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  1. Last year it was (with maybe the occasional live electronic act); it's the stage with the large crossed arches, near the entrance
  2. Was happy with a few of the additions, until I noticed Beverly Glenn-Copeland is no longer on there 😢
  3. This seems most likely to me; it’s the order on the poster as well
  4. I quite like it, which is a bit of a shame as I can’t really afford it this year. Groove armada aside, I could probably just go and see gigs for the main acts I’m interested in
  5. Thanks! I didn’t have the specific times to hand, I knew that Caribou and Mogwai finished after midnight
  6. Last year was my first GM, but I feel like the mountain stage already went refreshingly late compared to lots of festivals. It’s one festival where you could feasibly have a “double headliner” and both are in the dark? It doesn’t feel unimaginable that they could do that and have Bicep on after Kraftwerk/Metronomy (those being the two more likely imo)
  7. Beverly Glenn-Copeland!!!!!
  8. Sugar Candy Mountain? edit: oops missed Will’s guess
  9. Foxing have a couple of songs, "Bit by a dead bee" parts 1 & 2, but that's not so much a clue? 'Bit by a dead bee' is the title of Season 2 Episode 3 of Breaking Bad, so maybe Glass Animals
  10. More specifically to a co-op…someone on Twitter says Bess Atwell - she has a single called co-op and is from Brighton apparently
  11. That’ll be deathcrash then, happy days
  12. Surely they’ll be in Europe for more than just one festival! I’m just glad that they’re active again, I missed the boat on them the first time round
  13. 1. deathcrash 2. Beach House 3. Elkka (after dark) 4. For Those I Love 5. Jenny Hval 6. Let’s Eat Grandma 7. Porij 8. DITZ 9. Orlando Weeks 10. The Reytons Acts I’d love to see but am not expecting: How to Dress Well, Les Savy Fav, Emperor X
  14. I'm pretty sure Jackie Clune (Mrs Lamb in Motherland) walked past me while the Chems were on; although, I did have to google her name, so maybe 'famous' is a bit of a stretch
  15. A friend of mine had a (faint line) positive LFT yesterday morning, awaiting PCR results. A few others of our group, myself and partner included, have been pinged but LFTs all negative thus far
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