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  1. Italy will have something to say about that Theirs to lose now if you ask me most complete cohesive side by miles. France were a load of individually talented players not playing as a cohesive whole. Italy are showing how its done
  2. It will be all seated for the oldies guess its now or never for him for the farm. Could go either way. Its the type of person the eavii would want to make happen if they could. If diana ross is the legend though how does it work as he aint headlining saturday legend?
  3. Whisper it but there is a plausible route to the final germany > sweden > netherlands each decent enough but equally not that daunting. Kind of like england themselves. winning the group has got us away from france, italy, belgium and was always the best course of action. Whoever wins that side of the draw likely wins the tournament
  4. Yeah it could be even less likely due to wales seemingly wanting to be a lot more cautious however if 19 july goes ahead in england then really it must do in wales as there is no meaningful border so everyone from wales would just pile into england to do what they want to
  5. Worried about green man now it was always a gamble but its not looking great as 4/5 weeks after 19 july - must be about when they start the build
  6. Agreed! Plus looking back on your own youth you always think you were there at the best time 😂
  7. You have to have the time to dedicate to listening and discovering (and going to gigs and festivals) which, once people get into their mid 30s and have kids / careers they no longer have (as) much of. Which i think plays a big part. its not an excuse and if you want to make time you will, but most just dont.
  8. Big if, but IF the 19th July happens in england i dont really see how wales will have any option but to follow suit. else you’d just get everyone from Cardiff and Swansea piling over to bristol for a big night out etc and it would be pointless anyway There is no meaningful border so no difference in restrictions could be realistic. Am i wrong?
  9. Hang on a minute now youre saying its a craft beer festival and most dispense will be can 😂 this gets more ridiculous by the day if youre paying festival craft prices there had better be plenty of easily available draft or its basically a glorified bottle shop
  10. They’ve been lying about what this was all about for months no one bought a ticket for this to be watching bands masked. They’re insane for even pushing ahead Artists being pulled at the 11th hour, joke. Gerd Janson is from germany so no he probably isnt coming its a beer & food festival thats been marketed, wrongly, as a music festival. perhaps it was intended to be more of a music festival and they had to pivot when restrictions didnt go their way No food or drink whatsoever is pathetic
  11. I dont know that it is but i know out of our group of 6 mates: 1 doesnt have the app anf never has 2 had contact tracing off 3 had it on and have now all turned it off so youre at as much risk from anyone that doesnt have the app or has turned tracing off as those who get pinged and ignore it as potentially they could all be in the same boat but certain people are not allowing themselves to ever be pinged the recent call to isolate was based on being at a fully outdoor event with the person sitting with their back to the nearest table which wasnt even close. 2 people went, one got pinged and one didnt? They worked from home that day. Doesnt make sense and app cannot account for indoor vs outdoor. Its off, and its staying off. Steps were retraced and essentially the conclusion drawn was that it was nigh on impossible to have caught it. Going to lateral flow test for next few days and as long as negative, my life will go on. i thankfully never see vulnerable people, if i did my attiutde would be different.
  12. Something thats not been discussed on here recently is the nhs covid app seemingly goimg into overdrive with telling people to self isolate due to ‘encounters’ with people testing positive needless to say im double pfizered and my contact tracing on the app has been firmly switched off if you are double dosed and dont want to be told to self isolate for over a week on a whim at best then i suggest doing the same if you havent already.
  13. If its 2 or 3 more weeks to get more vaccines in arms then thats fine with me. Mid july is the point i begin to have plans for restriction free gigs etc however as others have said if there is a delay there wont be any guarantees given as they simply can’t do that. i think bolton is the best example so far that we would deal with a national case surge quite easily. Bolton was in a spot of bother for what, a couple of weeks, and now its in decline again. NHS not stretched to any worrying degree. So they can’t do this really but im saying push to 12th July then scrap everything. That will basically be everyone with one dose and everyone even remotely at risk (that wants it) double dosed plus 3 weeks no sympathy for anti vaxxers and those not taking it. You’ll have had your chance
  14. I can assure you they dont check this re Pro as a mate once bought one as they were the only tickets left about 3/4 years ago (just like now...) and he just made up an organisation name to put on his lanyard 😂 and went on his way. Far better than 2nd hand ticket market.
  15. Everyone might be booked in by the end of june but it will surely not be till mid july at the earliest youre hearing those aged 20, 19, 18 actually being jabbed. I hope im wrong and it comes earlier but it really doesnt look like in 3 weeks the vaccination programme is done
  16. Its the sensible / considered view at this time i think. It really wont be too much longer after the 21st june that we can say we have offered a vaccine to everyone over 18. That should be a time to reflect on what an amazing feat it is and be able to, in good conscience, declare everything open
  17. Not living in scotland this is the first i’m hearing of this. Absolutely absurd! Its 2021 FFS!
  18. Ive always been of the opinion its not especially likely that we’d be gigging and clubbing indoors until everyone has had at least one dose. However once that is the case, we need to be, without delay! im happy to accept less than full normality until basically the end of july at the latest. After that it would simply be complete overkill.
  19. The biggest F up of all surely was having absolutely no plan for a pandemic seemingly whatsoever any political party should now be standing on the idea of having thorough and complete plans ready for most forseeable disaster / crisis scenarios should they arise.
  20. Bigfoot is max 4k capacity and wont have any mosh pits or big crowds really. Although how they will keep people apart remains to be seen download melvin will probably be there with a mic encouraging the crowd to go apeshit and make it as much like a “real” festival as possible bigfoot is really at this stage a food & drink festival that happens to have music
  21. I would give him a go. Im more into kinda uplifting stuff normally and certainly respect him & appreciate he is a legend!
  22. Shame as none of these are to my taste. Them’s the breaks
  23. losses for weekend 1 for me are: arthur verocai, chromatics/desire, squid, metronomy, gabber modus operandi, iggy, sparks, bicep i think those are pretty disappointing tbh regardless of what they have replaced with what are the completely new artists for weekend 1? This is why the OG 2020 lineup was better for me but its not to be
  24. And you will be lucky to gain access. Im guessing it will be hard to reserve space with tickets going in minutes for some
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