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  1. You’re in luck, Hot Chip playing Standon Calling on the Saturday, so they’ll be Friday/Sunday. The smaller stages are worth checking out, and there are often music acts in some of the other areas like solas, cabaret, music & film etc.
  2. are you sure? Looks like they have a Barcelona gig 8th July
  3. With Kelly Lee Owens and Marie Davidson & L’oeil Nu. I think someone eagle-eyed already pegged MD for a potential after dark slot, I guess Kelly Lee Owens looking likely as well
  4. They're really working the 'mum' angle this year, huh
  5. Don't tell Fontaines DC you've listed them as UK acts 😉 I also think that Dan from Caribou lives in London now, but the rest of the band I thought was in Canada? Might be difficult to get him back. Nice work though, would like this lineup!
  6. I don't know a lot of breakbeat, but I used to listen to Refracture a bit. I had a few of his mixes on my ipod, I think this was one I quite liked - some of his own tracks and remixes in here
  7. Depending on where you're coming from, it might be worth getting a coach to Stratford & going to Mile End from there
  8. I think some of the sponsors had "free" tickets with a £2.50 admin fee. Before that, there were offers (buy one get one free - from All Points East themselves) and Dice had an unspecified number of competition tickets, handed out to pretty much everyone for some of the days. I'm sure as soon as people find out about any such offers this year, they'll be shared on here.
  9. If this one doesn't sell well, I'm picking up a 2.50 ticket just for Gang of Youths then going home early
  10. evannn

    The 1975 2020

    Weird, there's email links for "Press" and "Bookings" at the bottom of the page - maybe a side project?
  11. (IIRC) someone on here who has had reliable info on some of the other acts playing gave us a clue that it was an artist related to Community Festival, and a second person independently heard it was The Kooks.
  12. I can't remember exactly because I was only keen on one headliner each night, but in 2016 there was *some* overlap between headliners
  13. Yeah, slow start at work so I just clicked on next until it took me back to Bonobo & BBC
  14. If Riverlodge doesn't want this, I may well (please). Need to discuss with SO if we're doing Settlers, but I think we likely will be
  15. LIVE: Bombay Bicycle Club Sink Ya Teeth Stealing Sheep Lola Young (Live) James Righton Genghar Greentea Peng Do Nothing The Big Moon Arlo Parks Crazy P Soundsystem Kojey Radical Floating Points (Live) Django Django DJ*: Bonobo Vegyn Tourist Waajeed TSHA Trikk Terr Sofia Kourtesis Shanti Celeste Sama' Ross From Friends Penelope Perel Palms Trax O'Flynn Octo Octa Nicky Elisabeth Norman Jay Natasha Diggs Nabibah Iqbal Mor Elian Mafalda KETTAMA Jeremy Underground Jamz Supernova Jayda G India Jordan B2B Finn Huey Morgan Heléna Star Horse Meat Disco HAAi Greg Wilson Folamour Eris Drew DJ Tennis & Red Axes: REDRAGO DJ Boring David Rodigan Donna Leake Craig Charles CC:DISCO Chaos in the CBD Bradley Zero Ben UFO Honey Dijon Dixon Four Tet *some of these could be live - DJ/producers
  16. Great find! I've just clicked through what I think is the whole line up, live acts seem a bit more "indie" on the whole than some previous yars, maybe that's just my impression though
  17. On my phone, "smoke" comes up with something like 💨 rather than the emoji that GM posted, and (at least on iphone) there are actual fairy emojis. My guess would be Vanishing Twin
  18. Wow, they played some shows towards the end of last year - as a fundraiser for the family of one of their best friends. I got the impression that was that, but looks like they're back
  19. Perhaps because they're also playing at the O2 twice next month - I don't imagine they could shift 100k+ tickets in London in a 6 month period
  20. evannn

    2020 New Music

    Ah cool, looks like it'll be online at some point then! Makes sense I suppose, because even people with a physical copy will want it on their phones etc
  21. evannn

    2020 New Music

    I’ve bought it but my record player’s broken anyway so still haven’t heard it. I got the impression from what he was saying on gasworks that it’s only up for streaming in countries that the physical doesn’t ship to. He did mention bootlegs, so pirating might be your best bet for digital
  22. Got a couple for Friday night with Mike Skinner, Mary Anne Hobbs, Gaika, Greentea Peng. Just in case - if anybody has bagged 2 tickets for Robert Glasper, Jordan Rakei & Sudan Archives (Saturday daytime) and eventually can't make it, I'm definitely interested!
  23. Where's it confirmed please? Any other acts etc?
  24. Think I volunteered with Mint for bestival some years back. We were allowed to see the festival when we weren't working, but they were pretty awful organisers - also do not recommend.
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