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  1. Bombay Bicycle Club on JP
  2. evannn

    2020 headliners

    Lee Ryan has a single out, if he's touring solo maybe he could maybe sub or get the Legends slot but I don't think he's up to headlining
  3. evannn

    Resale club 2020

    2 of our group of 7 got through and entered reg’s, to find out all tickets had been allocated. Sucks man.
  4. evannn

    Good Luck ALL !

    Good morning and good luck all! Hoping for an efests sweep!
  5. Quick Q: PCs at my office use wired internet connections, does that mean that they each have seperate IPs? i.e. is there a risk of getting locked out if my colleagues are also trying for tickets?
  6. Ah, I hadn’t heard that! I guess for people who book coach together but live apart it’ll stack the miles up as well
  7. 52 cars going to their nearest pickup point + one coach going to the festival < 52 cars going to the festival
  8. evannn

    2020 headliners

    He drew a pretty big crowd in 2017 though
  9. I’m not sure, I just had half a look at the London one because it’s part of a series that the record shop does with artists releasing new albums. My guess would be if the ticket price seems appropriate for a “proper” gig, it probably is. London was £24 for the LP and a ticket
  10. Fwiw this appears to be about a half set. Apparently they’re going to be playing at ~8 and curfew is 9. I think I’m going to wait and hope they do an actual gig/tour
  11. Second both sentiments, caught them last night and both bands were on top form.
  12. I don't think The KidsTM want to hear Prophets of Rage, they effectively are an 'old' band.
  13. evannn

    2019 recommendations?

    I second Foxing, their new stuff is definitely more alt-rock than post-rock but they’ve been great live every time I’ve seen them (4x, including last night) also Wiki is probably my favourite US rapper (late night Friday in the sunrise) and I imagine lots on this board will be familiar with Sons of Kemet, but if you’re not they’re super high energy jazz - share members with The Comet is Coming
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