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  1. I'd pay face value. Never sold a ticket over the odds to anyone for anything. We're all in the same boat.
  2. Must have been a big flag.
  3. Mark Radcliffe at Mik Artistik's set at Bandstand
  4. Williams Green was unbearable yesterday. Had a good spot for Fontaines DC but had to walk out at about 10 to 4 as I was on the brink of collapse. It was an oven.
  5. Had a veggie burrito from jumping bean near Other this morn. It was good and it hit the spot but 9 notes is steep. Burger Bear last night was bang on form. The jollof rice from Flavours of Africa tasted like an Uncle Ben microwave job. I'm getting kedgeree before The Turbans tomorrow so I'll report back. That's my food review complete for now.
  6. I love the Wednesday. Probably my favourite day. Usually have a wander about and a few pints in Avalon Inn with a massive smile on my face.
  7. Poor John Hawkins. First festival ever and he's on his way back to Grimsby on a stretcher, pissed wet through and still desperate for the toilet.
  8. I had a drunken paddy outside that one year. It's one out one in due to the exchange of headphones yet there were 5 doormen on with headphones around their necks.
  9. Resale and they got delivered yesterday. And now I'm going to have to open the envelope and look at them again.
  10. Ken's Barbie has been a go to for our group since Leeds Festival in 2008. Only 2 of us got tickets this year. I'm eating for 8. Stock them sauces up fella.
  11. Really enjoyed it again. On the coach back to Manchester now. Had a good laugh, a fair old drink and seen some great bands. Personal highlights were probably Dana Immanuel and the Stolen Band and Doves. Superb. Special mention for the bloke with dreads and a beard dancing at the pirate ship. He should be on stage.
  12. Do it Monday morn when you're both hungover and pissed off. Whisper the words with stinking breath.
  13. £10 a can?!?! I must've been drunk if I don't remember that. My stick on moustache would have fallen off in disbelief.
  14. It's too much to take. It's always too much.
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