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  1. Why are they not jabbing 14-17 its the biggest open goal. Get on with it.
  2. Exactly. It seems entirely random. I was out with my partner, i got the ping and she didnt. We were outdoors at a street food thing with distanced tables. you arent supposed to test your way out but I chose to as a proportionate response if i came into close contact with someone i know who had it and there was a reasonable chance of me having had it i would isolate and do loads of tests. Personal responsibility….
  3. Not really. Ive been double pfizered, told to isolate when i had no chance of having caught it, did 2 negative lateral flows and then decided i wasnt going to be held to the whims of a system that isnt accurate or designed for a vaccinated public.
  4. You can keep the app but turn off contact tracing. And you can delete every check in you do 5 mins after doing it if you like best of both worlds, ease of check in and no pings.
  5. One look at twitter yesterday particularly a lot of the big centrist accounts with high reactions confirms this. People need to get real and understand its far too late for zero / low covid
  6. So if on the lower end, a standard winter flu seasons worth. Justifiable? Quite possible. Given a lot of them will be 80+ Etc. Not nice but we need to re-reconcile with ourselves that yes people do die and if it wasnt for this it would be something else shortly. is it possible that we still have a less bad flu season too as surely theres not a massive amount of that going round due to loads still WFH mask wearing and taking precautions? Just theorising.
  7. Im impressed they feel they can wait till a month before, others have been 6 weeks cross everything! completely agree that welsh govt will (reluctantly) have to move to be in line with english. Drastic variations in what is allowed between the 2 countries is unsustainable for reasons too many to list.
  8. i think i’m forgetting latitude is westminster govt and green man would be dealing with welsh govt. my bad! Same guarantees latitude have got obviously were not given by welsh govt
  9. Why on earth would they have declined to be a test event?! The explanation makes no sense since being a test event is, in fact, the ONLY way to guarantee to go ahead, is it not?
  10. Agreed. trying to find something someone posted on here about any mutation that was enough to avoid the vaccines completely would also render the virus unharmful to humans but cant find it. the number of people on twitter that seem to think a vaccine resistant strain is inevitable is alarming.
  11. Question… is insurance not still an issue? Insuring against a re-imposition of restrictions? Its not likely but you’d want to be insured for it
  12. Agreed! Hopefully im wrong about this but i think the sand timer is about to run out. Crunch time!
  13. It wont run unless its restriction free so that point is probably moot. you may think the lineup isnt as good as usual (if we ever get one) i would imagine they would offer a roll over for those not comfortable being in crowds still I believe they will cancel this week anyway so it wont matter
  14. students might be getting jabbed in their parents locale (where they could still be registered with a GP) but counting towards population in traditional student areas of cities bear in mind students 18-21 are last on the list age wise and theres still circa 5% of 1st doses to go if you assume we will end up at 90% (10% vaccine sceptics) they really need to hurry along these 2nd doses in the 3 weeks we have till restrictions go. They all count! wife mid 30s has just passed 6 weeks since her 1st pfizer and i’d like her 2nd done sooner rather than later so we can just essentially forget about covid as a household (i’ve had my 2 for a while and contact tracing is off on our apps)
  15. Even more of an excuse not to let masses of not fully vaccinated english youth in to put their cases up. of course it should go ahead. We cant keep living like this. But drakeford will beg to differ. Its off.
  16. Can’t really see how any other conclusion can be drawn other than GM is dead in the water for this year sadly even the 12 july announcement for 19 july is just over 5 weeks till they are supposed to open, and to add to that its not even in england so extra doubts / confusion i expect cancellation early next week. Desperately sad.
  17. EoTR can easily wait until 12 july when 19 july will be confirmed or otherwise. Assuming its all fine they can proceed. im not sure green man can wait till 12 july (5 and a half weeks before it opens) and to add to that its not in england so even more confusion as technically wales could do different (although in practice im not sure how they could as there is no meaningful border)
  18. Couldnt agree more with this, not my usual thing but it was stunning
  19. You can currently buy semi and final tickets on the uefa website if you’ve hundreds of £ burning a hole in your pocket
  20. Dont mean to be a contrarian, but thats not that bold! Its looking quite likely the winner of england germany makes the final. spain are not all that. Swiss had a good night but that will have knocked them for six. denmark and sweden do not have strong squads. italy vs germany or england
  21. Italy will have something to say about that Theirs to lose now if you ask me most complete cohesive side by miles. France were a load of individually talented players not playing as a cohesive whole. Italy are showing how its done
  22. It will be all seated for the oldies guess its now or never for him for the farm. Could go either way. Its the type of person the eavii would want to make happen if they could. If diana ross is the legend though how does it work as he aint headlining saturday legend?
  23. Whisper it but there is a plausible route to the final germany > sweden > netherlands each decent enough but equally not that daunting. Kind of like england themselves. winning the group has got us away from france, italy, belgium and was always the best course of action. Whoever wins that side of the draw likely wins the tournament
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