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  1. I completely get the 'should do something special for the 50th' train on thought and, broadly speaking, I'm on board. But I suppose when it comes down to it the festival are still going to have the same challenges as every other year; you can only book a) who's available b) who you can afford. To get something special you need to get the acts to meet you half way. If Reg/the Mac preferred to do their own shows/won't drop their asking price there's not much else Michael and Emily can do.
  2. It's down for me mainly because I prefer Foals to 1975. Good idea for a discussion that, actually.
  3. I'm revising my prediction down from; Foals/Paul McCartney/Taylor Swift To; 1975/Coldplay/Taylor Swift Happy Friday everyone.
  4. If I know Tylor Smith like I think I do, I don't think she'd go for that.
  5. Hoping this all leads to and Kanye and Cliff Christmas collaboration
  6. So what you're saying is the larger Taylor thread should simply eat this one?
  7. Aye, my stand by your beds was slightly premature
  8. I know that the popular music streaming service we're fully expecting it to drop over night and still expect it to land today at some point.
  9. Martin Christopher and the lads playing fast and loose with the term 'experimental'
  10. I really don't get it.
  11. I think AM would've headlined in 2018 had it not been a fallow year. As it is I think this year and next are just bad timing for them. Can't see them headlining again until the next album.
  12. He's one of my musical blind spots I'm afraid (him and Pink Floyd). Don't deny his talent but music does nothing for me. Think a lot of it is down to his voice.
  13. Pretty sure even I know more Taylor Swift songs than Neil Young songs
  14. They've definitely got more recognisable tunes that suit a Pyramid crowd that The Streets, I'm thinking a similar slot to Madness in 2016. Purely guesswork though.
  15. I'm convinced they'll be on the Pyramid
  16. Those Beans on Toast lyrics are honking.
  17. New one's better tho innit
  18. Hopefully Bat For Lashes. Missed her in there in 2016 cause of the conditions. One of my biggest line up regrets
  19. https://www.change.org/start-a-petition
  20. Be interesting to see who Coldplay have as collaborators on these new albums. Could very much play into the '50th Birthday Extravaganza' if they've signed up a few big names ?
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