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  1. was just about to post it, still think she can play Werchter on 4/7, that we will be amazing but maybe too much to hope for
  2. any chance for Infectious Grooves/Suicidal Tendencies? playing on hellfest but for now not on graspop or anywhere in Belgium.. what about Supergrass and Paul Weller?
  3. of course you can with the bracelet you get, haven't check this year but last year on the ring there was an option to choose tickets without camping that also cost around 50 Euro less I think but in the park where I was there wasn't that option
  4. that's much better, glad they won't clash with Seasick Steve, Saturday still looks really bad so hope for more good addition for the first and last day
  5. some new names for Mad Cool , would like to get Placebo and City & Color in Nos. saw The Struts and Goodbye June last summer and they were pretty good
  6. also seeing "tickets not available" or only 1 ticket available on 4 days tickets when choosing English but still available on all other languages, guess it's a bug don't think it's about to sell out with the current lineup. can anyone tell how is the public transport during the festival? is there a way to get back to the centeral area after concerts ends late at night/very early morning? and are Da Weasel headliner of their day?
  7. yes you right, too many festivals in The Netherlands 😄
  8. In Music and Best Kept Secret too, possible not sure if for headline spot
  9. very good name as well I'm ok with that he's an Headpiner, still wish for FNM and hope we won't wait that long
  10. me too, wonder if next one will be another single band or more, how many acts usually announced until end of the year? finger cross for FNM, Supergrass and Seasick Steve.. what about Beck that now announced for Down the Rabbit Hole also too much to hope for?
  11. good addition. what do you think are the chances for Supergrass which playing on 9.7 at BBK?
  12. I never been there but aren't Nick Cave, QOTSA or The Cure also expensive acts?
  13. I'll take that! do you think there will be more name(s) before end of the year? any chance for Guns N' Roses? gap on tour dates from 21 to 27 in June.. beside Faith No More and Supergrass which really important for me I hope for Paul Weller, Seasick Steve and London Grammar
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