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  1. Currently making my way through Midnight Mass on Netflix. Won't say to much as the less you know about it going in the best, first episode is a slog but improves after that. I'd describe it as entertaining bollocks, it's not going to win any awards but it's good fun.
  2. "Christimas won't be as bad as last year, the worst in living memory" is certainly a take.
  3. Are you having a laugh?
  4. Neil has info on the Headliners thread that we're getting Kenny and Macca as well as Billie.
  5. Dunno if there's ever been such a stick on this far out as she is for 2023. Just announce it now.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/sep/10/josh-homme-restraining-order-queens-of-the-stone-age-brody-dalle
  7. Yeah, happy with how this had panned out. Had nothing I fancied on the Sunday previously, whereas Friday was strong across the board. Agree with Hugh about being soured to QOTSA, hopefully something good pops up on WH, JP or The Park and I'm sorted for the weekend.
  8. Yeah almost certainly, but I don't think any of those parties would refuse an olive branch from a Labour leader. Particularly one who's more palatable to centrist LDs than Corbyn ever was. The indy ref will happen regardless, if Labour want Scotland to stay in the UK they need to meet it head-on and make a positive case for the union, a campaign distinct from the Tories. If they continue to bury their heads in the sand and treat modern voters with comptempt they'll remain out of power on both sides of the border for the foreseeable future.
  9. It's definitely not a Labour government then. As I told you before, the only way Labour gets back into power is power-sharing. Elect a leader who will form a government with the Greens and the SNP and you'll keep the Tories out.
  10. Wasn't it Mumford? Or was that us just imagining the worst because the chance had (hopefully) passed.
  11. It definitely is sacrilege. Almost certainly Macca's final Glastonbury appearance vs Dua Lipa who'll almost certainly be back to top the big one in the next 2-3 years is an absolute no content.
  12. Whatever your view of Corbyn I think it's difficult to argue Starmer that isn't currently making a pigs ear of his opportunity. Has completely burnt his bridges with the left. The right of the party seem to view him as nothing more than a stop-gap leader and, with the EC bullshit, he's once again handed the tories a pass when they should be nailed to the wall for the current clusterfuck overwhelming the country.
  13. Some speculation that Starmer is already planning his exit and trying to lay the ground for his successor. Wouldn't surprise me, it's all gone pear-shaped for him.
  14. That reply tweet makes me irrationally angry.
  15. There's only two sets I've left early due to not enjoying it. James opening the Other in 2016 and Kanye. Even then, with James is was partly due to not really digging the set and part due to wanting to get over to the Park to see Night Beats. Whereas with Kanye we just gave up. Ms Antilles was never convinced but came along to give it a chance but she was pretty keen to ditch out and join the other half of our group who'd gone to Mothership at WH. There was no arguement from me to be honest.
  16. Biggest disappointment? James at Alton Towers
  17. You all say that, but Jungle is massive.
  18. The lack of Falling on this is a crime against humanity.
  19. He really does look like a ventriloquist dummy brought to life.
  20. First album in a while that I've listed to repeatedly in a short space of time. It's great. Just listened to the Low album from last week too, another cracker.
  21. No threads for the ginger menace should definitely be one of those forum rules.
  22. Excellent. Still spin I'm All Ears regularly. Terrific record.
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