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  1. Spliffs at Glastonbury

    Entirely random but I've never been searched in 12 festivals while the guys we camp with that look and dress like hippies got searched at around half of them.... For the police, sure. For security, they don't have the right to do anything, including searching you at all. On the other hand, they do have the right to deny you entry.
  2. Newbie with alcohol requirements

    8 pints and 24 shot measures a day! That would literally kill me. I doubt I'd last the first day. I never realise how much of a lightweight I actually am until I see threads like this!
  3. Camping / Festival Hacks!!

    Well the size of your wrist determines how big the hanging tassly bit can be. Wrist circumference varies hugely so it's perfectly possible for someone to have a good few inches more hanging off the end. A quick change in the wind and... I do find it worth bringing a small pair of scissors to cut off the excess regardless. Elsewhere, as others have suggested - bin bags are brilliant. They're a waterproof in an emergency. You can put them on the floor to sit on if it's wet/muddy (especially handy if you're in the Cabaret/Circus areas a lot). You can put muddy clothes in them and tie them up to stop the mud getting anywhere else. You can keep clean clothes in different ones to ensure they stay dry even following tent leakage/spillage...
  4. Shuttle Bus to Buy Alcohol

    There's a few places, though I appreciate those that get through 20 pints a day probably don't want to spend £500 on booze at the bars. I'm happy to be a lightweight!
  5. Coach travel help

    Yeah, if cheap alcohol (and not spirits) are that important, best bet is to get in, get set up, then take the shuttle bus out, buy booze there, shuttle back in again.
  6. James?

    I wouldn't mind the extra £35 if I hadn't already paid £50 per ticket. I did it once some years ago (they're my favourite band) and the soundcheck was fun and the notepad was nice. But yeah not really worth it. Everyone is at it now though. Got a similar offer through for the Ben Folds tour. But then in many ways this is price we pay now: tickets, merch and ticket add-ons get pushed hugely because acts don't make money off record sales any more. At least it's not paying for a "meet and greet" - bloody hate that - give us fifty quid to talk to us.
  7. It's not really an area anymore. Everything is in the tent, including the stalls and the stage.
  8. Reusable pint glasses

    They're an alternative to paper cups though?
  9. Efest member stats

    Well most forums have an off-topic board, so does this one. The weird part is that the Glastonbury forum is kinda of a sub-community of the Efests forum as a whole. I can't be the only one that pretty much only reads this forum and the front page. It'd probably make practical sense to have an off-topic sub-forum in the Glastonbury bit. But from a wider point of view of the forums as a whole, it's a bit weird.
  10. Mobile Phones

    It's also that in and of itself, that was exclusionary to people who couldn't deal with that sort of thing. It's part of a number of things over the past 10-15 years which have opened the festival up to more people, starting with the super fence. Obviously a lot of people object in general terms to the 'sort of people' who do attend the festival these days, but I always find making it more welcoming is for the better.
  11. TMZ report that Prince has passed away, aged 57

    Fairly sure it's a reference to this. If still a tad insensitive
  12. It'll depend on the license - I'd imagine the Leftfield would want to run something in the tent with footage, live commentary etc. Whether they'll be allowed to or not is in question. I don't know if they count as a 'main stage' or if they'd be able to do stuff in the same way Stonebridge Bar etc. can on the Thursday.
  13. Efest member stats

    If you did monthly or 3-monthly it could be done as a recurring payment and you might find a lot people don't bother to cancel.
  14. Mobile Phones

    One thing people should be aware of with threads like this is that this statement is absolutely true. And it's also why a significant number of people are put off from going or intimidated doing it. I had a year where I unexpectedly ended up doing the festival on my own (it was 2005 too) - I got some enjoyment out of it in the end but also struggled a fair bit - I'm not the type that can go talk to random strangers, probably spoke to around 3 people all weekend. I wouldn't do that again now. Except I would if I had a phone. If I had a way to retreat back to the normality of the outside world. For every person you see going "you used to be able to lose all your friends and it was great" there was someone going "oh god, what if I lose my friends and can't find them". I appreciate some people want it to be how it used to be, but you can get 95% of the way there by not taking your phone. Or turning it off. And try and spare a thought for those for whom a phone actually helps them deal with the experience. Maybe that girl you're seeing taking a selfie and posting it on Facebook isn't conceited, maybe she just needs an outside connection to help her cope with the sheer enormity of the festival. People filming the headliners when they know full well the entire set is shown on the BBC can fuck off though.
  15. not-Glastonbury 2018

    Just because it's not as good doesn't mean it can't be fantastic. And indeed, that they're running this as a fallow year thing, with the speculation being it could become permanent or even replace the Worthy festival in time, suggests they're doing just that slow build up.