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  1. Did anyone Uber to the fest yesterday. If so, how close does it get you to the entrance?
  2. I think mine was just automatically cheaper when I logged in to my festicket account to buy the welcome party ticket
  3. That's for the welcome party on Wednesday night with Rosalia and others.
  4. For anyone who went last year, how was cell service on the grounds?
  5. Are there still a lot of you that dont have your wristbands? We have not yet received ours and have not received the email from the courier saying it was delivered yet and we leave on Saturday. They have been responding to my emails but just to say they were still working on deliveries and that if we dont receive it in time we can pick it up at the festival.
  6. Mad Cool posted the final lineup poster and I dont see any additions other than the talent contest winners
  7. I've seen June 19 mentioned by others as the date that the winners will be announced, so guessing the earliest we would get the set times would be Wednesday.
  8. When the last announcements were made it seemed like yes there would be another act or two but with how long has passed without further word, I think many have given up hope theres more.
  9. Was there an offer code or anything like that with it? May know someone who still needs a ticket
  10. #4 for me is Dancing on my own by Robyn, not because of the song itself but because of what I assume the reception from the fans will be like.
  11. 1. A lot I'm looking forward to but I'd say the National and Bon Iver are the top and what originally got me to consider Mad Cool. 2. This is an odd one for me because this is the first festival I've been to that I've never seen any of the acts. Only exception is for the Pre Party since I have seen Griz before once. 3. My wife and I are traveling from Canada.
  12. I'm thinking it could very well be one yes.
  13. Foals plays in New Zealand the Friday and Saturday. Would it be doable to go from Madrid Thursday to playing New Zealand on Friday?
  14. They have said that there is a surprise or two to be added to the lineup (plus the winners of their battle of the bands competitions)
  15. Is there any chance they use the promotional event today in London to announce their remaining surprise(s). We are less than 8 weeks out from the opening of the festival, youd think they would have finalized the lineup by now
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