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  1. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Herbie Treehead

    Nice one. My hour long research was slightly exaggerated I admit. Hopefully see him in 2019. Case closed.
  2. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Herbie Treehead

    Is he still performing? Bit of a random thread to start but I've just spent an hour trying to find out what he's up to. Me and my girlfriend have loved watching him over the years and missed him last year.
  3. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Arcade Fire

    Well that was sumert else. What a band. Pure love.
  4. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Arcade Fire

    Wave your arms. I've got big hair and a green shirt.
  5. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Arcade Fire

    We're in The Courtyard, posing as students. Put some AF on the jukebox but someone has clogged it with James stuff. Not a bad thing though. I cannot wait. Hope my ears are still ringing on the train up to Silverdale tomorrow for a weekend piss up.
  6. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Arcade Fire

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/montrealgazette.com/entertainment/arts/album-review-arcade-fire-goes-next-level-on-everything-now/amp. Great review of the new album here. Montreal Gazette too so no chance of any bias.
  7. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Arcade Fire

    Really looking forward to this. Just can't wait to see them take to the stage, it feels like 10 years since I last saw them. I don't mind Signs Of Life but I don't think I'd be skipping to it when the album comes out. I'm hopeful that there will be an absolute beauty on there that none of us hear until it comes out. One of those Arcade Fire songs that you feel like you couldn't live without. Probably get to Manchester for 3ish for a good few drinks. Deffo want to be in there in early enough to get a good spot near the front.
  8. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe


    I've heard that they feed "The Big Secret" during that half hour period.
  9. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe


    I imagine the Avalon Pube as approx 2 inches in length, silver at first glance but upon closer inspection shows a ginger past. Couldn't be described as straight but certainly not curled. Probably fell naturally from the scrotum of an elderly bloke, eventually becoming entangled in the texture of a dark green walking sock. Finally came to rest in a clump of dried mud, brushed off said sock by aforementioned elderly bloke whilst trying to enjoy a pint of real ale that didn't taste like he imagined it would outside the Avalon Inn.
  10. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Arcade Fire

    Was thinking that myself. It'll be the first castlefield bowl gig I've been to but having walked through there before and seeing pictures of shows from previous years I can't see how they could do it. *Unless we're all getting on boats there that take us out into Manchester ship canal where we all stop around a big STAGE BOAT that Arcade Fire perform on. I wouldn't put it past them.
  11. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Arcade Fire

    Every inch of space in my heart is filled with something I'll never start Is a personal favourite. I've loved the song from first listen, can't wait to see them again in July...maybe even sooner, who knows? Oh and it's got the classic Win "Wooo".
  12. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Arcade Fire

    I'm honestly blown away by the new single, it's a work of art. Sounds timeless.
  13. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    Breakfast recommendations

    HOT AND CRISPY SCOTCH EGGS. I can't stop reading it. It's got me going BIG TIME. I bet they've got a runny middle and everything like them ones in London!
  14. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe

    "Really big secret"

    Nickelback. Only say that as I just found myself singing along to How You Remind Me with a put on lisp and it was quite entertaining.
  15. elgatonegrofabricwardrobe


    Asked my missus to try for a ticket for me this morning. I said I'd pay up to 60 notes inc booking fees and even that sounded ridiculous. 71 quid is fucking appalling. Must admit I paid somebody 90 for a standing ticket at the Apollo on his 50th birthday but at least that felt special.