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  1. I'm pretty sure Jackie Clune (Mrs Lamb in Motherland) walked past me while the Chems were on; although, I did have to google her name, so maybe 'famous' is a bit of a stretch
  2. A friend of mine had a (faint line) positive LFT yesterday morning, awaiting PCR results. A few others of our group, myself and partner included, have been pinged but LFTs all negative thus far
  3. Have Mr Jukes & Barney Artist been added to the schedule? Can't find them on the app, but as Mr Jukes is Jack Steadman from Bombay Bicycle Club, I would expect them to be playing on Sunday
  4. Yeah haha! I remember listening to a few of his songs a few years ago (around when he was in misfits). Simple acoustic singer-songwriter stuff iirc
  5. The headliners for Sunrise start & end slightly earlier than the BBC & Obelisk stages - you can watch all of the set at the Sunrise and head over to catch the last few songs on the others if that's your bag. Then as soon as the main stages finish at 11pm, the sunrise has late night acts - maybe a live act or two (usually electronic/hip-hop) followed by DJs until 3am
  6. There always has been in the past - in the "Village" in the campsite
  7. This is probably just using the timings from the 2019 festival where Stereophonics headlined before a ‘closing’ set from underworld. Latitude headliners get 90 minutes, subs typically get around an hour but this is more flexible. (I don’t know what the timings will be like for the Sunday joint headliners)
  8. Damon Albarn added to saturday - on 6music now talking about it Edit: Sunset set on the Waterfront Stage
  9. Ah, good to know cheers. It's either 2am or 3am (I think 3am, but can't remember for sure) - so not glastonbury, but there's usually a couple of live (mostly electronic) acts in the sunrise arena & solas, as well as a bunch of DJ sets scattered around
  10. This looks like a "proper" (in the fest's branding) graphic, I wonder if there's going to be an announcement at 10am and these jumped the gun a bit?
  11. Just to add to others’ explanations, it is usually announced later than the initial line-up; I think because it’s been hosted/curated by Huw Stephens & tends to be entirely up-and-comers so I suppose bookings can be slightly closer to the fest
  12. Lauren Laverne just played a track by Roscoe Roscoe on 6Music and mentioned that they’re playing at Green Man. They weren’t on last year’s poster; to me that’s a promising sign if some media folk are itk about line-ups etc.
  13. They do sometimes let day ticket folks into the campsite - a few friends of mine have done that in the past to come back for a can. It’s probably down to the discretion of the wristband team on the day though, so worth checking. But yeah, everything bar some food trucks/market stalls is in the main arena
  14. You’re in luck, Hot Chip playing Standon Calling on the Saturday, so they’ll be Friday/Sunday. The smaller stages are worth checking out, and there are often music acts in some of the other areas like solas, cabaret, music & film etc.
  15. are you sure? Looks like they have a Barcelona gig 8th July
  16. With Kelly Lee Owens and Marie Davidson & L’oeil Nu. I think someone eagle-eyed already pegged MD for a potential after dark slot, I guess Kelly Lee Owens looking likely as well
  17. They're really working the 'mum' angle this year, huh
  18. Don't tell Fontaines DC you've listed them as UK acts 😉 I also think that Dan from Caribou lives in London now, but the rest of the band I thought was in Canada? Might be difficult to get him back. Nice work though, would like this lineup!
  19. I don't know a lot of breakbeat, but I used to listen to Refracture a bit. I had a few of his mixes on my ipod, I think this was one I quite liked - some of his own tracks and remixes in here
  20. Depending on where you're coming from, it might be worth getting a coach to Stratford & going to Mile End from there
  21. I think some of the sponsors had "free" tickets with a £2.50 admin fee. Before that, there were offers (buy one get one free - from All Points East themselves) and Dice had an unspecified number of competition tickets, handed out to pretty much everyone for some of the days. I'm sure as soon as people find out about any such offers this year, they'll be shared on here.
  22. If this one doesn't sell well, I'm picking up a 2.50 ticket just for Gang of Youths then going home early
  23. evannn

    The 1975 2020

    Weird, there's email links for "Press" and "Bookings" at the bottom of the page - maybe a side project?
  24. (IIRC) someone on here who has had reliable info on some of the other acts playing gave us a clue that it was an artist related to Community Festival, and a second person independently heard it was The Kooks.
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