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  1. milly16


    My first Glastonbury 2004 Muse,but this was close with Arcade Fire 2007...My Body is a Cage...in amongst this amazing Set. Nope sorry just watching it back......ARCADE FIRE MY BODY IS A CAGE...just cried a little.
  2. milly16

    Acts you don't "get"

    London Grammar
  3. milly16

    One month on...

    I've been looking at the webcam with the undressing of the Pyramid. You just think that only a couple of months ago that all the joy and amazing times, happy people,the amount of wonderful festival goers were in those fields having the time of their lives, it just seems like it never happened. I feel so down when i think of no festival next year.I look at those fields and tears are ready to drop..what a year 2017 was, it was magical. I just keep thinking that only a few months of this year left....in January we can say 'tickets will be on sale this year'. My God Glastonbury 2017 i miss you.
  4. milly16

    Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    1. MUSE Pyramid 2004.My first year,a big Muse fan at the time and they were wow. 2.Hot Chip Other 2010. Beautiful evening, everyone was so into this brilliant set, its my uplifting set. 3.Suede JP 2015.Brett was full of energy,full on sing song. 4.Radiohead Pyramid 2017 Magical,i had space to totally flip out at the back of the field. 5. FFS JP 2015. stumbled across them and what a set, smiled from ear to ear. 6.Nick Cave Pyramid 2009. stunning. 7. Jarvis Cocker JP 2009. i'VE never laughed and smiled as much 8. Killers JP 2004. Massive crowd and they were ready to explode. 9. Chic West Holts 2013.one big dance along. 10. Future Islands 2017. My partners first year and we sang our heads off, amazing atmosphere in that tent. 11. Chas n Dave Acoustic Stage 2005. the spirit of Glastonbury in that tent. 12. Arcade Fire Pyramid 2014. Fab little group of us at the front giving it max. 13. Arcade Fire Other 2007. Just...My body is a cage. i cried. 14. Speak and Spell ( Depeche Mode Tribute) WG 2017.....because I've always wanted to see them at Glastonbury (My Band) this was the closest that i would get and they were brilliant, i cried, a Glastonbury moment..i was home. Other standout moments..so many.
  5. milly16

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    My boyfriend at his first Glastonbury
  6. milly16

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    Williams Green tent saturday morning watching Speak And Spell (Depeche Mode Tribute) singing Enjoy The Silence and thinking what it would be like if my real beautiful band played Glastonbury...One day i hope. My boyfriend had a Glastonbury moment just sat in the sun at Arcadia as it was his first and his grandmother was so excited for him to be going,would be wanting to hear his stories on return.But he sadly lost her a month before and so wanted for her to hear that he had an amazing time and loved every single minute.
  7. milly16

    Suicide Tuesday

    The flood gates have just opened again. I don't know what to do with myself, i haven't moved from the sofa all day and i don't want to eat. Lets all just go back and sit at the stone circle
  8. milly16

    The National

    Christ I'm in tears as soon I put The National on. It was a beautiful set. Blabbing here like a baby. God I want to go back.
  9. milly16

    Who should reform?

    Talk Talk
  10. milly16

    Your Glastonbury Song 2017

    Future Islands Seasons- the tent blew its top with our noise Nothing But Thieves Amsterdam- crowd went mental Radiohead There There- dancing in my own little space RagN Bone Man- Hell yeah- when he hits the high note,hair on end
  11. milly16

    iPlayer blues...

    The Flaming Lips
  12. milly16

    Cineramageddon, opinions and photos?

    Went up for the Johnny Depp film. As said before we were ushered to our car ( no 6) a artificial grass covered merc,which we hoped for. it was cool to sit in but couldn't see all of the screen you had to sit forward. My partner wanted the toilet but had to walk out of the arena to find one and then had loads of trouble getting back in with the security. Had a laughing hysterical moment when a giant moth got in the car and i couldn't get rid, trapped it with my cup which still had gin in and then screamed when it escaped and the gin went everywhere, one of those silly moments. saw Johnny then i needed to pee badly so i gave the car to a couple who were sat next to it looking frozen. we went and did something else. The aircraft at the back was a Hawker 125-800 jet that belonged to the Royal Squadron that carried the royal family. I used to work on it. I cried when i saw her sat in the corner.
  13. milly16

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    watching it back on iplayer,having a skip around the kitchen as i was doing at the back of the field with a few others to There There,they were just beautiful
  14. milly16

    Flaming lips

    Saw them Glastonbury 2010 and was blown away. I'm gutted that i missed them due to Radiohead Clash.....watching it now