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  1. honestly, although I understand why it feels like a missing headliner on Thursday this is a very strong day so I prefer a good name for Friday. hope for Robert Plant who also can be headliner and maybe Elbow and Skunk Anansie that still have gap in tour those days and no date in Spain.
  2. Hi, I've been there last year and come back this year and as this time I'll only be there for 4 days and saw most of the things I wanted in Madrid I thought maybe staying in a room close to metro station of line 8 the only one which work late and also easier to get from to the airport and found a place near Nuevos Ministerios which is the final stop of line 8 because it was quite bad last year with the buses and from there taxi or catch taxi from the venue but since I didn't use the metro on my way back I would like to know if someone did and can tell how was it? what was the schedule at night? and was it easy to enter or very crowded? did you hear anything about improvement this year? tnx
  3. also thinking about this concert Amadou & Mariam are good, been there last year for David Byrne concert, it's nice and not that big place but would recommend if you go to the standing area to come early, I was thinking it's small so I won't have any problem to get good spot so I came from a afternoon at the Retiro park and of course buy some food and drink there and when I got the stage area few minutes before the concert start it was very crowded and i couldn't see nothing from the stage although I'm not short so I needed to go to the sides and stand on some things, but I would say it fells a bit like overbooking which I'm not sure is happening every concert there and David Byrne might be more popular. as for the seating area I wasn't there but it seems you have a good view from any place but although there were screens strangely they didn't work during the show.. maybe if I'll come I'll try it this time
  4. under info https://madcoolfestival.es/info.php#horarios
  5. we need to see the set in lollapalooza since few years ago I saw they did around 28 songs in festivals and around 35 in their own shows. that still a lot of songs and some of them are really good but I do hope they'll play state of love & trust, Jeremy, elderly woman and rearviewmirror
  6. I am! got a standing ticket and for now seems like I'm going by myself
  7. in case mad cool isn't enough for you.. while searching of other concerts in Madrid around the festival dates I saw it on a Spanish forum, kind of a festival called "Noches del Botanico" with just one concert in a day for more than a month. I already got ticket for David Byrne concert on 10.7. I don't really know the other acts around mad cool dates. seems like a nice and small place for concerts and pretty cheap, the only problem is that the first world cup semi final is on that day.. anyone else interested? or been there? https://www.nochesdelbotanico.com/
  8. sad about Tool, very happy about ATDI and mostly AIC! hope they won't clash, although I also hope to catch The White Buffalo somehow
  9. what is "Bar Tool" and their connection to the festival? I'm not from Europe..
  10. Claudio Monteverdi - Madrigali Amorosi (Cantus Cölln feat. conductor: Konrad Junghänel) https://t.co/pF253psHvO #mp3 #FullAlbum #320kbps #np

  11. הנשמות הטהורות - הנשמות הטהורות https://t.co/q0S0U2ZxZTהנשמות+הטהורות/הנשמות+הטהורות/ #mp3

  12. RT @KZRnet: חדשות מרעישות! מעכשיו יש לנו נגן של 24/7. עכשיו תוכלו תמיד לשמוע אותנו ככה ישר לווריד בכל שעה של היום והלילה. /FxPJE…

  13. I just backed O'Keefe Music Foundation Album on @Kickstarter /xVcjtfakau

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