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  1. Not a band but Mr Bean is massive in Sweden (and the nordics in general I understand).
  2. I think that's potentially an over simplistic way of looking at it. The Tory surge in the "red wall" wasn't people that suddenly decided the believed in trickle-down economics and privatisation on masse, it was all to do with brexit and the idea of "getting it done". Single-issue voting. I don't think it's unreasonable to think that, many of these single-issue voters now have other priorities now that, in their view, brexit is finally done.
  3. How To Disappear Travis Completely
  4. Same, renewed yesterday 👍
  5. Covered in the Lizzo thread but on top of doxxing that delivery driver a while back in the last 24 hours there's footage going about of her cosying up to perennial shitmuncher Chris Brown and referring to him as her 'favourite person in the whole world'
  6. Even thought accepting that eFests isn't representive of the wider Glastonbury audience yadda yadda yadda, it is quite startling to see how low she's polling on the 'Absolutely' front. I'd imagine Taylor would've been polling at least double that should circumstances be different. Suggest she is seen, both on here and in the outside world, as a bit of a step down. Not that that makes her a bad booking, mind. But it makes it even more crucial for me that they hold onto the other two 2020 headliners and don't end up having to find a last minute (almost certainly weaker) back up.
  7. Lizzo is already on two strikes as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I honestly didn't even know this show was in production, but about a month ago I picked up the Sandman book one deluxe edition, just finished it tonight, wow. It really is outstanding. I ordered book two at the weekend and I'm already annoyed that it probably won't arrive until next week now. Buzzing for the show too now I've seen the trailer. Looks true the source material based on that short clip, and Gwendoline Christie is a fantastic bit of casting.
  9. I'd have bloody loved to see En Vogue
  10. They kinda are though are they not? 1% point increase over the margin of error whereas it appears the Greens are hoovering up the soft-Tory vote from the last GE.
  11. Won't be there for it but abosolutely buzzing to get an actual Glastonbury line-up annoucement again 😍
  12. I can feel CalGon's eye twitching from here.
  13. Couple of others that came to mind: Daft Punk Oasis
  14. Interestingly, if they'd started 5 years later than they did they'd have still been 10 years too early for the indie boom of the late 00s.
  15. could you also not be arsed going back and listening to any of their output during the 21st century?
  16. The National. 4th album is the critical favourite, their 6 is my personal fav.
  17. https://www.thenational.scot/news/19622026.labour-mps-consider-defecting-tories-keir-starmers-leadership/ Lots of grim reading in this for Starmer. He really has fkd it.
  18. Finished this last night, I might have been a bit harsh tbh. Eps 4,5,6 were all especially good. Finale was a slight disappointment but more based on how strong the proceeding episodes had been. And, to be fair, Hamish Linklater could win an award for his performance. Recommended.
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