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  1. Never really had any probs or seen any. This 3rd yr in a row for me.
  2. How long u thinking of going?? This will be my 3rd yr in row. I solo for thurs and fri friends arrive sat
  3. Gold camp last yr was big depends when u arrive thuraday ull be closer saturday further away but not far. Saturday dont finish till 4am sunday by time u bk will be 5 or 6 if u hanh aroubd like most of us. Shower toilets in gold showers have big queues i found go early or doht bother included meal is ok like chicken potaros veg that kind of stuff or a pizza in the price eat it. I doing dreamfields this yr its not gonna be cold i wear knee length shorts regardkess of weatyee skin deys quick if it rains bring welloes if weayher looks dodgy how long u going for
  4. Have a booking for dreamfields first time dine this been standard and gold previously. It say u get a socket for charging appliances what does this mean??? Also does dreamfields have own car park or do u go in otherones reason is we get 2 car park passes but probably be in 3 cars.
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