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  1. Sitting in front of the TV on a camping chair, pausing occasionally to piss in a bottle. And queueing for 10 hours to enter or leave my house
  2. Best ticket buying experience AXS

    After years of joy and frustration, I do like the fact that the system lets tickets trickle out, so much so that you can affect your own luck by simply retrying (and I don't mean twice, like, lots). And the time honoured method of having a lot of friends trying for you. Play the numbers game! All who truly want a ticket always go.
  3. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    I hope there will be some exceptions
  4. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Men of the Bottle unite. It really is the way forward.
  5. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Though of course you'd be queueing for 5 minutes on a Thursday afternoon before calmly strolling up to the Pyramid and plonking your tent in front of it
  6. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Despite how it may feel at times, Glastonbury is within the developed world, and most of its attendees spend their time within it.
  7. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Only if you're going to piss in them.
  8. Glastonbury evolves

    Are you letting your registration lapse?
  9. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    I think the reason that plastic bottles are discouraged is that, eventually, they end up in a bin.
  10. Pink Floyd?

    Russycarps's ghostwriter revealed.
  11. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    2019 Lenore Bottle revealed:
  12. Glastonbury Spelling errors

    Soixante Neuf
  13. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    You can't have Slade every year you know
  14. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    As always, not a bad set of turns for £20 tickets. Atmosphere wise though, these events are like being on a bus during the school run
  15. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Queen + Adam Lambert may or may not be playing stadiums this summer. Anyone got some actual info? Here is some Innuendo and conjecture: Sat June 23rd - Etihad Stadium Manchester Weds June 27th - Hampden Park Glasgow Fri June 29th - Wembley Stadium London Sat June 30th - Wembley Stadium London

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