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  1. Well there's two possibilities: 1) It's happening 2) Some people at Glastonbury read these boards, saw how impossible it was last year to convince much of it that Radiohead aren't playing, and are doing a wonderful bit of trolling.
  2. I'd settle for living in a country with separation of Church and State but we don't even have that in the UK yet. Well assuming we draw the line at child abuse it's a question of what you would consider mental abuse. And I'm not being ridiculous because if without the trappings of religion I told my kids: 1) There's a magic being that watches everything you do 2) You need to spend time each day saying out loud how much you love him 3) If you don't, then when you die you will be tortured forever 4) If you kiss someone of the same gender, you'll also be tortured forever when you die 5) And if you do any other arbitrary thing I don't like, you'll be tortured forever when you die How is that not mental abuse? It's only allowed because a large portion of the public believe it's actually true.
  3. I don't get why it's allowed. I mean, I see the argument for it - you want free trade, small government, then there shouldn't be restrictions on resale. Sure. But then, they passed a law stopping you reselling football tickets, and the world didn't end and it's not there's a mass drive to repeal it. And it's weird we treat one set of tickets different to the rest.
  4. to open or not to open

    I'd seen it on TV and thought about going for years but it was REM being announced for 2003 that pushed me in to actually going. I could see them elsewhere sure, but that would be a big chunk of the ticket price and that way I could justify "taking a risk" on the festival myself. Remember no-one knows for sure they'll like it until they're there. Crazy as it may sound to people on this forum.
  5. to open or not to open

    Yes, but I'd rather they kept any announcements until after the resale.
  6. If those deaths were happening in bars and clubs though (and where alcohol has led to fatal violence, it has done) they'd face the same intervention as happening here.
  7. I was having similar thoughts about this thread. I think you may be operating from the "keeping as many people alive is the best thing for the world as a whole" while others are operating from a "maximising the happiness of the world as a whole" point of view. That latter point of view comes with a lot of unpleasant baggage and people rarely want to directly admit it's what they're getting at. I'll admit I do have a certain sympathy for the idea that people can take responsibility for themselves, should be able to put what they want in their body, and if they die it's their responsibility though.
  8. No, but one would hope there's data somewhere on similar circumstances as it's not the first place that's closed down. There's likely some effect - not everyone is going to move to a different club, some will just move on entirely. Roads with high death-tolls get speed cameras and reduced speed limits and pedestrian crossings and whatever else is needed to reduce the number of deaths. That was also an option for Fabric (the equivalent being a massive clamp down on drugs in the club) - but it wasn't something they could/would go for.
  9. That's all accounted for. Going to Glastonbury is a luxury. Having a nice house is a luxury. Having kids is a luxury. Living in London is a luxury. You'd choose the ones you can afford and have to skip the ones you can't. It does wind me up when people try and treat "raising a family in a nice house" as "personal circumstances" rather than something they wanted to do and so chose to do.
  10. I don't think Glastonbury is that over-subscribed. I mean, next year will be my 13th consecutive festival. Even though it's only been a challenge for the last ten. Never had to resort even to the resale for my own ticket. I'm not magic. I am lucky. But not that lucky. If the festival was over-subscribed by a factor of five then the chances of getting tickets even five years in a row would be over 1 in 3000. I think the reality is closer to 50% oversubscribed at best. Then again, that doesn't account for how many more might be interested in going if getting a ticket wasn't so difficult.
  11. In an ideal world where it wasn't open to huge abuse, a ticket would be 1% of your annual income...
  12. Now it's £20 I honestly don't think there's much point making it £50. When it was less than £20 it could seem like a flutter, a gamble on the lineup, but once you hit that £20 mark... I'm not sure there are many people who would risk £20 on it but wouldn't risk £50.
  13. But those two don't have to match. If they did there would be a lot fewer people getting tickets for multiple groups of mates.
  14. I'm amazed the lengths some people go to to avoid the coach. The coach is fine. And while this is a bit naughty, the ticket will go back into the pot for the resale when the deposit isn't paid, so it's hardly the end of the world.
  15. Well if they charged fifty quid more that's an extra £7 million to charities. Why do you all hate charity so much?