the front we'd be able to get.
  4. Sorry it was a short term offer from Tesco a couple of months ago that has now finished. I bought a few cards valid for 12 months to use as and when.
  5. Not sure if the link will work for you but venue presale for Manchester still has standing tickets available. Cost £162.50 for two but paid with Ticketmaster gift cards that I bought at a 15% discount after someone posted a deal on here, which makes it more reasonable. http://tracking.activitystream.com/f/a/U8_vn__0S21jB7MSYQ0MMA~~/AAAwKAA~/RgRkXpwbP0REaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cudGlja2V0bWFzdGVyLmNvLnVrL2V2ZW50LzFGMDA1Qzk0OEQyRDEyMDU_ZGlkPXVrdG12ZW5wczFXBXNwY2V1QgpiaR0XfGKGxWoVUhdyb2JtdXJwaHkxOTc0QGdtYWlsLmNvbVgEAAAARQ~~
  6. Paelleria? If so they are usually in Williams Green.
  7. If it's dry and sunny, shade of the Circus tent.
  8. Crumbleshack and Mendip Moments are both high up my list for this year after lots of recommendations. In 2019 my daughter pestered me for waffles and ice cream just as you start walking from the RHS of the Pyramid (looking at the stage) to Other. The place that says WAFFLES in light bulbs. It exceeded my expectations, great post-headliner.
  9. Lovely. Perhaps you could douche as well using some of your milk stash? Then you'll be all ready for the festival.
  10. Children's World Cafe in the Cabaret field does typical child friendly staples such as sausage or fish fingers and chips, beans on toast. Can't remember how extensive the menu is beyond that sort of thing.
  11. I presume this is in place of a Lenor bottle for when you're extra hydrated? Do they sell one with a larger opening?
  12. Yes we're driving over from Manchester. Especially looking forward to Squid but lots besides including She Drew the Gun, Sinead O'Brien, English Teacher and Honeyglaze. Like Newdad and Goat Girl as well but recently seen Newdad and will be seeing Goat Girl in a couple of months. Will stay on for Confidence Man if we're still going strong. Alas I'm on driving duty so won't be able to partake much in the beer festival.
  13. An 'up and coming' artist heavily championed by a former poster with an unhealthy interest in potato-based snacks.
  14. I wrote to them as follows a couple of weeks ago: We have decided to travel by coach so would like to get a refund for our car park ticket only. We still need our festival tickets. The parking refund has been processed fine. Can still see the festival tickets. No dramas.
  15. 2019 Glasto was my first festival for about 15 years and my first taking my then 14 year old son and 11 year old daughter. As we built up to the festival and Dylan gorged himself on Efestivals, Barbster 360 videos and Glastocast podcasts I worried that the festival couldn't possibly live up to expectations. I needn't have worried. The only problems were the subsequent stress of the next ticket day; and other festivals we've been to since not being able to reach the same dizzy heights.
  16. Thanks. I used this last festival. At the moment though all I can see on Android is this - can't get past this page.
  17. Yes you might be able to tell that the Food is quite a big focus for me. I have a laminate now with about twenty or so of the places I liked or most want to try marked on. Although if you can read my writing on all of these you should win a prize.
  18. Weighing up whether to take our 6 man tent or buy a second 3 man tent. Booked on a coach from Bristol due to arrive at 7.15am Wednesday. By all accounts we should be fairly quick getting in once the coach arrives and gates open due to bypassing the non-coach queue at Gate A. But then quite a long walk across the site to Big Ground. Anyone know what sort of time we would need to reach Big Ground and be pitching in order to be confident of there being enough space for a large tent?
  19. Cheese Truck confirmed via email. Hoping to camp in Big Ground so will have to try these out for the first time after hearing rave reviews.
  20. Good list of confirmed traders here: https://thefestivals.uk/glastonbury-food/
  21. No Tibetan Kitchen though this year, confirmed by email. Will have to do without momos.
  22. No surprise but Anna Mae's Mac N Cheese will be back in their usual spots. Time for me to roll out my joke that Annie Mac's Mayan Cheese will hopefully be there too. We’ll be in our usual spots - in Alfred market between the bandstand and the Pyramid stage, and up in the acoustic field. Theres always less queues up in the acoustic field (little known but great acts up there!) so we try and point people in that direction.
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