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  1. Okay so you how do you suggest I vote? How would you vote if you lived here, 35th on the Tory target list (despite being a 'safe' Labour seat for years). 3.65% swing needed for the Tories to gain it. The TUSC normally run and I have voted for them in the past when it was clearly a safe Labour seat, but have dropped out this year to throw their weight behind the Labour candidate. What would you do?
  2. Some sites have software which allows them to serve different pages to different people randomly. It's used for A/B testing - so I serve one version of the front page to 50% of people and a different version to the other 50% and see which ones click through more. So technically it's viable, not sure of the why in this case though.
  3. Thing is, had you been asked a month ago if you'd ever expect to have seen polling get this close you'd have said no chance. So would I to be honest. So if we can be that wrong, is it not possible we could be just a little more wrong?
  4. Exactly. For me that means voting Tory. For anyone in a Lab/Con contest seat, which is most of them, it means voting Tory. Just because in your constituency it doesn't mean voting Tory doesn't mean that you're not helping them. Or indeed encouraging people to vote conservative.
  5. No but I'm in a different position to you. I'm in a seat where the Tories come second. It's theoretically a safe Labour seat but not on some of the predictions of a Tory landslide. So if you convince me that Corbyn really is godawful then the only sensible thing for me to do would be to vote Tory to ensure he does as badly as possible. When you're trying to convince people that Corbyn is a disaster, what did you think you were doing? Not everyone is in the same position as you. If you were in my constituency and you held the beliefs you do, the only sensible and logical course of action for you would be to vote Tory. It's handy that you live somewhere where you don't have to worry about that reality, but that's not the case for me and a lot of other people. If you convince us you are right then we should vote Tory.
  6. So vote Labour. Or in the way that provides the best possibility of a Labour victory. Because you might be wrong. You might be the stupid one. And wouldn't it suck of it was far closer than you thought, and Labour did lose because people like you felt it was fine to throw a vote elsewhere because they have no chance. That was also the exact same thinking that Corbyn elected leader of the Labour Party in the first place so you think you would have learned the lesson by now. All these same people saying Corbyn has no chance were saying Leave had no chance too. And Leave won. And we had the Hilary / Trump vote and those people went "yeah, Brexit was weird, but Hilary is polling far better than Remain were, she will be fine" and Trump won. And now we have another election and those same people are going "yeah but Corbyn is further behind than even Trump was, he clearly has no chance" And all that's fine, you can say that, sure. But to take it to the point of not even voting for the party you want to win. Because you're so convinced they can't. Even though you've been wrong about every big vote in the past five years... But by all means keep at it. I'm closer to switching my vote to Tory than I was a week ago as your arguments have been very good. So you could sway me yet!
  7. What result would you like from the election though?
  8. They might find one lot of bullshit smells sweeter than the other.
  9. Did you miss the bit where we agreed Labour are just saying whatever they think will get them votes?
  10. Perhaps. Though there's something to be said for the fact that someone who had an ounce of a plan in place would have a plan for 2020, not the snap election that's been called. (Although had Corbyn not been in place, there would likely be no snap election in the first place...)
  11. Corbyn was pretty much always going to lose though. He's in the exact same position as Trump and Leave were: a foregone conclusion that they were losing. So why not promise the world? It might even work. If you're honest you get absolutely nothing. I don't like it but I will concede that it's the only path Corbyn had left open to him.
  12. But there's no effective difference between offering a 10K tax-free allowance to lower tax payers, and not offering that allowance but giving lower taxpayers £2k in redistributed benefits. Likewise for those in the 20% band.
  13. The one quick and (relatively) easy solution would be to ask people arriving Tuesday night to stay in their cars, and let each car block through to the queue one at a time on Wednesday morning. That's the festival's main vulnerability point. Can't imagine it going down too well here though.
  14. It's important not to forget that Corbyn became leader as a joke gone wrong. It's not like the left of the party went "who should our candidate be?" but rather a bunch of MPs got together and nominated Corbyn to make the leadership contest a bit more interesting.
  15. Vaguely Glasto related: