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General Reading infos for strangers :)

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Hi everyone! we are coming from France and i have a few questions for the ones who already know the festival... I already sent a message to the organisation but they couldn't answer me...

- Do you know if there is enough taxis at the end of each day? I mean will we have to wait 3 hours or is this organisation flowless? As we will stay in henley-on thames...

- I saw the timetable for the 2018 edition, the concerts usually ends pretty early (10.30pm or 11.30pm) is the site closed after that or is there DJ sets or after parties?

Thanks guys!



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Taxis wont be a problem, there is an organised system about 3-4 minutes walk from the main stage.

Exit the main stage to the left (as you look at it). The exit is only open late at night, not sure exactly when but its before the last act finishes.

There are a number of organised late night activities, Im not sure how late the taxis will be easy to come by.

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