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University of Westminster Sustainability Web Festival 2021 - From the Roots up

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The University of Westminster Sustainability Web Festival of 2021 will be running this year from the 29th March to the 4th April.

The Festival, created by the Event Design and Management Masters students, will be  aligned with the University's sustainability objectives and is open for everyone to attend. During this week, many topics around sustainability will be covered including cooking, education, cleaning, fashion, health and wellbeing, tourism, and much more.

From the 29th March to the 4th April, the students will host ‘Let’s Move It’, ‘The Vegan Challenge’, ‘Looks that Last’, ‘Travelling Differently’, ‘Sustainable Spring Cleaning’, ‘GreenEvent 2021’, and an end of festival Raffle. 

This year, the University of Westminster Sustainability Web Festival is aiming to promote and enhance the university's sustainability objectives through a series of individual events. It includes: to educate on a sustainable lifestyle and raise awareness on health and wellbeing of staff and students; to inspire individuals to adopt a more sustainable routine by introducing a range of approaches; and finally, to deliver an enjoyable and engaging festival through a virtual platform in a sustainable manner.

So far, brands such as Olio, 100% BIOLOGICO, Blue Farm, BKIND, Rawlala, Too Good To Go, and Love K-POP Dance London have been involved and many great presenters such as GreenPeace, Beer Li, the Female Glaze, Darryl Cheng and Miffy Englefield will be seen during the week-long festivities. 

Visit the festival website now to learn more about all the great events coming up at: https://sites.google.com/view/sustainability-web-festival/home?authuser=0 


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