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  1. Didn't get anywhere near. Missed out last year so I can cope but my uncle had put all his eggs in one Glastonbury themed basket so I'm annoyed on his behalf. Off out this afternoon so gna have a good drink, slag the Eavis family and every single f**king dweeb who works for See tickets off, book Krankenhaus tickets, book flights to New York or San Francisco and forget about it. Might even go to Las Vegas and get married. All ticketless posters are invited. sh*t lineup anyway.
  2. I'm planning to spend loads more time in the SE tea tent this year as I only really gave it my proper attention last year.
  3. We're going by coach so won't be able to do the Wednesday but really pleased to read that there will be stuff on from dinnertime on the Thursday so we can get straight into things as soon as the tent is up. Can't wait and it will be here before we know.it!
  4. Bad Seeds would have made me desperate for a ticket in the resale but I don't know if there was even a chance of that anyway. Not blown away by it but there are still plenty acts I'm well into on there and a good few that I'd love to see for the first time. At the end of the day I'm sure we'd all go even if there was no lineup announced because it's f**king Glastonbury and there will ALWAYS be sumert somewhere that interests/amuses/inspires you anyway. I'm desperate for a ticket.
  5. I enjoyed Interpol last year and not once did I look over my shoulder and think about crowd size. Means nowt really. Watched The Turbans with 4 other people at Glastonbury one year and it was my favourite set of the week. Just felt like I needed to say that. I can't wait for Bearded this year. There were a few bands on the initial announcement I was interested in seeing and I love the place anyway but finally getting a Spotify account and discovering I can have two phones linked up to my van on Bluetooth has been a massive bonus. The BT playlists have made me more excited for this festival than I was going into last year and that was up there with my top festivals ever. Roll on May.
  6. A bit underwhelmed overall even though there are a decent amount of acts on there that I'm interested in seeing. It was never going to match the first announcement from last year for me personally anyway and there's loads more to come.
  7. Yeah I'd be happy if they did play but wouldn't be bothered if they don't as I've seen them multiple times and yeah you're bang on about the second stage. I was only basing it on the fact that you'd think they'll be active around May if a new album is out in March and also the notable increase in what you might call indie bands on last year's lineup.
  8. New Libertines album in March. I reckon there's a chance of them headlining and I'd be really happy with that personally.
  9. Looks like he's morphed into one of the Osmonds since I last saw him
  10. Still coming to terms with how good that festival was. It's my favourite ever of all the festivals I've done at home and abroad. It was perfect. I'd like to see The Mary Wallopers there next year but that's my only real suggestion. I know the bookers will get the rest right.
  11. I enjoyed the dahl from the Sri Lankan place and the fish curry stall was decent too.
  12. Brilliant weekend. A blur of great acts, sun and proper decent people. Personal highlights would probably be Gogol Bordello, Abdoujaparov and PSB.
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