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  1. If youre staying at Lisboa camping there are regular shuttle buses to and from the festival
  2. You know! Neil Young would be lovely
  3. Im pretty sure ive been sat watching you pluck names out of thin air for the last 4 months... What other option do we have but guessing hahah
  4. Ohh fair enough, thats a shame! Put a swift end to that then hahah
  5. I think we could potentially expect to see a return of Father John Misty again this year, has a nice big gap in July and just a few European dates booked early August. Not the headliner were all waiting for but could be a nice edition?
  6. Unfortunately he's on holiday, with the rest of the NOS Alive team
  7. Correct me if im wrong, but previous editions of this festivals lineup have basically been complete by this point, let alone the headline acts. As many have already mentioned, if they have a big headliner up their sleeve it seems bizarre to not announce, when people are booking tickets to other fesitvals based on the lineup. However, if nothing is yet to be confirmed on the inside, then we should be worried, because there arent loads of great acts left to choose from!
  8. Hopefully it just means we aren't getting Florence...
  9. Dont worry mate, ive got inside knowledge, the announcement is tomorrow...set to be big...
  10. The War On Drugs would be so nice at this festival!
  11. Yeah this seems to be getting ridiculous now haha either something big up their sleeves or a massive disappointment. Still, nice place, nice festival im sure we'll still enjoy ourselves despite the lineup being mediocre compared to previous editions.
  12. I would take Foals to be fair with what we've got so far
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