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  1. A young couple in front of me snorted some white powder just before The National came on and proceeded to babble on incessantly about how much they loved The National without ever looking at the stage or listening to the music! (Don't do drugs kids..) . Once I tuned them out I thought The National were great as were Goat Girl and I also enjoyed Kruanghbin who I caught just as I came out of the pit. As for Florence she has a great voice but her music lacks variation and he does talk a lot of drivel (except the point she made about female acts). I must have been lucky but I never encountered queues for bar service and thought the drinking water points were well placed.
  2. Enjoyed the overall festival experience but musical highlights were a bit thin on the ground with only Idles, Garbage, Biffy Clyro and Friendly Fires, of the main acts, hitting the spot. Plenty of enjoyable stuff on the smaller stages though such as Saint Agnes, a fun Queen tribute act and various Cirque de la Quirk rave madness. Still can't figure out why the circus rides need loud music playing even when there's actual bands playing next door!
  3. Enjoyed Snail Mail, Julien Baker and Gwenno. The queue for the Jagerhaus wasn't too bad as it kept moving as people wandered in to check it out then exited, but having the stage half facing a tiny area inside and half facing part of an outdoor "courtyard" was bizarre. Glad I am not the only one who found the talking during Bon Iver really annoying, a bit like for Bjork last year, as I thought I was just getting grumpy in my old age!
  4. Saw Fatherson a few years ago at Bestival and was impressed and just saw The Snuts recently at The Great Escape and they were ok.
  5. Pale Waves are already on the line up.
  6. Yeah I am happy with the lineup. The usual eclectic mix of great artists and interesting stuff on the smaller stages, and in a more manageable format than Glasto IMHO. Friday looks especially attractive. Just got to try and steer clear of the litre cartons of wine this year!
  7. Back from this and enjoyed it. Highlights were loads of great science stuff, PSB, Lamb who did the best they could when their Synth shut down and Chemical Brothers. Only a couple of minor issues relating to Mission Control; sound from the main stage was bad at times and put a couple of speakers off and on the busy last day people were saving empty seats to an annoying extent.
  8. Not at Mad Cool but at Roskilde last week Massive Attack changed their set time late in the day to avoid clashing with David Byrne which makes me go more for the diva theory. Having said that they put on a good show.
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