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  1. sparkythetortoise

    Anyone recently quit smoking?

    For me, vaping e-cigs were my downfall last time I packed it in. Different for everyone, but I found they didn't hit the spot, but were enough to remind me of what I was missing. At festivals I reckon I regress to an adolescent, and the naughtiness of a ciggie is part of the appeal, if not the main appeal. Fake fags are just too virtuous for me, so I'd steer clear, but that's just me. As for strategies, it's been weighing on my mind lately, being as I am in my longest abstinence to date - last one was around August - and I know I'll fall from grace if not careful. The thing that has kept me on the wagon so far, on the occasions when I could have pinched a sneaky one from someone, is to value the record length of time as a thing to hold onto. Right now, I have a "record" of six months. If I have one cigarette - lasting 5 mins - I will lose that record for good - no way I can get it back. And once the record is gone, why not have a second, then a third? There's even a chance you'll be so disappointed with yourself that it might spoil your festival. So my tip (feeble though it probably is, it's what I'll be trying) is to not just value "not smoking", which you'll convince yourself you can always go back to, but to value the record time so far achieved, which once blown with just the one, cannot be regained. Whatever happens, good luck to you!
  2. sparkythetortoise

    Acid Mothers Temple

    Yep - that's the folk - although Acid Mother Temple is strictly a broader church, they seem to now call Melting Para whatnot by that name
  3. sparkythetortoise

    Acid Mothers Temple

    Superbly bonkers outfit - saw them at Bluedot last year - so loud there were kids running out the tent crying as I approached. Part of the wider Gong/System 7 family, I believe, so how about a Gong night at the Glade? I would wet myself with excitement. There's a review, if you're interested, of them on egigs https://www.egigs.co.uk/reviews/?a=15569
  4. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    So if that announcement was Sunday, is that next week,as in the week that is very nearly finished, or next week as in the week which is due to start in a couple of days?
  5. sparkythetortoise

    Latitude 2019

    Probably the same here, but enjoyed both last year - what kind of cock up does it take to shift two festivals with a similar appeal so they clash - bonkers!
  6. sparkythetortoise

    Latitude 2019

    Blimey - you are quite right. Funny how the memory plays tricks. It means, embarrassingly, my inappropriate crush led to me seeing her again a week later at Bluedot, where she was just as good, incidentally. And now I come to think of it, I do now remember idly thinking - good to see her knee has got better.
  7. sparkythetortoise

    Latitude 2019

    My eternal love for Nadine Shah is the one thing that keeps me hoping there'll be more of interest in the next announcement - did you see her in the film tent a couple of years back - best act all weekend
  8. sparkythetortoise

    Emerging Talent Competition 2019

    I remember seeing you at the WOW festival near Burston back in 2017 - thought you were very good. Best of luck.
  9. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    They headlined Bluedot last year, which is about the same size (I think)
  10. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    Top marks
  11. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    If you've been to Glastonbury, then I'd say imagine the Glade plus Avalon plus a touch of the green fields and acoustic - add 10 years to the average age of the punters and £1 off the price of a pint, and you'd be getting there.
  12. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    It certainly the case that they are less successful here than on the continent - that is true - but I'm still pleased and surprised to see them at Bearded, given the sort of festival slot I understand they are used to. I lost interest in them myself around about album three, but the new one - Violence - is a return to form in my view, and perhaps I've been influenced by when I saw them - I thought they had a real presence about them - a proper headlining performance - and I was by no means a fanboy expected that. Perhaps I'd have been better off saying - "if you used to like the Editors, and then changed your mind, then give them another go - you might be pleasantly surprised!"
  13. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    The fact that Editors are not headlining just shows how much the festival has grown. They certainly put on a headlining show - saw them back in October and they were outstanding. As good as they were when the first two albums came out, in my view. Editors followed by SLFs followed by Transglobal - worth the price of admission alone
  14. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    They say on 't twittersphere "7pm we announce a few more and loads more to come after that." which to me suggests we should lower expectations.
  15. sparkythetortoise

    Bearded Theory 2019

    I don't think I've ever been accused of being far too nice - I'll bank that!