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  1. 100% as its been for the last few months Been predicting by summer domestically it will be like covid doesnt exist and thats essentially going to be the case from 24 March, rightly or wrongly!
  2. Theres literally no way one band ends and another starts immediately after with zero gap even with a rotating stage 😂 All sorts of health and safety and crowd related issues bands of that level demand a decent sound check or at least a line check as well which cant happen till theyre hooked up to the main PA. Every band’s first song or 2 of their already short set would sound abysmal. They are going to have to make it 5 stages at least and im guessing they’ve just made an error in the website or announcement
  3. The yougov stuff is really interesting. Thanks for posting. 63% like the bbc but only 19% think the licence fee is fair. I suppose you are always going to get plenty who like the content but fewer who believe they should have to pay for it…. (Or pay what it costs to keep it alive) perhaps the tories arent barking up the wrong tree after all and they do have a majority of the country with them. Just like brexit the public will not realise what they have got till its gone.
  4. I suppose it all depends how badly the public would defend the bbc and if some would be prepared to vote differently if they believed that strongly about it fairly easy win for labour - “vote for us to protect this great british institution” lets hope enough people are prepared to fight as otherwise if the tories win the next election they will scrap the licence fee. That is clear.
  5. I genuinely dont believe there is any majority in the UK for radical BBC reform that wont stop the rabid right wing nutjobs that currently make up the government from pursuing what is so clearly an ideologically based crusade its nothing more than “we dont like what you say so we want to censor you”. Its borderline fascism. elect a labour govt and all of this goes away immediately imo
  6. What a load of rubbish 100% ignore the scare stories
  7. Just copped tickets to a one off Squid gig next friday in manc (YES) guessing it will be a new material showcase with tickets only costing £11.50
  8. Ah entry to uk not festival my bad. I suppose all you can do is isolate for a week before you get on your flight! All the best to everyone travelling over for it!
  9. If youre vaccinated & can prove it i personally doubt you will need to test. If testing even for the vaccinated is brought in, it would likely be a festival decision as at no point have uk gov required testing for vaccinated & i personally doubt the festival will go over & above the minimum requirement given the burden of checking at the gates testing was not required for the vaccinated for summer 2021 festivals in UK. No reason to think it will in 2022 if you aint vaccinated then all bets are off but likely just a negative test
  10. Booking fee? And theyre about 10% so standard really. for the tier 4 3 day GA without any camping/accom or parking its an eye watering £435
  11. You think it looks crap then realise they get bridgers, carly rae, daphni and amyl on one day the sunday is awful though. look how low hot chip are! Yard act have squeezed on at the very bottom, they must have insanely good connections
  12. He has never once actually said sorry. “Offering apologies” is in my opinion not the same as “i am sorry” its more like, i apologise you feel we had a work gathering that looks a bit like a party Or im sorry we got caught / found out pathetic and he must go but of course he wont. In a way its probably better for us non tory supporters that he continues to trash the party in such a blatant way in a more macro way, i dont see how he can contest the next election as tory leader and he will surely be going either way by the end of the year to make way for a new leader pre the next election
  13. If he had just accepted and admitted it and apologised but not resigned it would almost be out of the news cycle by now. its bad they had the party but not just admitting & apologising for it has made it 20x worse. at the end of the day in comparison to what you can do today 30 people outside is hardly egregious (it was more so back then of course) but i think its the denial and bluster thats worse than the actions themselves
  14. My view with the Melvin appointment is that he is an old friend doing them a favour. It seems a belts & braces thing to ensure they can navigate any restrictions & get the event on in any circumstances. i would be shocked if anything of note visible to a standard punter (aside from covid entry process) changes whatsoever because of his appointment. I think theres so many aspects of what makes glastonbury, glastonbury that the eavii just wont compromise on.
  15. Memory Man

    Campsite Poll

    These are up there with tent & sleeping bag as most essential item to bring these days! I always laugh when i see a que of people at EE when you can buy one for £20 off amazon that will last you 5-10 years! Only a rank amateur would go to a festival without one these days 😂
  16. Its seated too so it wont be a large amount i wouldnt have thought. Low to mid hundreds max.
  17. £77 is an absolute joke but im sure due to supply & demand they will sell easily
  18. Memory Man

    Campsite Poll

    Fair! If you use monzo they let you select your own contactless limit so you could put it down to say £20. And yes find out how to freeze your card using your phone if it goes missing! I actually wonder (still) if the fest will have gone fully contactless due to its massive scale. There are bound to be places in far flung parts of the site & some bars where cash will still be easier
  19. Memory Man

    Campsite Poll

    Never knowingly had my tent visited / robbed going every year as a standard punter since 2007. Not saying it doesnt happen but you’d have to be desperately unlucky to have it happen to you. Its not at all rife. I have to say i love the advent of contactless meaning hopefully carrying more than a bit of petty cash is a thing of the past. I was never comfortable having over £100 cash on me at any time, which was of course completely normal up until very recently. Other than cash and a smartphone i wouldnt bring anything worth stealing. Good luck finding my car amongst the tens of thousands if you get the key. I have never bothered with the lockups myself but can see why people do.
  20. Memory Man

    Campsite Poll

    Another one for bushy, its certainly not the best for location but its spacious, calm and there is no time pressure to arrive early / overnight to camp there. Its also near gates A and D for arrival and departure. Its the easy option. i resent being pretty far from west holts and cabaret for example early doors, which is often where i like to kick off the day - but you just deal with it as really there isnt much if any easily obtainable general camping near those places. Just get walking and begin the day. Obviously its miles from the SE corner on a night too but again almost everywhere is. If you see something in silver hayes or john peel its not far to pop back to the tent if you need to. Other isnt that far either. We’re the type to cook our own breakfast on a camping stove so not having lots of breakfast options close by doesnt bother me.
  21. Its like the wave wont end, of course it will. Not wanting to make this a covid thread but think back to this past summer. There were no football crowds as late as May. But after “freedom day” you basically got your life back. They wont be waiting till july to make everything normal again. That will be done as soon as winter flu season is over. As soon as there is no clear threat to NHS bed capacity then everything will go back to how it was and a June festival should not even be remotely at risk.
  22. Its a given that a covid pass will be a condition of entry, negative test or proof of vaccination. Doesnt take more than 5 seconds to check it alongside a ticket. Ridiculous to think an almost fully outdoor festival in June 2022 wont be happening. Its full steam ahead. Jan & Feb will be crap but march onwards will get exponentially better. Winters will suck but summers are now “as you were” as far as im concerned domestically. International travel will still be a ball ache.
  23. 100% by the time the weather warms up the thought of any restrictions or covid related problems will be firmly set aside. If you could go to a festival last july / august you will be able to go to one in June.
  24. I feel like a lot of the time club operators are given the keys to old buildings / land by mega corporations / land owners specifically to kind of make an area look cool before they inevitably have to make way for the original purpose for which the land was acquired. Canal Mills in leeds is also a good example, its now being demolished and flats / houses built on it. the clubs are rarely meant to be there for the long haul just as a stop gap until finance and design are in place and to “kick off” the regeneration project, so to speak. Its all gentrification in the end.
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