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  1. At this point covid will be dragging on deep into 2025… we are living with it. Shouldn't have any impact on a summer mainly outdoor event. I can see a mask mandate being brought in at the worst times (december to february, and indeed it should never have been dropped) but its extremely unlikely that the tories will go for any level of restriction on peoples freedoms to do certain activities (i.e the thing that puts festivals at risk) now anyone can have a vaccine. They love a fully functioning economy and will prioritise that over peoples health.
  2. I cannot believe there is even debate in this thread. It will definitely be going ahead, apart from if a freak weather event ruins the site in the week before gates. The live music industry is basically back to its pre pandemic state. Green man and end of the road essentially went ahead as normal other than the need to prove a negative test or full vaccination on entry which is very little burden on customers or organisers. People are able to travel overseas with almost no restrictions now. massive events are going ahead fully indoors. Its happening. The govt and society in general have jointly come to the conclusion that life goes on. perhaps most importantly glastonbury needs to happen financially in 2022 or they’ll be in a heck of a pickle.
  3. damn didnt realise about asahi pint bar! we went in plant room and waited 45 mins for pizza & stopped waiting after that & left pizza less. If theyre gonna do these long events with very early entry times they need to sort better food provision
  4. Whp dont have an official resale site as far as im aware. You would be best to use ticketswap app / website but if event isnt sold out and you have spares you will likely take a fair loss on your ticket to sell it. Conversely if youre looking to buy for one that isnt sold out you may get a bargain. I went to WHP on saturday, not one of my best ones honestly. Concourse room was where all the big hitter DJs were and it is the best room but the depot (main mega huge room) didnt have a strong enough lineup to coax people away from concourse so it was absolutely rammed from the moment we arrived & all night. Not the recipe for a great time. 90 min sets i find too short and you dont end up seeing much of each artist and the likes of floating points were playing way too hard for my liking. Went off to see greg wilson in star & garter upstairs room and had the more intimate & spacious vibe i was looking for. The kids probably loved concourse but wasnt doing it for me that night - too hectic. missed mr scruff too as clash with greg. Whole thing left me a bit miffed tbh. Im going to stick with smaller stuff from now on aside from homobloc. Lesson learned.
  5. I suppose that type of description is outdated these days, anything thats not large and corporate and attracts mainly wealthy lefty types and families is what i mean, but thats most festivals these days! I would certainly consider a return with the right lineup and another year to sort the food & bogs which you can excuse given the last minute nature of getting it all together! The ones in the corner by babbling tongues were always massively qued for women they needed twice as many there. my main comparison for a festival of its size that ive been to is bluedot but that never sells out basically so makes food bars and toilets seamless. If it was sold out it may not be as great. But its all different this year.
  6. I dont think the masses of chair & blanket type punters helps with moving around, i agree it was easy to get to get a good view of stages especially if you arrived in good time.
  7. Was my first green man, was overall impressed! Some of the queues for food, drinks & toilets were more than i was expecting for a festival of this size but it didnt ruin it. It felt very busy most of the time, felt like they’d crammed in the punters at times but i havent a previous green man to compare it to. i thought the food overall was shocking for a “boutique” festival. Ques were long, prices really expensive and quality really lacking on almost everything i had. Probably because i wasnt prepared to que very long! Shout out to oasis mezze near babbling tongues as the only non poor food i had. Jerk chicken (tasteless rice) & gyozas (rubbery and over spiced) were both a joke. musical highlights were thankfully many! Panic shack, showhawk duo, caribou, charlotte church, lump, lazarus kane (should have been on a bigger stage) self esteem, home counties, working mens club and yard act were my faves i can immediately recall. The talks & comedy were an excellent change of pace. Pete brown, Olga koch and chilly gonzales were highlights. Late night dancing in walled garden was brilliant friday and sat with heavenly jukebox and dutty disco. Cider bar in walled garden amazing! overall very good and if food provision and ques were a bit better it would be almost perfect
  8. Enjoy everyone! Lets hope its nae too soggy 🤞
  9. How much are they please, the programmes
  10. A power bank is a Festival essential these days best £20 you will spend. Grab an Anker brand portable charger on amazon & never look back. I always laugh at the hundreds of ppl queing to charge their phone with EE at glasto. I bet they will want a fiver to charge your phone, pays for itself
  11. Obviously different festival but bluedot was cashless for basically everything 2 years ago. Contactless tech is everywhere now & im hoping not to use any cash but you’ve reminded me to take some just in case. To be fair mobile signal would be dreadful in a national park i expect which may limit ipads with izettle for the food unless they have a good wifi network onsite for traders
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2651986 if you gave me that now id snap your hand off very little rain, pleasantly warm in the day but not too hot and no sunburn, cool at night but expected given location and time of year but not hideously cold
  13. If its dry during the build & in the lead up thats always a good start
  14. The camping for this year was announced fairly late when a lot of people had probably already decided on their holidays and lets face it, its a lot of money for glamping with no associated entertainment in particular. I ruled it out instantly on being poor value for money. It looks good but too rich for my blood when you can get an airbnb for the same money
  15. The inevitable happened, sad times but beyond organisers control hope all who still go enjoy it but its a refund for me
  16. I would say its certainly going ahead. Whether some US artists are going to be last minute casualties is up for discussion. im going to green man festival and thundercat has just been announced who must be coming from america so you would think they’d got the logistics worked out before announcing
  17. Plus dont forget an entire comedy bill to add!
  18. Just found someone new id not heard of via the official playlist that i’d recommend: Home Counties
  19. Yes agreed with the above, lots to sort before we get yes or no but would expect monday or tuesday next week as thats a month before
  20. Wife reaches 8 weeks exactly today. Text through, no jab available until 31 july 🙄 walk in centre tomorrow it is
  21. I have to say I am now quietly confident….
  22. So is tomorrow basically the day we find out if its on or off? welsh govt announcement wednesday on what, if any, restrictions are being relaxed and from what date. I suppose the only threat is that things change again before gates open but you would like to think that risk is pretty small and enough to proceed on
  23. Wow thats horrendous. She should consider leaving!
  24. You cant expect people to follow isolation after they have subsequently tested negative Its non binding in any meaningful way and a lot of people will be simply unwilling to change their plans particularly if the plans are for their own enjoyment particularly if the ping itself is questionable at best (ie its from another table outdoors) the problem is its completely voluntary (not legally binding) and you can actively choose not to have the app or have it but with contact tracing off. if im informed of someone id been around that genuinely had it then i would isolate but on a whim from a stranger on a maybe from an app that doesnt even narrow down when your exposure was meant to have been…. Its a no from me. Esp as a fully vaccinated plus 3 weeks individual.
  25. May isnt good enough for me personally either i have it and will isolate or i dont and i wont If i had no plans it wouldnt bother me to wfh and stay in but i wouldnt cancel something i wanted to do if i’d tested negative some may say selfish, thats their opinion
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