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Found 38 results

  1. As an advanced warning, R&L are taking a zero tolerance policy towards banned/illegal substances. Following unfortunate incidents at last years events they are cracking down. Any illegal substance found will be confiscated and destroyed. Any persons found with said items will be given a permanent ban from all FestivalRepublic events & also handed over to on site police where their final fate is decided.
  2. Sooo, starting a thread here to see if anyone knows when the lineup is gonna drop- last years came out in November 2018, does anyone have like a vague guess as to when it may get released?
  3. Hi Everyone! In need of help. I went to Leeds fest last year and didn't particularly like it; as it was full of very young teenagers getting drugged up. I'm 21 and found it hard to find people my own age. I'm really contemplating going to Reading this year. What is everyone's experiences on them both?
  4. I couldn't find a 'books' thread on here, well certainly nothing in the recent search items. So what's everyone reading at the moment? I'm currently reading The Secret Barrister - Stories of the Law and How It's Broken. Only a couple of chapters in but it has me hooked so far. I've always had a huge interest in the law, I studied it at uni and compliance sits under my remit at work. Made some purchases today - The Strange Death of Europe, Tim Marshall's Divided, How Democracies Die & How Britain Really Works. I read mostly non-fiction these days, but do like a good story every so often. George Orwell's 1984 is my all-time favourite read, which probably isn't a huge surprise given what I read generally.
  5. What's the best concert you have ever been to? For me it was Tame Impala at Glastonbury 2019, headlining the other stage. The show was just incredible. I love Tame Impala anyway; but i just remember stopping for a second looking round and being frozen in time for a split second. I felt so much comfort and relaxed in this moment. Also they played really well.
  6. Poll up, poll up! Ladies and gentlemen please, what can be done to help encourage people to take their belongings with them? Especially after Reading Festival, but I guess it applies across the board.
  7. Could we have a separate discussion area with a big link to discuss ideas for how to reduce festival waste, encourage people to take their tents home, make festivals greener etc? I've got about 20 ideas I would like to share and get feedback on (and potentially then send to the organisers/council to try to make them happen). I also want to see other people's ideas. Does such a thing already exist somewhere else? For me it is mostly about Reading Festival as that is the one nearest me, and the one I went to during the aftermath this year to salvage tents to send to refugees (and please don't be misled on this subject - people volunteer to salvage tents but the number left behind is approximately 100x larger than the number it is physically possible for us to salvage in the time allowed, with the number of volunteers we have - don't kid yourselves, virtually everything that's left behind goes into landfill/incineration ya filthy animals!) Ideas from/for other festivals are welcome too though.
  8. So I have been put onto guestlist for Reading next week just for the day and am not too sure how it works. I’ve seen a few people say this means I have access to a guest area and nice loos but I have also seen people say it means you are able to go side stage aswell. If so, can someone just name everything I am able to do as a Guest and if it is the same as VIP? If not, how can I get VIP as I have got this ticket from one of the artist’s crew members. I’d like to see them from the side of the stage
  9. Got an early bird ticket to get in on wednesday evening, gates open at 6 and was wondering if anyone knew from previous experiences how long the queues are for when they first open at 6? how long will it take to get into the festival with the queues at 6 on wednesday eve?
  10. We have a 6am departure on Thursday from Reading on a coach. Based on last year, what sort of journey time should we expect? Last year we drove early on Wednesday and didn’t hit any traffic at all! But then had to cue in the heat for about 4hrs!!
  11. Oof123


    Do you think it’s worth getting a locker? Is it worth the money? My mother wants me to get one, it’s the first time I’ve been to a festival. And has anyone got advice on safety tips and how to keep clothes and stuff safe?
  12. I have just finished school, Iwill be 16 this summer. I was Going to reading this year until I got in trouble at school for a petty thing (in January) on the day she claimed I wasn’t allowed to go so I haven’t asked since. My birthday will be coming up soon but I need help on to how I can convince her, any help?
  13. Hi everyone! we are coming from France and i have a few questions for the ones who already know the festival... I already sent a message to the organisation but they couldn't answer me... - Do you know if there is enough taxis at the end of each day? I mean will we have to wait 3 hours or is this organisation flowless? As we will stay in henley-on thames... - I saw the timetable for the 2018 edition, the concerts usually ends pretty early (10.30pm or 11.30pm) is the site closed after that or is there DJ sets or after parties? Thanks guys! Sam
  14. Hi guys, I am currently investigating the motivations that drive people to attend music festivals.. also how festivals have changed over the years. If anyone could answer my questionnaire it would be amazing! I came here because I know everyone is passionate about festivals and I still need to gather some detailed answers for my resaech, won’t take longer than 5 mins! Thankyou! https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/8kePVTOG#!/0
  15. Who do we think will be in the next announcement with The Pit and 1Xtra stages yet TBA, also a R1 headliner as well as R1 and main stages being filled?
  16. Hello if you have a moment could you please complete my survey on the influence of festivals on an individuals behaviour / opinions. https://unioflincoln.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0fxUIYQyksp012R
  17. Oof123

    Leeds fest

    Has anyone got advice for people with anxiety going to festivals? URGENT
  18. Any advice on people with anxiety going to big festivals?
  19. I just bought a ticket for Leeds fest but have really bad anxiety, I was thinking I’d feel better by then but I’m really worrying about it. Do you think they will give me a refund?
  20. Hey :) Its gonna be my first time at Reading and I have some questions about the tickets... Im not from the uk so the mail they sent me when I bought the ticket said I'll have to pick them up from a venue... Will I need to bring the credit card I paid with? Do they require any ID at the entrence? theres a chance I'll have to sell my tickets so I want to be sure... THANKS!!
  21. my prediction - The 1975, Vampire Weekend, Catfish?? Foos or Twentyonepilots?
  22. So who do we all reckon will be there next year, headliners, secret acts. also what sort of genre do you all reckon the majority of the festival will be.
  23. Hello!! Due to not so organised friends it appears I'm going to Reading festival alone, is there anyone else in the same boat as me??? Or a thread Im not aware of. Travelling from Wales and have Early Bird tickets!
  24. Hi. I need a weekend ticket for Reading I live in Kent and would prefer to do it face to face to know its not a scam. I cannot drive currently so the seller would have to come to me. Serious offers only.
  25. Hi everyone - I'm 27 and planning on camping this year at Reading but with a small group of similarly aged guys. I've camped in purple and green before, but wanted to ask if it's true that the further away campsites (white and the tip of brown) contain older groups of people. Nothing wrong with green and purple but would prefer camping around people closer to our own age! Average age in green/purple was probably about 18! Many thanks!
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