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  1. Leftfield is now a completely different tent (since it moved location) and fairly sure it's significantly smaller.
  2. Problem is, I think the left have a lot of people with critical thinking abilities and those abilites led us to being sure, six weeks out, that a 2015 hung parliament was a shoe-in, that Remain was going to win a landslide and that Trump had no chance. And we've been constantly shocked at how wrong we got it. We've just learned not to count our chickens. Why? What benefit does doing it now have compared to doing it in six weeks? If this new candidate has 266 weeks instead of 260 before the 2022 election, that'll make all the difference? I just don't see the point in giving up right now. We're probably screwed but may aswell fight it out. (And yes, the polls for the referendum/2010 elections weren't as bad as they are now if you're looking at the potential for a Corbyn majority or even largest single party. What they are comparable too is seeing the Tories with a reduced or no majority. And while I wouldn't normally care so much, May has put this out there as a referendum on a hard Brexit. If she loses seats, it'll be very hard for her to go through with that.)
  3. Fairly sure Cabaret is 1000
  4. The bank holiday policy is ridiculous but is the sort of thing that just might work in terms of getting votes. We seem to all be in agreement that even if Corbyn had a sudden transformation and could present sensible policies strongly and concisely it'd be too little to late so may as well come up with his own "build a wall"
  5. They could, but it would be hugely risky if those tickets weren't returned as the license imposes a hard limit on attendee numbers, so there would be the chance, however small, of people having their tickets cancelled. Likewise the coach packages, there's a restriction that X amount of people have to travel by public transport. So making those optional would probably mean restricting the number of car park passes sold instead.
  6. To be fair the nonsense does exist but it's hidden behind corporate VIP tickets and glamping options.
  7. A group of six where everyone is trying has literally three times the chances of a couple where both people are trying. But that's just the thing, in a totally fair system, there would be no way to assure yourself the best chance of getting a ticket. Everyone would have an equal chance. Which is obviously why no-one here, including me, wants a fair system. Of course, there's a difference between a "fair" system and "the best" system where you may want to bias it towards certain groups, such as those who have the greatest desire to attend.
  8. Not really. Option three is just acknowledge them and the fact that they're enjoying the festival in a different way to you and assume they'd do the same in return?
  9. Part of it is not wanting to disadvantage people with slower internet connections though, I thought? If you pages take two seconds to load every refresh you already have half the chance of someone who can refresh every second?
  10. There will always be a balance though. My pages take longer than a second to load after I hit refresh so there's no way I could anywhere near 60 times per minute. And remember whatever they set it at, someone can just set an auto-refresher to that limit. So if it's 59 times a minute you can set the program to that and everyone can use it...
  11. A ballot would absolutely be fairer, if your definition of "fair" is that everyone has an equal shot. Absolutely no-one here wants a fairer system as most of us have been most years, and in a fair system we'd only get to go once in every three or so. But yeah, I'm happy to admit it's unfair that I'm going for the 13th time because we have a network of people who all try for each other in every sale, while I have work colleagues just trying on their own that have failed to get tickets the past three years. Obviously that's not fair. But I don't want to change it. As to the question of if you could have a fair ballot system... I'd say yes. Require payment upfront. Everyone enters the ballot in say, January, everyone is then emailed asking for payment over the course of a week in February and then at the end of the week you're informed if you got a ticket or not. If you didn't your money is refunded immediately and in full. And yes, that means the rich could pay for multiple ballot entries. But they wouldn't because two entries wouldn't still guarantee you tickets and if you're willing to risk having to pay for 3-4 tickets you can already buy VIP/glamping tickets for around that price, so why would you? Not at all. You enter the ballot in a group of whatever size you want (there wouldn't be a need for a cap either like there is now). Your group has a single ballot entry. Someone entering alone has a single ballot entry. Ballots are drawn one at a time, if your group ballot is drawn you get as many tickets as your group size, and then the next one is drawn. They keep going until they run out of tickets. Everyone has the exact* same chance of getting a ticket. (*as you drew ballots and allocated tickets, you might end up with just three tickets left at the end, at which point you'd obviously have to exclude groups of more than three from that final draw but it's statistically irrelevent).
  12. Actually many of them will be at home having failed to get tickets! There's no way for See's servers to differentiate between an auto-refresh program and manual refreshing other than by speed. So it stands to reason that there will be a point at which your manual refreshing becomes so fast it's assumed to be a bot.
  13. There's probably fewer incidents than in a similar size population anywhere else. It is indeed it's inevitable and surprising there hasn't been anything higher profile yet.
  14. I imagine with Beautiful Days they now have their own annual festival so less necessary?
  15. Yes but recent times have shown people are tired of smart, smart people. Who wants facts. So lets make them up. Maybe it'll win votes.