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  1. Would you be fine doing a weekend city break on your own? If yes, you'll be fine on your own. In both cases it's easier if you're the sort that can strike up random conversations with strangers but equally there's enough going on to keep you occupied even if you don't.
  2. Longleat likely has nowhere near the drainage system Glastonbury now has though. So he'd have been looking at this year's festival and thinking: if we have that weather, it'll be even worse.
  3. I have a feeling it'll be a bit easier. I think most of the bookers also tend to be the drivers, and those are the ones who will have been most put off by the tailback of doom last year... Having said that, that could well now be cancelled out by the fallow year annoucement.
  4. A James festival set. This is the first time I've seen them lean so heavily on a new album for festival sets since they reformed. Maybe it's the first one they actually like, but normal 40-60min festival sets have been 2-3 new album tracks, 1 obscure old track, and the rest singles. Having seen them live 40+ times I've heard all that stuff before so was happy to hear the new stuff but it wasn't what I expected (or, I think, the right call).
  5. As a huge fan, I think they screwed it up. I mean I enjoyed it but with that slot and that crowd they needed to bring their a-game festival set and brought a new album set instead. I don't think they really won the crowd over.
  6. Well that probably depends on how you define idiot. But once you get in to that territory it's reducto ad absurdum. Do we ban cars in case the mentally ill walk out into traffic? Or plug sockets in case someone electrocutes themselves? Or over-the-counter meds as you can overdose on those too? Drugs are far from the most dangerous thing in our society and 99% of the danger that does exist with them comes from the illiegalisation of them. Let people do what they want with their own bodies. It shouldn't be anyone else's business.
  7. If they overdose or don't take take the right care when they've been told exactly what to do then they're still idiots, regardless of how fascinating or how many PhDs they have. Sorry but I just don't think drugs need to be kept illegal just because some people will miss use them.
  8. There's a 100% effective way to ensure absolutely no-one dies from drugs at the festival and that's to strip-search everyone going in and adopt a complete zero tolerance policy. I'd assume you wouldn't be in favour of that, even though it would provably save lives? You probably value those civil liberties more. But yeah, I'm one of those Daily Mail readers, we're known for our hard line stance on total legalisation of all drugs everywhere. It's one of their regular campaigns. "Legalise smack now" is often the page three headline after "did immigrants die" and "starlet's cellulite scandal".
  9. I'll be honest - my goal isn't to save lives. I'm in the "legalise it all and let them kill themselves if they want" group. If people are correctly educated on the dangers and there's a guarantee that what they're buying is what they say it is, then if some people want to be idiots that's their business. This sort of thing essentially protects people from something that wouldn't be a problem if you just legalised it all.
  10. Why just festivals though? I'm pro legalisation of all drugs but less convinced by these half measures - they almost seem like a step away from that and not towards.
  11. Alcohol, the chemical compound is a diuretic - so it reduces the body's ability to absorb water. Cider contains both alcohol and water, amongst other stuff. So you're doing both.
  12. Everyone's bodies will react to different things different, and some weather will suit some more than others. Some people coped with 2010 fine, others really struggled, same this year. Only thing that bothers me is people who haven't done a proper hot one right up assuming they could deal with it fine. Unless you go out and spend five days in boiling sun with no shade, you won't know how your body reacts. It's very different to a holiday in the south of France.
  13. Not more than the heat - but the heat is just a few hours in the morning. Space blankets would rustle all night. Already wear earplugs but it's the sort of noise you'd hear through and would drive me mad!
  14. I'm a light sleeper so the noise would drive me crazy.
  15. And 16/18 year olds' celebrating the end of exams. There's a reason V and Reading/Leeds have become what they are. As for the weather - if you weren't there in 2010, be wary of calling those who were nutters. Blazing hot sun for 5 days straight and no shade, except for in the marquees, which are boiling. And no shade at all on Weds/Thurs. It's a bit better now as there are more undercover bars and such but still not enough to fit the entire site in. So no choice but to just let the sun beat down on you. There's shade in your tent, but it's literally too hot to even breathe in there. It's nice when the sun goes down, but you dare not stay out too late because when the sun comes up in the morning your tent will swiftly become an oven so a lie in is out of the question. And it's not just a "regular sunny weather uncomfortable tent in the morning" feeling. It's "oh my god get me out of here I can barely breathe". You stop drinking alcohol after a while, as it's a challenge to stay hydrated even without something in your system that decreases how much you can absorb. That's not to say you can't have a good festival, or it'll be worse than a muddy one. Just that it's not like a holiday abroad. And if you've not spent a few days straight in heavy sun with no shade before, don't assume your body can handle it fine. If you were in 2010, just appreciate that people react to stuff differently. I even found Thursday last year quite challenging, was really exhausted by the end of the day, but as soon as the sun went down, I got my energy back. Just as muddy ones are generally easier for those in shape, some people are going to handle very hot ones differently.