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  1. To an extent this is true. We could pick over Grenfell for years trying to lay blame but ultimately it doesn't matter. The next tragedy won't be Grenfell, it'll be something else. Something we don't see coming. The important question should be who will prevent that next tragedy. Except because we don't know what it will be, it means we have to try *everywhere*. One party is suggesting increasing funding to the services and increasing regulation on private companies. One party is suggesting decreasing funding to services and decreasing regulation on private companies. One way of doing things makes the "next Grenfell" a hell of a lot less likely.
  2. To a degree I think you're right. The payback terms on loans at the moment are okay. The problem is that they're not guaranteed, and it creates further inequality between the generations. For all but the highest earners (and those with rich parents who can pay them off) the current loans are a de-facto graduate tax: 9% of your income over 20k until they're written off after 30 years. Making it an actual graduate tax seems a no-brainer (those guys earning 60k+ who actually get the point of paying off the loan are really going to get arsey and upset and leave the country if they're asked to keep paying the 9%?) And of course if you did that, the number could be a lot lower than 9%. If you went a bit further, and extended it to everyone who had had a uni education at any point it could probably be 1%. I'd happily do it if that was the rule for everyone. The problem with just doing it unilaterally is that it's not a level playing field. I can only afford a house deposit right now with help from my parents, but house prices are so high because people like me are buying them with help from their parents....
  3. Construction has improved so mould is less common these days and things like central heating and double glazing are close to standard. And we have better ways to treat mould when it does occur. Shitty landlords still exist, but we make and fit better housing now.
  4. I won't deny there are some degrees of questionable worth unless you really want to practically get into that field. Photography etc. - things that would be better suited to apprenticeships anyway. But a lot of the more academic subjects that don't have many practical applications (History, Art, Literature, etc.) still teach you things beyond the degree itself. You learn how to learn, you learn self motivation, you learn critical thinking and so on. Even "hard" sciences do the same: few would argue that physics isn't a valuable subject, but reality is that we don't need that many physicists. But you're not going to figure out at 18 who the future physicists are either... Likewise I did computer science as a degree but that's complete overkill if you just want to be a software developer. Learn to code, start making things and the rest is best learned on the job. 90% of whatever else you learn will be useless. Knowledge of how super computers work isn't going to help you develop the online shopping cart for Tesco.
  5. No it isn't because we are not taxing people who got their education for free (or cheaper like me). And there are no guarantees that those loans can't be sold and have their terms changed. But yeah for new students it is effectively a graduate tax so might as well make it like that for everyone if you're happy with it!
  6. Graduate tax. Let everyone pay for their university education, but only in retrospect. More students means you make more in the future, so can fund more students. Don't saddle people with debt, saddle them with an obligation to help others in the future.
  7. Fair enough. Now can't you acknowledge that other people might also have health issues and have to stop but were unlucky enough to have them when they were younger, so didn't get to build a big private pension to live off? What are they meant to do? Indeed, what is someone in your situation who doesn't have the money meant to do? Die? That's the point of the song though, it's a worship song for atheists. Though my atheism doesn't stop me singing along with Christmas carols either...
  8. Interesting. So even by that logic we could raise it from where it is now and it would be productive. That simply isn't true. There are two things that got you where you are today. And this will be hard to hear. Because one of them is hard work. And the other is luck. The right circumstances aligned for you to be able to do everything you did, millions of tiny little things went the right way for you along the way and it wasn't down to hard work alone. Some of it was just dumb luck. And some big things too. You went right back to work after having a kid? Then you're lucky both you and the child were healthy enough that this was a viable option. Imagine your kid wasn't we'll. Imagine your kid needed more care and attention than you could offer and keep a full time job. And imagine someone comes along and says to you "well you just need to work harder, it's simple". Do you understand how heartless that sounds? Retired at 53 and you have the cheek to call others workshy?! Get a proper job!
  9. So the way these workshy scrounges make a good living is... working? Not saying they're not cheating the system, they clearly are, but to have the life they want they're also having to work. They're not scrounges, they're con men. Right but one party wants to invest in emergency services and increase regulation, the other wants to cut services pay and decrease regulation. Doesn't take a genius to work out which party is most likely to prevent such future disasters.
  10. It's not random though. It's a selection of people "that want to go to Glastonbury". It skews young, as people have already pointed out, but it skews in other ways too. It skews towards those without families as well for example. I'd imagine it's more like a 30/70 right/left split at most.
  11. Yes they would. Like I said as a general rule, companies don't lie in press releases. Twist the truth for sure, but it's very rare any company comes out and says something knowingly false. Especially when it's easily disproved. All it needs is for one of these angry workers who are annoyed with the festival to just show a copy of their zero-hour contract. They are proved right, Glastonbury is proven to have lied. And yet that hasn't happened. Glastonbury doesn't need to prove its innocence as there is no compelling evidence for its guilt. Just a video of a guy whose role is unknown claiming they were on zero hour contracts. (Realistically, given the Glastonbury statement, one could argue that maybe they were on ZHC's but informally promised 8 hours minimum, which they got. Maybe. Not that there's any practical difference then.)
  12. But they didn't though, and they've said they didn't. I agree, if they did it should be question, and it was questioned on this thread, and then they put out a statement saying they didn't. And as much as you might distrust companies, they tend not to outright lie, especially as all it needs is one worker to show a copy of their contract to disprove them. I mean, I heard Michael Eavis killed a man once. That goes against the ethos of the festival too. And so the festival should be questioned over that, right? Even though I just made it up and it's nonsense?
  13. The big Tory voting blocks are 'knocking on' too and if it's another five years, five years of them will be dead and there will be five years of more young people. If Lavour can keep the current momentum going they will walk the next election.
  14. So you believe they are lying about the workers not being on zero hour contacts then?
  15. Yup be we got a result that was against what was expected, which will always create a greater reaction in the crowd. For example, had remain won last year, I really don't think we would have seen huge celebrations on site for it.