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Creamfields 2020

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First time ever going to creamfields and was just curious about a few things. I’m going in gold camp:-


what’s included in gold camp? 
what’s the complimentary meal like? 
what do I wear 🤷🏻‍♀️
what’s in the pamper tent? 
is the gold camp far from arena? 
is there anything on after the acts have finished? 

any info you have, throw it at me!!😂

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You'll probably wait forever for a reply but from what i know (I went to Creamfields between 2009-2013)

  • No idea
  • Complimentary meal? WTF is that?
  • Are you M or F?
  • Pamper tents, Schmanper tents
  • No idea
  • Acts usually went on until 5/6am after the headliners finished

My best advice would be to stash anything not legal somewhere it won't be found. Dogs and more dogs will greet you on your way in :)

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Gold camp last yr was big depends when u arrive thuraday ull be closer saturday further away but not far.  Saturday dont finish till 4am sunday by time u bk will be 5 or 6 if u hanh aroubd like most of us.  Shower toilets in gold showers have big queues i found go early or doht bother included meal is ok like chicken potaros veg that kind of stuff or a pizza in the price eat it.  I doing dreamfields this yr its not gonna be cold i wear knee length shorts regardkess of weatyee skin deys quick if it rains bring welloes if weayher looks dodgy how long u going for

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