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    There's something really satisfying when someone who knows what they are talking about calmly, clearly and in great detail, explains to someone who knows nothing just how wrong they are
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    I thought it was a shitty response to be honest. I get all the legal shit but to make it all about yourself and blaming it on being a sex addict is pretty poor. The thing is very similar to what happened with JANK (Lou Diamond is a fucking scumbag) and they weren't a band much longer after his "apology" and I see the same thing happening here.
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    Foos are bigger than Arctic Monkeys tho xx
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    Been doing some thinking about reading 2018.... it will be announced in this order: - Foo's (play Sunday (announced in December)) - Kendrick/ Royal Blood (To play Friday (announced in January)) - Arctic monkeys (Main headliner ( announced in march)) My evidence is that foo's are really likely because most rock bands that headline Glasto always play reading and Leeds the year before or after, and the foo's are touring the uk next summer, and they haven't been at reading in years! I also believe arctic will be the last announced and the main headliner because their album and 2018 gigs will all be announced in march (maybe February) and they are defo much bigger (in the uk) than foo's. Also it would be massive news as they wouldn't have announced any gigs since 2014. Kendrick I don't know much about but he has been spoken about for ages and would defo sell to the Eminem fans from 2017. Royal blood have become too huge this year that I believe they will get a spot before the main headliner (arctic monkeys). This is also very likely because royal blood was once a support act on arctics uk AM tour. Wolf Alice and bring me the horizon are also rumours as well as the kooks who are touring through out next year. I also think the wombats will either headline NME or have a good spot on the main stage as well as nothing but thieves and slaves. Ive heard people talk about queen of the stoneage coming back (which would be amazing, but I don't see it), alt- j, vampire weekend, post Malone, septa and even tame impala but I have not seen any evidence for these acts. Lemme know what u think!! xx
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    The good thing with Seattle is that they only have great bands...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_musicians_from_Seattle
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    Number to come later but this is the ship my brother served on during the Falkland campaign Good to watch the March past today.. G
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    You're at it again vintagelaureate . I'm just a sucker for shit like this. Let me tell you, as plasma etching tools go, you can't go wrong with this little baby.
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    That's a beautiful brick looking campervan, aerodynamically speaking. I have a story about one of them 'New Brutalist' campervans. It involves The Great British Cheese Festival, Stow on the Wold, a drunken South African woman (who was, at the time, heavily in to S & M, and well doo lally, mentally speaking), an expensive B&B, and me ending up on the floor of one of those box shaped campervans freezing throughout the night with no covering for warmth. Wow, I still remember that night vividly. TBC
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    My friend has one.. Lovely it is. I lll try posting a pic
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    Theres always shagging in books old son.. I'm going to be interested in yogs film though ... look on count down thread... . I would be the director but I like touching knees lol..
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    This is always generally a happy place, but I have to say RIP Chuck Mosley - Faith No More’s first two albums are 100% the reason for getting me into alternative music (what ever the hell that means these days) sorry to bring things down, happy stuff can restart now if you wish
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    Change your avi mate
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    Something everybody has surely.
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    Elbow always seem dreary and dull to me. I've seen them live once too.
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    Greatest band on the planet will not be announced before December
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    Whatever,the first one will be sold at Somerset prices within 10 years, guaranteed
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    Hi Guys I would like to ask for help. I would like to ask for your help in researching my thesis by filling in the following questionnaire. You would help me a lot. Thank you very much :-* :-* #questionnaire #szigetfestival #HU #hungarianfestival #festival #freedom #helpme #thankyousomuch https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHhmyErxlfpR9_agoGjfsY6jRvP3CJ22Pg1JPDgxS1DA5IJA/viewform