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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Queen + Adam Lambert may or may not be playing stadiums this summer. Anyone got some actual info? Here is some Innuendo and conjecture: Sat June 23rd - Etihad Stadium Manchester Weds June 27th - Hampden Park Glasgow Fri June 29th - Wembley Stadium London Sat June 30th - Wembley Stadium London
  2. Glitter ban?

    You'll be able to buy a small bag of it up at the stone circle if you ask around
  3. Acts you don't "get"

    Eagles of Death Metal - all the songs basically sound the same, and the frontman really showed himself up in the wake of Bataclan.
  4. Acts you don't "get"

    Bloc Party. I mean, what is that about? Posh people bands. You know the ones.
  5. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Bloke actually comes across quite well on this
  6. Glastonbury Mental Health

    On the subject of Frank Sanazi - on Friday night got away from the masses to see him do his 'Tom Moans' act, followed by Phill Jupitus. Enjoyed both immensely.
  7. 20 years of eFestivals

    'Michael Eavis is a farmer' confirmed
  8. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    The food alone would have most people back in the time machine to 2017.
  9. Secret resales

    "First out of the taxi, last to the bar"
  10. Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    I think I'd always prefer to pay £250 and know I'm getting in than have to turn up empty handed and chance it
  11. Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    Definitely. Have seen security tell people to basically stop waving it about so they don't have to react to it. But otherwise they couldn't give a bollocks. The free consumption of drugs puts food on their tables
  12. Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    Fine, presumably. It's if you say something that disagrees with the record that you're in trouble.
  13. Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    I wish I could meet someone like this. For insurance purposes...
  14. Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    They'd presumably only have the history of the reg number to hand... so if you re-reg'd as many had to last year...
  15. Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    Seetickets has a fibre link to Merseyside for ticket day