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  1. Yeah cool band, I dont think its the worse thing in the world that theyre on early, like you say, nice to watch in the sun. I will definately be getting there early to see them!
  2. When radiohead were playing i met Kevin Parker in the crowd last time! I got slightly over excited and kissed his beard
  3. Yeah I dont think there was too much substance to most of the rumours, I think weve just been hopeful the whole way through that they would pull somebody bigger out the bag. (I like VW, but not headlining)
  4. When were we told there would be another headliner??
  5. Seeing VW, GVF and Gossip on the top line of the 12th hurts
  6. Nos website seems to be down, anyone else experiencing this?
  7. What is the LX Factory? Is it worth a visit?
  8. I think from previous years, the timetable is usually released about 2 weeks prior to the festival. Would very much expect them to complete the lineup very soon though! From memory acts generally start at about 5pm, obviously the bigger names on later. The final acts of the evening finish early in to the morning, so never actually needed to go into lisbon afterwards! There always seems to be something going on at the campsite afterwards, but by this time its usally like 4am. (Someone feel free to correct me if any of this is wrong)
  9. Yeah man! These guys will be nice
  10. Is this a decent announcement? Ive heard of Janes Addiction, but never listened to his solo stuff. Thoughts?
  11. There will be more announcements of course, but another headliner now....I doubt it
  12. Sam_2316

    The Strokes 2019?

    What has Grimshaw said then?
  13. Any idea what we can still expect to come? Im assuming were just accepting VW as a headliner now?
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