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  1. Films

    Speaking of the MCU. Is it the best critically received franchise ever? It has to be, 18 films and not one is below 60% on the film aggregators. Only thing I can think that could rival it would be the James Bond franchise but they had some stinkers over the years.
  2. Flyers/Stickers/Posters at Festivals

    We've used them at the school I work at. I did think about them. Do people actually use QR codes though? I've only ever seen them at my work or supermarkets. Also your idea is good for page views but wouldn't be a good making a fan base if I start pissing people off
  3. Flyers/Stickers/Posters at Festivals

    This is along with what I was thinking. I usually take more notice of something advertising something on site rather than generic listings.
  4. Flyers/Stickers/Posters at Festivals

    Just wondering what you guys make of seeing posters/stickers/flyers at festivals. Do you take much notice and check bands out when you get home or do you just forget about them (to be fair most of us are too pissed) I'm considering doing some of this at a few festivals this year to try and generate some interest around my own music. Thought this would be a good place to get a consensus on this. Thanks
  5. Films

    see this said a few times.
  6. Films

    I've just responded to a Facebook status about this topic. I went and saw an awesome superhero movie, don't really understand what everyone else is going on about. It does touch on some issues regarding race but it isn't slapping you in the face with it throughout the film.
  7. Films

    I was a little confused as to the lack of a certain character in Black Panther. Supposedly it's explained in the prelude comic for Infinity War. Getting complicated this MCU now.
  8. Football 17/18

    That VAR mishap (I'm a fan of it remember) seems like the pitch wasn't scanned in properly. I'm assuming that's how they do it, similar to the NFL lines that you see telling you where the first down line is. They do a scan of the pitch to make it all work. They said the image shown was different from what they looked at they would say that.
  9. WWE

    We haven't even seen her in the ring yet or on the mic. She's been working at all these things like anyone else hasn't she?
  10. Going to the toilet during lessons.

    I work in a school that is 11-19 and I've had a student come up to me and ask to go to the toilet. When I said she had to wait 5 mins until break she just said out loud, "I'm having a really heavy period." Talk about awkward.
  11. WWE

    This is my thought, also will mean some of the guys are gonna be used less.
  12. WWE

    Reports are that we're going back to dual brand PPVs from Backlash and another draft is happening around then. Thoughts?
  13. WWE

    Gulak has been a stand out for sure. I never said it was good or bad. NXT is great though and that's HHH right? Everytime i watch a Takeover i just wish the whole NXT team were doing a main roster show (probably SDL). Mauro Ranallo is the best commentator they have by an absolute mile!
  14. WWE

    Who knows just supposedly they are open to it. Disney are buying everything up atm.
  15. WWE

    Seems like Vince is taking more and more of a step back. 205 live now under HHH rule? Apparently WWE are open to a merger too, wonder how that would work out. Thought both shows were decent this week. Braun is great btw, so so great.