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  1. We went to Radiohead but hightailed it at the climax of Karma Police and were up by the sound desk of the Lips for the start of ...Hypnotist? Unbelievable show. Do You Realize??? was incredibly moving.
  2. It's too hot for me, someone build me a joke out of 'Milk was a bad choice' and the festival taking place on a dairy farm
  3. Set off yesterday morning from Luxembourg, tunnel late afternoon, staying over in Gloucestershire today/tomorrow, then picking up the rest of the crew Weds morning and heading to site... (return journey in one go on Monday is going to be a mission.)
  4. This has come up every year since 2013 - the Park closes early on Sundays since the last fallow year. It doesn't stop people heading up there in the hope of catching someone they've heard 'rumoured' - not helped by the stage crew keeping the lights on after the headliner until about 1am!
  5. Red Lion of Luxembourg. Friday is the Luxembourg National Day (Lëtzebuerger Nationalfeierdag) so will be taking it around site - raise a glass if you see it around! (There will be free Luxembourgish wine dispensed underneath it)
  6. Lauren Laverne just said Dutch Uncles are playing the Crows Nest (and WG) this year - anyone seen any other listings for the Crows Nest yet? Nothing on their Twitter.
  7. It does seems to be turning a bit after the last couple of positive days.
  8. I think the Craft Tavern in the Theatre fields is the one pouring the Brooklyn beers (and, I assume Grimbergen and the other Carlsberg distributed 'craft' lines etc).
  9. We need this updated - http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/bars/
  10. I know one of the Brooklyn brand team and they've said they're working the festival pouring the beers - however she didn't know which bar she was on. It sounds like it might just be one of the bars that has the beers though, hence it'd be good to know which one!
  11. One of the bars on site will be mostly serving Brooklyn Brewery beers (presumably on the back of this tie-up between them and Carlsberg... http://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/Drinks/Beer/Carlsberg-joins-forces-with-Brooklyn-Brewery) - but does anyone know which one?
  12. In 2019 I want Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift and Blur subbed by Kendrick, QOTSA and a reunited Keane, any order. Legend slot to A-ha or something. And get a Prince tribute act to open the Pyramid or just bang his greatest hits out for an hour, let's have a dance. And, also, you should win stuff by watching
  13. From the press release here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/bbc-music-six-year-partnership-glastonbury BBC Music today announces a historic deal to bring the glory of Glastonbury to BBC audiences for the next five festivals. The world’s most famous music festival will be broadcast on the BBC until 2022, including the festival’s 50th anniversary year in 2020, and 2022, the BBC’s 100th anniversary year. There will be a fallow year in 2018. Bob Shennan, BBC Director of Radio and Music, says: “This partnership confirms our ongoing commitment to placing music centre stage on the BBC, and presenting our programmes to a global audience via radio, online, television and BBC Red Button. As Glastonbury is one of the world’s leading musical celebrations, I’m delighted that the BBC will be its broadcast home until 2022, the BBC’s 100th anniversary year, bringing the magical joy of Worthy Farm to everyone, whether at home or on the move.” Emily Eavis says: “We have worked closely with a fantastic team at the BBC since 1997, it has become an integral part of what we do at Glastonbury. Together we have created something really special - two decades of historic live broadcast from many of the biggest names in contemporary music. We are all very excited to look ahead to another five Glastonburys alongside the much treasured BBC.”
  14. They just had this on 6Music again now, talking about them being announced as playing yesterday (which they weren't), along with an excerpt of him talking about the festival. Incidentally the Guardian article has been updated to say two artists were removed from their list of confirmations... which ones?
  15. Looks like the outdoor shows will be followed by some indoor shows played in the round - Luxembourg on July 8th went on sale today: http://www.atelier.lu/Upcoming-Shows/Arcade-Fire-360-stage