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  1. Yeah this is what i found. Its def not 24hours unless they keep it open especially for prima
  2. Tram doesnt start till 5am either (like the metro) according to the online timetable. Or do they do 24 hours during primavera? I can probably stay out till 5 but not sure some of my group will!
  3. Thats not true at all. Thursday night into friday it closes at midnight and reopens at 5am friday night into saturday it closes at 2am and reopens at 5am saturday night into sunday it is 24 hours so you need to stay out till 5am to make the metro. If you want to leave at 3am you need to take a shuttle bus or walk if you are close enough. Taxi’s / ubers are massively over subscribed and cannot in my experience be relied upon one of the worst things about primavera is leaving the site. Our accom is 25 mins walk away and i suspect we will just bite the bullet and walk it even though we will be insanely tired. This is why all the accom close to the site is booked up / hugely expensive quite far in advance.
  4. John Cooper Clarke would be great. I generally see about 1 thing per festival on avalon as clashes take hold! McFly have confirmed themselves for the sunday so i reckon thats a big fat clash with Diana Ross. They’ll have to close the field anyway so an ideal time to have them on really as it it wont be as bad as it otherwise would have.
  5. The font on the poster was the giveaway plus it was 2019 artwork, i bet they’ll have that updated a little when they are ready
  6. My first thought was April fool but we’ll see! good to see the thread active again! came here to post about Luke Una self confirming but reassured to see ive been beaten to it! also feel like im “getting on a bit” now in my mid 30’s - i’ll be 35 when the festival comes around and am feeling also like the last 2-3 years have aged me more like 10! When push comes to shove we’ll power on and keep it going - it sure is an endurance test though!
  7. It may not, but im saying why would they bother to invest in this and spend a single penny even investigating it when what they already have works just fine? theres always going to be unscrupulous people out there trying to fake digital tickets and silly people willing to try using them
  8. Legitimately funny that 😂 if only it were possible
  9. Again they could go digital but why invest when what they have now works? You’d have to show ID at the gate if they went digital surely? Also digitising begins to open the door to fakes / fraud etc what they have isnt perfect but it really works its also only £14.30 a ticket if you only get your own sent to you. Im splitting ours 4 ways. £7.33 a ticket total fees. 2.6%. You literally cannot beat that in live music. Even at £14.30 its still 5.1% which is still half the standard booking fee of anywhere else
  10. Also on the SEE bashing front when it comes to ticketing, the booking fee is £5 per ticket and has been since 2007 or earlier, it has never gone up for inflation currently it is just a 1.8% booking fee (5 / 280) Now bear in mind every other music event in existence is at least a 10% booking fee. That could be £20+ easily. they are charging £9.30 for postage this year but if youre in a group just get as many as possible sent to one address to make a saving
  11. Agreed. Most importantly because they sell out in 30 mins annually. Why on earth would they be paying for a new system to keep unsuccessful people slightly less annoyed when the one they have does exactly what it needs to do already ie sell out in 30 mins or less. The same number of people still dont get to go.
  12. It wouldnt be that hard to do. Reserve a defined no of tickets for those on lower incomes at a reduced rate. Admittedly there would then need to be an application process to ensure that no one was taking the piss which is both time consuming to sort and a little bit condescending to ask someone to “prove” they are on a lower income. Has its pitfalls and you still have the issue of someone needing all the camping kit and spending money to get by over the 5 days.
  13. Agree with £5.50 to £6 depending on what you have and where from its not going to be £7 a pint yet, no chance Cider is usually the cheapest thing on a bar aside from cask ale so i reckon ciders around £5.50 and lagers maybe pushing £6 Glastonbury have never properly taken the piss on bar prices in the past so dont think they will start now edit: found a thread from 2019 on here and standard lager (carlsberg) and standard cider (mallets) were £5 a pint each. if you could find it, carlsberg export was £5.50
  14. No more single use pint cups every other decent festival has done away with them and it helps litter situation so much. Appreciate the size of the place but the time has come
  15. What are the queues like for the co-op? Never bothered as assume it would take ages we bring camping stove, toaster rack as shared by a previous poster, and (middle class alert) bring some sourdough bread from off site pre sliced. We have that toasted with eggs (scrambled or fried) and chorizo, which keeps perfectly in a cool box as do eggs at room temp. Maybe some tomatoes as well. might get a guacamole dip / spread from morrisons in lieu of avocado it does take effort but i can cook 4 breakfasts in about 15/20 mins and save a fortune vs paying for catering bags of PG tips and cheapest quality back bacon or sausage on shit bread for £7 a head every day. needless to say we come by car and camp in bushy ground where the nearest decent food place is, not close.
  16. Because the argument was that she’s playing 2 main stages across 2 days, and i dont think she is doing that at all. Her main stage slot will be one of either fri or sat, not both - in my opinion of course.
  17. Its literally not. It would say 24-26 if she wasnt playing Birmingham on sunday i’d be willing to bet £10 to charity she is only playing friday or saturday on a main stage, not both. (If she plays a main stage on one day and bbc introducing for 10 mins on another, and nothing else, then im not counting that. Im also not counting a guest appearance during another artists set).
  18. You cant put 24-26 if youre booked for the sunday can you On that basis we would know what day every artist is playing. Which we dont.
  19. Personally dont think she is playing twice they may have just asked her not to confirm day yet but has had to put 24-25 as she is booked on 26th. Else it would say 24-26. Its possible, but more likely its one set
  20. Yeah other sub would be quite high for her i think, could happen but more likely 3rd or 4th other. JP headliner not out of the question either.
  21. Agree that bridgers is too big for the park so she’s narrowed down to other, JP or pyramid but im unsure of her crossover appeal for a pyramid set (still think a lot of casual UK music fans would be, who?) and therefore i reckon its other as i think her management would want her on a large stage and yet more females for prominent slots is great
  22. It paid to have o2 prority this week, getting the sat was a breeze on weds. im glad they’ve added the extra dates as it should mean everyone who wants to see then can do
  23. Putting him in a tent at parklife would be crazy tho as he is massive. Plus thats a dance festival mainly, glasto main stages are live acts. Not really comparable imo, they wont put a dj set on a main stage not headlining it.
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