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  1. It's not a celebratory award. Hitler and Stalin 'won' it too.
  2. Yup, invoice him for it, if he doesn't pay then cancel. You're entirely in the right, nothing to worry about. In the other case on here I think the key thing was the naughty bloke "fessed up" - ie he acknowledged he had acted fraudulently. I'd imagine if he held his ground and said it was all nonsense and she asked him to book the ticket then she cancelled See would have sided with him - he made the booking, he's the only one who is actually a customer of See, if it was his story versus hers she would have been out of luck:
  3. While that's true to an extent, they're "cheap" in that they "cost" less US soldier lives.
  4. Never said I was I Jesus, you're mixing me up with Kanye. I'm amazed it's such a controversial opinion to be honest. If you regularly can't do the job because you're ill, you're not the best. It's not your fault, it just is. That wouldn't be at all controversial outside of "the arts".
  5. Not aware of Bowie cancelling any shows at short notice or bailing out mid-show. It's one thing to pull a tour months in advance. It's another to do it the night before. It's another entirely to do it on the night itself. And even then, I'm not saying acts should play through illness. I'm saying the best acts in the world: they do. That's all. There are great acts who have shambolic live shows which occasionally work (Oasis, Libertines). There are great acts who are just not much fun live (list of eight and then Radiohead). There are tremendous live acts that frankly kinda suck on record. It's just one of the measures, y'know. But the truly great acts are consistently good live, show up, and write great songs that sound good in the studio too. Those are the world class ones. Very few acts are world class. Kanye isn't, and his unreliability live is part of the reason for that.
  6. Fuck off twat. I'm saying that if an illness means you do a shit job, you can't seriously go "I'm the best in the world at this job". Bowie was making music until he literally couldn't any more. Yeah, you're right, he's the high fucking watermark. At the bottom end are acts that don't even always turn up, or can't put on a show when they do. You love Kanye, fine, you don't need to fellate him like chugging a quart of his rock star jazz might inject the slightest frisson of feeling into your sad pathetic life. (I'd rather not do personal insults but apparently you want to go down that road so...)
  7. Having watched 14 series of the US Apprentice before Trump decided he wanted to be President, for what it's worth I don't think he's racist at all. And I do think he is pretty sexist. The reality of "build a wall" and "ban Muslims" I think comes from the fact that he's a pragmatist that doesn't think things through. Like Neil said, banning Muslims would reduce the threat of Islamic terrorism. But it'd have many, many downsides and would be near impossible to enforce. Just like banning women would reduce the amount of breast cancer. It's logically correct, and you can sell that simple logic to people that are desperate for a simple answer, but it falls apart under any scrutiny. And that's kind of my worry with Trump. I don't think he's saying "ban Muslims" because he hates them. I think he's saying it as he thought it was actually a viable option, and the only reason other Presidents hadn't done it was because they didn't want to upset Muslims. Likewise "build a wall" - I think he thought that could and genuinely thought he could get Mexico to pay for it. And that it would solve the problem.
  8. Of course he's not unbiased. But that video is pretty damn water tight. And something I didn't know - had taken at face value from the other side. I don't see any way that video can be missing context that somehow makes it mean something else.
  9. Yup, but there are plenty of rich musicians with similar issues that will still put the fans first. I'm very much a proponent of increasing the profile of and de-stigmatising mental illness - and the core tenet of that is that a mental illness is no different to any other illness. But then you look and see all the artists that played through illness and injury because "the show must go on". Because that's the job, and they value the fans. Like when the Foo's had to pull the tour last year, it was done with a heavy heart, and show where Grohl got injured - he finished out the gig in a chair. That's "being a rock star". Again, not to say Kanye is bad, but you pull shit like turning up late and ruining your own shows then you're just not top-tier. And that's fine. But it's part of the reason his "I'm the greatest living rock star" moment was such bullshit.
  10. In a democracy, you oppose a government you don't like by convincing the supporters of that government they were wrong to do so. Don't confuse getting angry, yelling, and posting snarky stuff on social media as "opposition". There's nothing inherently wrong with it but it's also not helpful.
  11. They should be worried. But what they need to do is ensure the non-racist Trump supporters (much of of the House and Senate, for example) don't allow the more dangerous stuff to pass. Labelling them racists just because they voted for Trump doesn't help. It's more likely to lead to them going "you know what, we'll stay out of it - let them have the fight themselves".
  12. You get two choices in a US Presidential election. You have to pick the one that fits you best. Even if you think Trump is racist, you may still think everything else he does is better than Hilary. At which point it just depends on how important the issue of race is to you, against every other issue. If you firmly believe that Hilary's economic plans would crash the economy, bringing on record unemployment, and hence homelessness, poverty and so on (which would of course, disproportionately affect non-whites) you might even believe that Trump is still a better choice for racial minorities than Hilary.
  13. Had it not pissed it down over Tuesday night, the Campervan call may have been the right one. And the forecast wasn't for rain then. Given the fields another 12 hours to dry and they'll be able to get more vans on under their own power, needing less towing, meaning things clear quicker.
  14. Out of interest, had the white nationalists, Brietbart and the Alt Right come out in favour of Clinton, would you have voted for Trump then?
  15. Which is all fine, but I'd say if you're that unreliable, because of perfectly understandable reasons regarding mental illness, then you can't exactly claim to be the world's greatest musician/performer/etc. It's not a purely creative field. Part of the job is reliability and consistency. Kanye can't offer that. And in much the same way, someone with a slightly dodgy leg is not going to be the world's greatest runner. Even if their form and everything else is world class. That's not to say he's not good, but the ability to show up and do the job is just as important as the ability to create good music in the first place. At least if what you want to be is a touring musician.