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  1. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    If you've been to Glastonbury, then I'd say imagine the Glade plus Avalon plus a touch of the green fields and acoustic - add 10 years to the average age of the punters and £1 off the price of a pint, and you'd be getting there.
  2. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    It certainly the case that they are less successful here than on the continent - that is true - but I'm still pleased and surprised to see them at Bearded, given the sort of festival slot I understand they are used to. I lost interest in them myself around about album three, but the new one - Violence - is a return to form in my view, and perhaps I've been influenced by when I saw them - I thought they had a real presence about them - a proper headlining performance - and I was by no means a fanboy expected that. Perhaps I'd have been better off saying - "if you used to like the Editors, and then changed your mind, then give them another go - you might be pleasantly surprised!"
  3. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    The fact that Editors are not headlining just shows how much the festival has grown. They certainly put on a headlining show - saw them back in October and they were outstanding. As good as they were when the first two albums came out, in my view. Editors followed by SLFs followed by Transglobal - worth the price of admission alone
  4. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    They say on 't twittersphere "7pm we announce a few more and loads more to come after that." which to me suggests we should lower expectations.
  5. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    I don't think I've ever been accused of being far too nice - I'll bank that!
  6. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    Folk are being a tad harsh regarding this fellow and his rumour, it seems to me. My thinking is that he heard something, didn't feel comfortable saying out loud, so (admittedly foolishly) suggested that he'd have a quiet word in the ear of anyone super keen to hear. Immediately, he gets an avalanche of PM requests and the penny drops telling anyone is as good as telling everyone. Was he naive? Very probably, but it takes regular visits here to realise how avariciously the mere whiff of a rumour will be pounced on here. Hopefully we'll find out his deepest, darkness secret tomorrow, so it's all good - let us not judge, lest we be judged.
  7. sparkythetortoise

    Who was the first act you saw at Glastonbury?

    Which explains why I didn't catch it - cheers
  8. sparkythetortoise

    Who was the first act you saw at Glastonbury?

    I rarely miss an appearance of the lesser spotted Turner, and they do all tend to blend into one, but I'm struggling to recall this one. Could you put my OCD addled mind at rest and tell me what stage he was on?
  9. sparkythetortoise

    Glastonbury Related Dreams and Nightmares

    I had a dream a couple of night ago which pretty much entirely consisted of me and my regular Glastonbury chum, having stopped off at a service station on the way, arguing about whether of not that tree towards the back of the Pyramid stage should be cut down. ...I was against, by the way
  10. sparkythetortoise

    Away from the main stages/areas, what are your favourite places?

    Paging through, seeing if anyone has mentioned Mandala - might have known it would be you, Mr Blackhole, a man of impeccable taste. Who would want to be in anyone else's company but Melissa and Colin (officially the nicest bloke on the planet) before doing the famous Train of Thought dance while Whimwise knacker out the car batteries that have been drafted in cos no one had been on the bike. Fabulous place with fantastic, warm friendly people, all off their box as the schedule goes merrily into the bin - oh, and lets not forget Nik Turner's jam - three hours of parping on the sax along with all his mates - priceless. This time next June we must make a point of introducing ourselves - Lord knows we'll be the only people in the audience!
  11. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    Oh Blast - don't know where I got that from. Dreamed it probably. Which has just reminded me - had my first Glastonbury dream last night. Was on my way, stopped off at a service station, and ended up having an argument with my mate over whether ME should cut that tree in the middle of the Pyramid field. ...sorry, went off topic there. Sign of my increasing age
  12. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    Did I just imagine this, or were we supposed to have had some Bearded news by now? Has there been some news and I just missed it? I think it was early November last year but I thought they said October this time round
  13. sparkythetortoise

    Metal/Hard Rock/Alt Rock/Punk at Glastonbury 2019

    I was pretty sceptical given the absence of Biafra (saw him with the band an age ago and he was mesmerising) but the new fellow made a good fist of it, I thought. Its the Damned for me, though - about the same time on the Hell Stage would be the perfect sorbet for all the Glasto fluffiness
  14. sparkythetortoise

    Friend or Foe? - Glastonbury festival volunteering.

    Having recycled for quite a few years now, I get quite touchy when people speak of a free ticket. ”It’s not free,” I say testily. “I simply pay for my ticket with my labour.” It would be nice to think, in an ideal world, that all people working at the festival should be paid, with free time to explore the festival coming as an incidental extra as a result of being on site. However, as far as recycling goes, I take the view that if I was paid it would simply mean less money going to the charity Michael chooses to send money too, and I trust him to do the right thing. So by working for nothing I am effectively making a charitable donation of the wage I should have been paid, something I am happy to do. I dare say the same could be said of the smaller charities who offer up litter pickers and the stewards of Oxfam. The trouble is that this has normalised the idea of working your ticket, which allows commercial companies to draft in “volunteers” purely as a means of lowering their bid for a contract. Not only do workers have to pay a deposit, but a proportion of that is retained as a bogus “admin fee”. So people end up paying to work for these companies, who nevertheless make a profit. No one forces people to apply, of course, but then no one forces workers to accept less than the minimum wage – that doesn’t make offering it right. The fact is that there will always be someone so desperate to attend a festival that they are prepared to accept what is a pretty rotten deal and unfettered it’s a trend that will surely only increase over the years. It seems to me that only non-profit making charities should use volunteers – if you are making money, then you should share it with your workers, and certainly not charge them for the privilege of earning you a profit. Rant over ...in summary, that will be foe, then.
  15. sparkythetortoise

    Best Glastonbury book: something to do while it pisses it down

    I picked up a copy of "FESTIVAL: The Glastonbury Novel" by David Belbin from a charity shop a couple of years back. Its a novel for teenagers, so bear in mind it revolves around tangled relationships rather than the long drops and the best route from West Holts to Pyramid, and its not exactly great literature, but it's sort of fun and gives you a flavour of what it was like to go to your first one. Can't think it's still in print but available on kindle I imagine