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  1. You should have no problem. Living fairly close, I sometimes drive home at night, returning the next day. As for the camping, I seem to remember the day campers are given an area inbetween the weekend parking and the entrance to the weekend camping.The maps changed, so this may have too, but I doubt they will be in dramatically different areas. Bearing in mind that parking is free, you can pretty much drive in and out of any carpark you want, dictated by which is most convenient for you, and then wander about pretty freely.
  2. Me again - I've just remembered that a few years back my letter did go missing. I contacted Fiona and she sent me a pdf of the letter, which I printed out and used to get myself in. If it doesn't turn up, I would suggest going that route.
  3. Not meaning to add to your worries but best you know that I got my letter last week, and my mate, living in a different part of the country, got his in the same post. You really should be getting it soon, I'd have thought.
  4. The Philip Glass was a festival highlight for me - love a bit of Glass, do I - horses for courses and all that. Hazlewood's always interesting,, you're right there - right back from when he did Terry Riley in the Glade, though I thought the video game thing he did was a bit indulgent
  5. This is a particular excellent tip - odd booking for Croissant Neuf but I shall be there. Here's the thing though. I convince myself I've looked up all there is to see, reconcile myself to multi clashes followed by fallow periods, settle in my ways and then start reading a thread like this - immediately, I've more must sees, more OCD clash issues, and I've got to start colouring in my clashfinder all over again - its all very stressful, don't you know
  6. Er...shouldn't that be the Sasperella Paradigm?
  7. Wormholes collapse time - it's obviously a portal to the 1970 Pilton Pop Festival
  8. England's Dreaming - Jon Savage - everything you need to know about punk - and therefore the times - brilliantly written and fascinating, whether or not you were there at the time,
  9. Since finding out they were on the Saturday, which in my gut I just knew would be the case, I've been dwelling on it like a sulky schoolboy, hatching plans worthy of the Great Escape, pouring over the map to work out the optimum route from Park to Acoustic, toying over requesting shift changes, looking up 2017 clashfinder to see how early we finished back then, and all manner of activity frankly unbecoming for a man of my mature years. In my fantasy schedule, the Acoustic goes back to the old timetable - so that Keane goes on at around 9, with Hawkwind in a special late night slot, I get to see them, as a choir of angels, each sporting an Eavis beard, sings from the heavens in glorious celebration. Ridiculous, really - my head tells me it will be a just another Hawkwind gig, and probably not at their best, but my heart says Hawkwind at Glastonbury - something I thought would never come to pass again.
  10. Thanks for that - tis as I expected - an early arrival as the Keane fans stream out the tent in horror at the prospect of hearing Sonic Attack would have been perfect. Sadly, at that point, I will at best be legging it from the Park Stage, having spent a few hours fishing around for crap that the youth of today have generously left on the ground to give me something to do. Had a similar experience last year and had to console myself with occasional glimpses of Francis Rossi's ponytail from stage right, grumpily wondering why I hadn't just stayed to watch Flaming Lips instead
  11. Can I press you on that insight? Thing is, it's not a tent I usually go to, and if I do it always seems uncomfortably crowded, with pretty crappy sound, but I thought maybe I was just unlucky. Are you saying its always like that, at least later on in the day? I am definitely not 6' 4" and due to working will be arriving late (at best) for the Hawkwind set, which despite the poor venue I feel a sort of absurd duty to see because, well, its Hawkwind at Glastonbury, maan. If its going to rammed with poor sightlines for short arse 5' 8" me, who is therefore going to see bugger all, maybe I'll slack off elsewhere.
  12. Bugger me - the only thing I want to see in that tent all weekend - Hawkwind - and I'm on shift. There was a weary inevitability to it, but I'm still gutted. Still, mustn't grumble, There's always Mark Billingham and Val McDermod murdering on a few tunes - good grief ...actually, Eric Bibb is pretty good, in fairness
  13. Well at least I didn't create Ghandi's Flip Flop out of my head! I guess I just go looking for an obviously Indian food outlet selling bacon butties in the morning - can't be many of them
  14. Cheers for that - I shall check it out - I'm thinking it might be Gandi's flipflop, but may well have just made that up out of no where
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